Friday, August 22, 2008

Fat Quarter Shop's Easiest Giveaway Ever!

Hello! Here in Austin, the sky just let loose and started pouring cats and dogs--not the most desirable way I can think of to end a Friday! But we do have something planned to get the weekend off to a fun start--the easiest (in my humble opinion) Fat Quarter Shop giveaway ever!


To enter, just post a comment with answers to these 3 easy-peasy questions. Yep, that's all! The giveaway will end next Wednesday, August 27, and we will post the winner that afternoon.

1) What is your favorite item on our Coming Soon page?

2) What is your favorite collection in our store right now?

3) What kinds of fabrics and/or patterns would you like to see on our site in the future?

The prize is a Cotton Blossoms Charming Jelly Cake and a Butterfly Fling Charming Jelly Cake--two of my favorite collections for the fall! Good luck! :)

One last thing--thanks to Camille for the blog love! We just loaded the full Cotton Blossoms collection which she designed with her talented mother Bonnie, and she's hosting a giveaway as well that ends next Friday! Blog to come, right guys? ;)

TGIF and have a great weekend!


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Lori915 said...

1. Right now I have two favorites in the coming soon - Star Students Quilt Kit and Back in Time Quilt Kit.
2. My favorite collection in the store right now is COLLECTION FOR A CAUSE HERITAGE 1846 COLLECTION BY HOWARD MARCUS FOR MODA FABRICS. I have already received the quilt kit - I love it!
3. I like a variety of fabrics, most of which you carry. I especially like kits - it gives me ideas and is convenient to purchase. Kits for the layers cakes would be nice. One line I like that you have not carried is Amy Butler. She has a great line of home decorator fabrics and patterns.

anne said...

Thanks for such an easy contest!
1. I love the Louisa Laptop bag kit.
2. Bijoux by Heather Bailey looks like a lot of fun.
3. I'd like to see more jelly roll patterns because you always have such great jelly rolls.

Back Porch Extras said...

"Brown Bear Brown Bear" Collection by Eric Carle for Andover Fabrics is my favorite in the Coming Soon page. Living in East TN I love bears!!! I know the perfect place for this-my RV. My favorite right now is "Sew Much Love Panel" Yardage. It"s just me!!
I would like to see more animal wildlife, national parks, state fabrics.
Thank you for a great site!

Nancy Denlinger said...

Whew, you said this was easy, but it's not! Having said that, I'm settling on the pillowcases in your Coming Soon page (great idea and would love to see more!!); The Free Spirit Collection is beautiful (love Mary Englebreicht, too) and I can always find florals and coordinating fabrics that WOW me. I'd like to see even more bags and aprons kits! Love your site and your company! It's my only fabric place to shop!

Megan said...

1) Urban Couture
2) Peace on Earth
3) Batiks!

Thanks for the great giveaway - the Cotton blossom collection is super-cute!!

Alesha said...

I can't wait to see the Bistro collection released. I am a java addict!

I love the cotton blossom and also the yellow brick road pattern.

I would love to continue to see the great upcoming collections of jelly rolls. I love them. Maybe some additional collections for boys.

I love you guys!!

Kigwit said...

1) the new Brown Bear Brown Bear fabric! I had no idea that was coming.

2) Can I have more than one? I love Charm Bracelet and Fabulous Fall
3) I hope you can add Prints Charming (especially the spaceship line) as it's hard to find things that are really good for boys. Also, I love the Lecien fabrics and hope you will have more of Minny Muu in the future.

Jim said...

Wow! Great give away!! I really like the looks of the Tiny Tots - sooo cute. And my favorite spot to peruse on your site is the Michael Miller fabrics - I love almost everything there. I also love looking at all the 30's repro fabrics, and that is usually where I spend my money! :) I think an interesting feature for the site might be some quilt history tidbits mixed randomly within the appropriate pages. Thanks for such great service and quality fabrics.
-Elizabeth M in MA

Tammy said...

1. There are so many wonderful things on the coming soon page. My list of favorites is long, but since I have to pick one, it would have to be the jumpin' java collection.

2. I love the Portugal line. I just received my jelly roll last week and it's gorgeous!

3. I'd like to see more patterns designed for asign fabrics.

Thanks for the great contest! It's nice to read what others are saying!

momid5 said...

1) I really like Baby Butterfly kit
2) Alexander Henry's are so cheerful
3) Panels, for quick"turnouts",like 3 hours and done :_)

Myrna said...

Coming soon - Gypsy Rose
Favourite - that's a hard to decide because there are so many nice ones! but probably Heritage by Howard Marcus.
Selection is always great - so just more of the same!

