A Scavenger Hunt

It's time for another contest! For your reading pleasure, we've oh-so-thoughtfully put together a short and sweet scavenger hunt (in couplets, no less)!

The answer to each of these four riddles is a product or a collection on our website (www.fatquartershop.com) that is relatively new or recently featured.

Comment on this post with your answers and your name, and we will randomly select a comment with all the right answers as our winner. The hunt ends this Friday afternoon, August 1, and we will post the winner that day!

And the prize? This beautiful new Wildflower Serenade Charming Jellycake from Moda, which includes a layer cake, jelly roll and charm pack. We hope it's enough to stimulate your investigative powers :)

And please refrain from copying answers because it's more fun to solve it!

  1. Full of grace and pairs of shoes
    This comes in pinks and yellows and blues

  2. The cutest critters ever seen
    Are now in panels that you can read

  3. In this box, many prints are displayed
    But only two colors in this array

  4. Ease and beauty sets this BOM apart
    With fabric from Moda and a September start