Arrin Turnmire on "Chic or Treat"

Arrin Turnmire has designed a Moda collection in Chic or Treat to celebrate Halloween, and it's both hip and sweet. Check out her story and see what it inspires you to create!

Hello! I am Arrin Turnmire, an Art Teacher by day and a Moda Fabric Designer by night!! :)

I love designing is such a wonderful and creative process. I am inspired by many things while in the "fabric mode" (which my mom Deb Strain and I call it). One thing that inspires and supports me is my family: Mary, Deb and Scott (mom and dad), Katie and Taylor (sister and brother) and a lot of extended family...they constantly help me and keep me grounded. I am also inspired by travelling the globe. I love to see the world and experience different cultures, foods, and atmospheres.

My next fabric line is full of wonderful and delightful travel images. I painted this fabric when I returned from an artist tour with my mom and sister in Paris, Florence, and Rome. It was the trip of a lifetime, and a journey that I will always cherish. It's a secret for now!

"Chic or Treat" is my current line, and it is so fun and colorful!! Fall is my favorite season of the year. I love the colors and the temperature of Autumn in Ohio. It is always cool and the colors flow from a light green to yellow to orange and then to the most beautiful color of red that you could ever imagine. I have always wanted to design a Halloween collection, and "Chic or Treat" is the product of that dream. I love Halloween, it is so mysterious and exhilarating! There is something warm and fuzzy about my childhood memories of dressing up as a cheerleader, princess, witch, baby, or a hippie just to name a few during the trick or treat extravaganza!! I hope all of you enjoy the collaboration of childhood memories and grown up really was a joy to work on!


Arrin Turnmire