Kitty said...

Oh my, too many to choose from:
1. Love is in the Air by Moda looks wonderful,
2. Favorite is: Pink Little Lady by Lakehouse (such vibrant colors)
3. Patterns that are quick to make as gift items for friends, family. . .which could be sewn from any of your wonderful fabric lines

christine said...

1) Coming Soon: I have 3 I butterfly, ice cubes and easy bake quilt kits. So adorable!

2) Collection: Really anything by FreeSpirit or Lakehouse but if I had to pick one, right now it would be pink little lady or any of the related ones.

3) Want to see: Maybe more fabrics from lesser known houses? I love all the fabrics you carry but sometimes it is hard to tell what is what since some of the designers are doing very similar lines. Also, maybe some more quilt kits. You have such great kits now, I would love to see more. Also, maybe carry some more non-quilting sewing patterns. It seems a natural thing since you have such great fabric that lends itself to other projects. I frequently use your fabric for my daughter's clothes. Thanks!

Abby said...

1. Urban Couture - gorgeous!
2. Papillon - beautiful!
3. More patterns - especially ones that incorporate jelly rolls

Julie D said...

Holy smoke, I may be able to answer these questions :o).

#1 Tradition fat quarter bundle.

#2. Cranberry Moda

#3. More Flannel (simply because its the only thing I can think of to add to this fabulous site) Its not hard to say DON'T CHANGE A THING. Your site is my web weakness....thanks a bundle (a fat 1/4 bundle) hehe

Barb said...

1. Harvest Home Charming Jelly Cake
Blackbird Designs for Moda Fabrics

2. Windham Christmas Tradition

3. Hoffmann fabrics, I just love their Christmas collection

Thank You

Maria Alejandra Kaminski said...

1. Can´t wait for the Gypsy Rose Collection from Fig Tree.
2. Park Slope by Erin McMorris for Free Spirit Fabrics.
3. More suggestive patterns for each of the new collections, and also more bag patterns!

Christine said...

I love your giveaways!! I'd just wish I'd win one!! :-) Here are my answers:

1. Love is in the air fabric by Deb Strain. I love all her lines that the pinks/browns/greens are to die for!!

2. Peace on Earth - I love the country Christmas feel and the BOM that I'm doing!!

3. Quick and easy kits!

I love your site and your blog - keep up that good work!

Ashli Dardenne said...

Alright. My favorite on the coming soon page is the Urban Couture stuff. I'm a scrapbooker too and actually have the matching paper!! I absolutley LOVE the Butterfly Fling fabric. I think my charming jelly cake is arriving today. I would love to see more flannel in bright colors. Maybe cute prints like flowers, dinosaurs, kid stuff.

kelley said...

It's so hard to choose, but I really like the Tea for Two kit.

Fabulous Fall on the Home Page.

Hmm what I would like to see more of? Well Fabric of course!!! I love fall colors. And I'm making a quilt right now called Cappucino - And I'm using Batiks for the first time!! Yummy!

Jette said...

This is NOT easy!!!!
Coming soon MUST be: Recipe for Friendship fabric
At the homepage : 1974 BY URBAN CHIKS
Patterns: Us abroad want MAGAZINES

Nan said...

It should be easy, but your Coming Soon page was tough for me - I think Miss Jump's Scrapbag is my favorite. My favorite collection is Cotton Blossoms. I love your selection of patterns and fabrics, but I would like to see more primitive (country) patterns. No matter what you do, I will be spending money at your site! You are my favorite, much to my hubby's chagrin!! LOL
Thank you for the wonderful giveaway!

stephanie13 said...

1. My favorites are Candy Kisses and the Gypsy Rose fabrics.

2. Dandelion Girl is my current favorite, but I just love fabric.

3. I would like to see more charm square patterns. I picked up the Posies pattern by Fig Tree Quilts when I was at the shop hop in Denver and I had so much fun with it. More would be great.

Terry Spence said...

1) What is your favorite item on our Coming Soon page? Figs & Plums
2) What is your favorite collection in our store right now? Fabulous Fall

3) What kinds of fabrics and/or patterns would you like to see on our site in the future?
Love Amy Butler, Fig Tree and Blackbird...anything by them

Carol said...

I could make a year's worth of projects from the Coming Soon page..and will start with the Redwork Garden Kit. My favorite on the home page is Fabulous Fall---my favorite season. I would love to see baby flannels, as well as more flannels in general.

Swt'Peach Fashions of all Kinds said...

Hello all, this is a neat icebreakers and a great prize giveaway.
1) What is your favorite item on our Coming Soon page? Urban Couture

2) What is your favorite collection in our store right now?
It's hard between Butterfly fling and Friends and Flowers.
3) What kinds of fabrics and/or patterns would you like to see on our site in the future? I am happy with your selections but some hoffman jelly rolls might be nice.

Sondra said...

This is so much fun and exciting!
My favorite on the coming soon page right now is the Fig & Plum Jelly Roll by Fig Tree. I love their designs and I'm a jelly roll fanatic!!! I can't get enough of them!!!

My favorite collection right now is Dandelion Girl, such a stunning set of fabric!

And I can only say, keep up the good work, I'm in love with your store, it's the first place I check for fabric and the place I refer all my people to so they can pick out fabric!!! You guys are doing awesome! Keep up the fabulous work!!!!!

Pieceful Jane said...

1) What is your favorite item on our Coming Soon page?
Such a tough one! It is a toss up between the Bonny Little Bag kit and the Cherry on Top quilt kit.

2) What is your favorite collection in our store right now?
Cottage Romance- I love the scallop stripe especially!

3) What kinds of fabrics and/or patterns would you like to see on our site in the future? More patterns using pre-cut collections- for quick quilts.

Doris said...

1. Can't wait for the Brown Bear fabric line, love Hungry Caterpillar!

2. I love vintage Halloween, so Alexander Henry Halloween yardage.

3. Fabric from Art Gallery Quilts, love their stuff!

Oh, and, please pick me. I love Camille's new line!

Cherold said...

Too easy! My favorite collection is Love is in the Air and I can't wait to acquire Jumpin Java fat qtr collection!

I love the jelly rolls and would love to see more patterns to use them


Knitchix said...

Hands down, this is a great contest!

My favorite new fabric line would be the Fig & Plum.
In the shop I love the Farmer's Market - thinking a cute gardening tote from that!
I'd love to see all Kaffe Fassett fabric.

Thanks for asking our opinions!

Christina said...

such an awesome give away!

1. Recipe for friendship fat quarter bundle. I is so fun!
2. Cotton blossom!! It is too cute and I can't get enough.
3. I LOVE what you carry! so to me it great the way it is


linda cortez said...

Gypsy Rose by Fig Tree Quilts
2. Cranberry Wishes by KTQ (anything by KTQ)
3. 2-1/2 strip patterns

Dingaleena said...

Wow! What a fun Contest! I absolutely adore the Bluework Garden Quilt Kit by RJR Fabrics in your "coming soon" section! On question #2? Your Bali Pop Seties!! Oh my! Which one do I start with first as I know I will have to have them ALL!! All I can say for Question #3 is I simply cannot complain at all about the selection you already provide for us to choose from! I look forward to seeing what you will select for us to "drool" over in the future!

Stef said...

1. Eric Carle-WOW! I can still recite brown bear by yeart.
2. Pop Garden
3. Paris Bebe fabrics-scrumptious!

Ellen said...

1. Eric Carle Brown Bear. How much fun for a quilt gift!

2. Amy Butler's Midwest Modern is terrific.

3) More modern quilt patterns and collections of solids into fat quarter bundles.

Abbigail said...

1. I love the Miss Jump's Scrapbag fabrics.

2. The Wildflower Serenade collection by Kansas Troubles. I have always loved the colors Kansas Troubles use!

3. Some of Jo Morton's fabric collections

Merritt said...

What fun! On the Coming Soon page, my favorite is "Recipe for Friendship". "S'mores" is my favorite for what's available now. For the future, I'd like to see more small projects and quick patterns for gifts to make. I hope to win!

quiltgirl said...

So much fabric so little time...

1. Coming soon page - Mary Engelbreit recipe for friendship, really like it! Anything with cherries!

2. I love Prairie Paisley, I know it's probably getting close to the end but just loved it! I also can't say it three times fast.

3. Not sure, glad you put a pattern menu at the top of the patterns list though! I'm a little old school, I like patterns where you can mix and match the fabrics and not use all one line. It would be neat if there was a way to have a page where you could paste in fabrics and move them around so you can do your mixing and matching...I'm asking way to much!

Nettie said...

Coming soon fav: Harvest Home Jelly Cake
2. fav now: Charima Charms
3. future wish list: Anything done by Mary Englebreit.
Love all your fabrics, blog and patterns. This is my very fav quilting website.

Janis Taylor said...

1. Blue Palace Quilt Kit
2. Portuagal By Moda
3. I love Jelly Roll Patterns

anastasiaK said...

Oh, yeah! Definitely Urban Couture coming soon, Farmer's Market favorite currently new, and I'd love to see more funky patterns!

Lisa said...

1.LOVE the Woodland Pixie Patch Apron kit!!

2.Favorite collection is "Cotton Blossoms" by Bonnie & Camile, of course!

3.I would love to see you carry patterns and kits for things your sewing friends would love to have, like scissor keeps, project totes to take to your sewing bee, needle books ect.I love to make gifts for my sewing friends and am always looking for different patterns for things a sewer would love.

LZ said...

1. Fig and Plum-always love the Fig Tree feeling in fabrics and patterns.
2. I love the colors of Portugal.
3. No suggestions here. Your site is the first one i go to when I am looking for something.

Jennifer said...

Now, this seemed really easy until I realized how many favorties I have! On the coming soon page, I'd have to go with the Nature's Chorus line - I already have a pattern all picked out for it! Fabulous Fall is my favorite in the store right now. In terms of ideas for the future, I would love to see more little boy fabric and patterns, more quilt clubs and more charming jelly cake patterns.

Amy said...

1. I'm excited about the Brown Bear, Brown Bear line since this was my daughter's favorite book at a toddler. This will make a great quilty present for her when she gets her Masters in Education next May.

2. Mark my favorite collection as Pop Garden by Heather Bailey.

3. I would love to see you offer Marimekko fabrics from Finnland.

Andrea said...

1. I'm really excited about the new Mary Engelbreit fabrics!

2. Cotton Blossoms. I've been drooling over it for months now. I'm so excited that it's finally out!

3. More vintage inspired prints.

bongoodrich said...

There are so many wonderful choices it makes these decisions very difficult. But from Coming Soon, I would have to pick 3's Company and also add a second choice - Brown Bear Brown Bear. Cotton Blossoms is my favorite from the home page as well, and am eagerly waiting for a chance to make the Feels Like Home table runner. I would love to see more patterns for home dec, and babies and children. You are my favoirte quilting website!!! Bonnie

SGreen said...

1. I am really excited about the new lines from Fig Tree quilts...I love their stuff!!
2. I love the Pumpkins Gone Wild collection right now!
3. I would love to see more western patterns and prints...


Donna said...

1.) Blue work Garden!
2.) Sew Much Love! No charm pack in this?
3.) moda, Moda, Moda!!

Lori said...

1. I am having a hard time narrowing it down to one, but I will go with the Tradition collection by Howard Marcus.
2. My current favourite fabric line is Wildflower Serenade by Kansas Troubles.
3. I would like to see more layer cake patterns.

Easy contest. Thank you so much!

Lauraline said...

1) Flea market bag kit, but it was hard to choose, I like all the bag kits!

2) I love 1974, but I think my favorite is, even if it is almost gone, the Fresh Squeezed collection. I have the Jelly Roll, and I love all the fabrics!

3) That's a tough one... I don't know, you already have more than I want!

Carol said...

My favorite item is the Fig & Plum (but I also like Gypsy Rose & the Flea Market Bag kit).

My favorite collection right now is... ha! like I could pick one. Um, 1974, no wait, Tropical Waterfall is also gorgeous. (love the new Bali Pops)

I'd like to see patterns for batiks. I like Central Park. I also like Lecien fabrics - keep them coming.

Dandelion Quilts said...

1. Brown Bear, Brown Bear and Flea Market Bag Kit
2. Cotton Blossoms Daughter's Way
3. fabric that would interest boys ages 5-10 and wide backing material please

Mountain Salt Studio said...

What fun questions to answer - I absolutely LOVE the coming soon Urban Coture line by Basic Grey - I've used their papers for years and am so pleased that soon I'll be able to use fabrics with their great designs as well.

My 'current' favorite collection is the Kaffe Fassett clouds.

And what I'd like to see more of in the future are more fun handbag patterns!

Thanks for offering such wonderful fabrics!

Diane Moore

brendadawg said...

1. I'd choose "all of the above" if I could -- but I'll say my most favorite is the Tiny Tots Quilt Kit.
2. Cotton Blossoms is my favorite collection right now.
3. Gosh, there are so many wonderful things at the Fat Quarter Shop -- how can you add to that? I'm into placemats, table runners and bags right now, so maybe more of those.

CJ said...

1) What is your favorite item on our Coming Soon page? MODA URBAN COUTURE! I love the crossover from scrapbooking papers to fabric (and there are so many lately!)

2) What is your favorite collection in our store right now? TOUGH question - I am going to go with Timeless Treasures Taxi

3) What kinds of fabrics and/or patterns would you like to see on our site in the future? More 'easy', quick to put together, quilt patterns.

Sam said...

1. I love Bistro - the colors match my entire house!

2. Well Cotton Blossoms, of course!

3. Unique quilt patterns that don't look like the same old blocks

Thanks for the easy contest!

Fanny said...

1. Brown Bear, Brown Bear fat quarter bundle. This book is a family favorite - can't wait to see these great illustrations on fabric.

2. Bijoux by Heather Bailey

3. I'd love some more repro fabrics, any time period would be fine!

Thanks for the super-esy contest. Fingers and toes crossed!!

c&me said...

1.Miss Jumps honeycomb is my "coming soon" fave.
2."snow show' by Bernartex is my choice for the collection.
3.I'd like to see more "food" fabric for the different holiday/occasions.
I like your site the best of several I use - you do a great job!

Lotte said...

1: I prefere the "Charlottes scrappy brown quilt kit", especially if it is for applique by hand, it is beautiful
2: The Bali pops, you dont have to like sewing to want them. You would want them just to look at.
3: I would like to see Jan Kornfeinds Olde Santa patterns, they would pour christmas spirit all over the site.

m e l said...

1 - brown bear brown bear fabrics - who wouldn't want that???

2 - heather bailey's pop garden

3 - maybe more vintage reproductions

Paula said...

1. I LOVE the Love Letters Collection. It would make a great quilt or purse!
2. The Ava Rose Kitchen collection in Aqua is my favorite. I just finished a quilt using the jolly packs and coordinating yardage.
3. I'd love more reproduction fabrics from the 1930's!

Martha said...

1.Urban Couture by Moda
2.Mulberry Bali Pop by Hoffman
3.Some cowboy fabric bundles

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

My favorite in the coming soon is Mary Englebreit Recipe for Friendship. I'd love to see more novelty vintage - Japanese fabrics. I love the jolly packs. I'm really in love with Sandi Henderson's Farmers Market fabric and Heather Bailey's Pop Garden and I love Lecien.

Carol said...

What fun this is! My favorite on the "Coming Soon" page is the quilt kit for "Louisa" I have the pattern and love this quilt so I am waiting for the kit to make it! Fabulous Fall by Deb Strain is (like the name says) FABULOUS! Fall is my favorite time of the year because the colors from nature are at their best!
Fabrics I would like to see more of in the future are the wonderful prints from people like Kaffe and people like Amy Butler. Love this contest, an easy one to enter! :D

A life of Assorted Nuts said...

I love the gypsy rose bundle in the coming soon section.

I love the Cotton Blossoms series,

and I wish you'd have more retro type fabrics.

myzbarb said...

1)There are several I want, but my favorite is Bistro--geometrics! and in useful colors.
2) Portugal because of the wonderful warmth--and paisley-did I mention I love paisley?
3) I love the look of contemporary prints like Woodland Bloom and Park Slope. So more of these with patterns that show them off.

Carol said...

1. Bluework Garden
2. Portugal
3. hmmmmm....I can always find something I like.

fairlarcen said...

1. Gypsy Rose collection - love the pinks and lavenders.
2. Daughter Cotton Blossoms collection
3. I would like easy peasy all-in-one kits. Nothing that would require a geometry degree.

Portland said...

1.Urban Couture
2.Urban Chicks

Claudia said...

1. Easy-peasy is right. Love is in the Air fat quarter bundle is my favorite item on the Coming Soon page. That part of the question is easy to answer because I love anything pink and with hearts.

2. The Cherry Baby fat quarter bundle by Lakehouse if my favorite item in the store now.

3. What would I like to see in the future? I love panels especially the Lakehouse Cherry Baby Alphabet panel.

Early Bird Special said...

1. Cherry on Top Quilt kit is my favorite item, coming soon.

2. Pop Garden by Heather Bailey

3. Anna Maria Horner, (more) Heather Bailey & Amy Butler! ;)

Kari said...

1: X Marks the Spot Quilt Kit (the pattern looks just perfect in the Fig Tree fabrics)

2: Lecien Polka Dots (seriously, it is hard to choose just one collection because I also love Bijoux & Pop Garden, Merry and Bright, Cotton Blossoms, It's A Boy. Little Lady and many, many more!)

3: More patterns to use Layer Cakes would be great! (Also, 10" squares from other fabric manufacturers in addition to Moda)

aztel2000 said...

I'm looking forward to seeing more of the Louisa fabrics from Terry Clothier Thompson. My current favorite is the Prairie Paisley collection, but I also love the Port.Market and the Portugal lines. In the future, I would like to see more Bunny Hill patterns and anything with blues!!

Nicole said...

1. The love is in the air collection is my favourite.

2. Its a tie between Heather Bailey's fabrics and Cotton Blossoms

3. More beginner quilting patterns.

Anne said...

1. Urban couture layer cake
2. Boy oh boy
3. Prints Charming (marcus) fresh clean (& from Aussie designers !)

JudiJR said...

1. How can I choose just one? It is worse than potato chips! If I must, I have to have Candy Kisses! (I will have to have Big Brown Beaqr to go with the Caterpillar, too!)

2. My new granddaughter would love A Little Lady quilt so I guess I would get that first, but I adore Boy oh Boy!

3. I love anything Lakehouse desi9gns. More Lakehouse and Hololy Holderman designs!!!

Joanie P said...

1) Love is in the Air--Oh so cute
2) Woodland Bloom--OMG I've got to get me some!
3) Fabric = modern, urban chic
Patterns = more patterns that utilize layer cakes, jelly rolls and charm squares. Oh what I could create with some "Blossoms" made of "Cotton"

smileykylie said...

Love a giveaway! How wonderfully generous!
1. Cotton blossom.
2. Fabulous fall, yummy
3. Japanese fabrics

Thank you for the chance to enter.
love :)Kylie

s said...

1. The Coming soon page was down at the time, but from looking at it alot in the past, I cannot wait for recipes for friendship

2. On the home page it has to be Cotton Blossoms & Farmers Market. I love the new FUN prints.

3. Even though you have a great selection of charm pack, I would love to see more. Where else can you get 30-50 different pieces of fabric for around $10 dollars.

Thank you for this fun Giveaway!!

stacysews said...

I'm looking forward to Pop Garden & Bijoux (on the coming soon page). My favorite in the store right now is Farmer's Market (I love those apple prints). What I would love to see in the future is anything by Amy Butler.

Mommy to Girls said...

Fun, I just found your blog and im afraid it will end up costing me $$ :) My favorie thing in the comming soon is the Flea market bag and the table runner. My favorite thing in the shop is the Moda Woodland Bloom Jelly roll, I just made a purse out of it and love it! And things id like to see..........uhmm im a new quilter so simple patterns to do!

Annie said...

1. The Ice Cubes Quilt Kit.

2. Butterfly FLing any and everything.

3. I like the bright, pastel, & batik collections best and would like to see more.

Sharon said...

1) What is your favorite item on our Coming Soon page? Honestly there is little there that interests me (just thought you'd want to know) ... I guess the Urban Couture Collection would be my favorite.

2) What is your favorite collection in our store right now? Now this is a different story ... plenty of interesting stuff ... a favorite would be Le petit jardin by Lecien (red or blue collections)

3) What kinds of fabrics and/or patterns would you like to see on our site in the future? you always have a good selection ... maybe more Japanese fabrics if they can be offered at reasonable prices

Carrie said...

1. Love is in the Air!
2. You want me to choose?? Little Lady would be tops (followed closely by Butterfly Fling - just about to order that!)
3. More strong baby patterns like Little Lady and Boy Oh Boy (although I'm not sure what could possibly compete with those two!)
Thanks for asking!

Carrie said...

1. Definitely "Love is in the Air"! SO CUTE (and I already preordered some charm squares but can't wait for the yardage!)
2. VERY hard to choose but I'd say "Little Lady". The colors are fantastic and it couldn't be cuter. I'm about to reorder and get some Butterfly Fling!
3. More strong baby fabrics (not sure how you could get better than Little Lady and Boy Oh Boy, though!)
Thanks for asking!

kathy said...

1. This Takes the Cake
2. Park Slope,yum
3. polka dots

Library Gal Quilts said...

Easy as winning fabric is this FQS giveaway!!
1. Louisa Layer Cake by Terry Clothier Thompson
2. Tis the Season by Henry Glass
3. More Japanese and More Linen

I just love to read about all the fabric and favorite part of collecting is knowing who's inspiration it was :) Pam in Chico

winchan said...

Hmm what to pick!
1) What is your favorite item on our Coming Soon page?
- I like The Gypsy Rose Fat Quarter Bundle

2) What is your favorite collection in our store right now?
- I have to say, Collection for a Cause Heritage 1846

3) What kinds of fabrics and/or patterns would you like to see on our site in the future?
- Would love batik quilt kits.

Louise said...

1. Urban Couture by Basic Grey
2. Farmer's Market by Sandi Henderson
3. More fabrics along the lines of Sandi Henderson and Heather Bailey - lovely bright colours :)

NancyT said...

Ok, #1- I really like the natures chorus line that is coming. I am a sucker for those colors.
#2- I love the new Cotton Blossoms line. These are colors that I have in my home and also I know a lot of people that use these colors, plus I havn't seen them together like this, so I love it.
#3- I would like to see more lines that are "manly". I have a hard time finding lines that can be used for boys and men. (not baby blue) My husband would like at least one quilt that doesn't have a flower pattern somewhere on it.

Joy V said...

No question about it - I love Thimbleberries so 3's Company would be my fav on the Coming Soon page. As soon as I saw Moda's Portobello Market it went down on my 'must have' list. I love colour, colour, colour so would love to see more Batiks and ways of using more colours in quilts. Crossing my fingers, toes & whatever else I can until Wednesday. Joy

Barbara McD said...

OK - Here goes - the easiest giveaway ever:

1. My favorite thing on the Coming Soon page: Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?

I've just recently retired as an elementary music teacher and this was one of my favorite books to read to students!

2. Favorite current collection: Gotta be Butterfly Fling! I love the bright colors because they make me feel happy!

3. What would I like to see: I would like to continue to see patterns/books dedicated to using charms, rolls and cakes. I've been a quilter for many, many years and the older I get, the more simple I like the quilt! That way I can finish them quickly, then start fabric shopping again and start the whole cycle over again! ;)

Keep up the good work - I appreciate the work that someone puts in on keeping the site up to date and looking great!

Saunders Family said...

1. My favorite item is brown bear
2. Pop garden, love it!!
3. More fun and bright children's prints, I'm always looking for fun projects to do for my kids!

DebbieD said...

Thanks for a fabulous contest with a terrific prize!!

On the coming soon page, among others, my favorite is Brown Bear, Brown Bear.. it reminds me of the love of reading you have as a kid and with this being the first week of school.. it seems like a natural!

My favorite collection right now is Boy Oh Boy.. it just makes me smile ! (and I always love anything by Thimbleberries!)

I love your choices in fabrics, patterns, and kits.. and would always love to see more BOM !!

Thank you!

everythingquilts said...

1-Well it's a toss up for me I'm getting the fig and plum in the FQ club this month and do love it but I would also choose the American Primer and the Traditions colle.
2- As for what's available right now I like the Sew much love by Diane Knott.
3-When I was searching just the other day for some tone on tone my search hit no results, so I'd have to say I like to see more basic essentials.

Sew Bee It said...

1) American Primer and Nature's Chorus! Can't wait!

2) Farmer's market. As soon as I can convince the hubby to shell out the cash that whole line is comin' to my house!

3) I actually can't think of anything. Helpful, I know. But so often when I'm looking for something (like Farmer's Market) you all have it, and generally in the form I want. If anything, I would love to see more layer cake type collections, just to be able to get a whole line without the cost of half and whole yards

Mos Los Vagabondos said...

1. Harvest Home
2. Cotton Blossom and Portugul
3. Easy patterns with big blocks for big prints
Thanks for the fun blog!

karen said...

1) Mary Engelbreit - My sister loves her stuff and I want to make something for her.

2) I only get to choose one? Anything in earth tones, RJR Fabrics, Halloween, novelties.

3) I didn't see any primitive or ethnic type fabrics.

Aileen B. said...

What isn't my favorite? That might be a shorter list. I love Valentines Day and Deb Strain so I'd have to pick Love Is In The Air as one of my favorites on the coming soon page. I love Christmas so I really like the Secret Santa currently in the store. Hmmm..what I'd like to see as far as fabrics or pretty much have it all. Thread? Rulers?

Susan said...

1. Cotton Blossoms and Love is in the Air.
2. Boy, oh Boy and Pretty Little Lady - is there anything more cute?
3. More bright fabrics - they are my favourites! And maybe more tips and shortcuts, to help me get through all the projects and fabric I have! (More hours in the day .... lol!)

Tilde said...

1. Well, it'll have to be a toss-up between Gypsy Rose and Love is in the Air. Both look wonderful in each their way :-)

2.It'll have to be Dandelion Girl, even though most of them have been sold.

3. Just keep up the selection you're already having. I like the diversity of styles and colours :-)

Pikku- Kettu said...

1. Love is in the Air fat quarter bundle.
2.Farmer's Market.
3. Japanese (or japan inspired) prints.

Sharon said...

1)Floral Tradition Quilt Kit
2)Portobello Market
3)More books like the Nancy Martin jelly roll book

Great site, great customer service, I've recommended your site to all my quilt friends and in our guild newsletter

porter7999 said...

1. Tradition by Howard Marcus. His new Collection for a Cause is just wonderful! 2. Bailey Collection from Robert Kaufman is mu current favorite and 3. If you want to add another mfg. I'd love to see Northcott here!

Maisy said...

My favorite thing on the Coming Soon page has to be the Love Is In The Air product line by Deb Strain. I have a special affection for all of the hearts in pinks and reds because my husband and I were married on Valentines Day last year. My favorite current line has to be the Cotton Blossoms by Camille and Bonnie. I love the color combinations and pattern designs. In the future I would love to see some more holiday themed fabrics as I'm currently into making seasonal window treatments for my kitchen! Thanks so much for the opportunity to play along!

Pauline said...

1. Brown Bear, Brown Bear
2. I have three favorites: Farmers' Market, Pop Garden, Bijoux.
3. More of books/patterns using jelly rolls, charm squares, layer cakes. Patterns/books showing how to use jelly cakes.
I love shopping on your site, as you well know! Thank you so much!

Laura said...

My favorite things are your shop now are you Block of the MOnths- by Moda of course- can't wait to receive them in the mail.
My favorite collection is Portobello Market.
And More Block of the MOnths!!
I love your Website!!!

Lisa D. said...

My favorite "Coming Soon" item is the Gypsy Rose fabric collection. My favorite on the Home Page is the Cotton Blossoms collection. What would I like to see more of? Well, I love anything Moda, but you carry most of those already. I would have to say I would like to see more batik collections offered.

anne said...

1.Natures chorus. Can't wait for that one.
2. Robert Kaufmans christmas batiks. Glad I already purchased those.
3.I would love to see charm packs and jelly rolls of asian and batik fabrics

vicmac44 said...

This is a great website! What wonderful fabric!
1. The "Coming Soon" I would have
to say the "Georgia Peach Bag
Kit", it is so cute!

2. "Clothwork Fabrics" line

3. I think you have it all! Maybe
a line of the "Shabby
Chic" look, Soft, pale colors,
small prints.
Thank You, sure glad I found this place!

6feet said...

1. Fig and Plum fat quarter bundles

2. Harvest home

3. Would love to see some more fabrics suitable for young boys (8+). My son and lots of nephews would love for me to sew more for them!

Thanks so much!

anne said...

1. Natures chorus.
2.Robert Kaufmans christmas batiks.
3.I would love to see charm packs and jelly rolls of asian and batik fabrics

Dorrie said...

Well, how fun is this!. . .

1. My favorite coming soon would have to be Nature's Chorus by April Cornell (spring florals, yum!) I do hope you'll also carry the plaid bundles that go with!
2. My favorite now is Woodland Bloom, I love it!
3. For the future, I'd love to see increasing lines which are the crossover fabrics quilting to clothing. Also, maybe some of the "little" names in children's clothing patterns.
I love that you carry a great selection for the traditionalist as well as the contemporary quilter!

Lavinia said...

In the coming soon page, I love Fig and Plum bundle. My favourite collection in the store is Violetta by Debbie Beaves for RJR Fabrics.
You have such wonderful fabrics, I can only dream about having them! I would love to see more Bali fabrics. Hope I win this!!!!!

ll_gray said...

Oh, how can anyone pick just one?
Coming soon-I like the flea market bag, and the Fig and Plum and Gypsy Rose collections. My favorite collections available now are Cotton Blossoms, Portobello Market and Portugal. I love your site, can't think of suggestions for more of...I am always looking for see tote, handbags and quilt kits/patterns. Thanks for asking!

anne said...

1. Natures chorus
2. Robert Kaufman christmas batiks
3. I would love to see charm packs and jelly rolls of Asian and Batik fabrics.

Chachi said...

1. I'm looking forward to the "Dick and Jane Log Cabin Quilt set"
2. My current favorite is "Pumpkins Gone Wild" by Sandy Gervais
3. I love Halloween and children's fabrics, so the more the merrier.

Sarah "Chachi"

tuttie said...

ooo where to start!
I never stop drooling over your website! So many fun collections
1) Harvest Home Charming Jelly Cake Blackbird Designs for Moda Fabrics
2)Pop Garden by Heather Bailey
3)I love the charm, jelly packs... would love if there was a way to customize which fabrics are included in the packs.. There is always one print Im not in love with.

Danielle said...

1. I really like the Urban Couture Bundle.
2. The Charisma is stunning.
3. I'd like to see more vivid color combinations and ethnic patterns.

Amanda said...

1.Fig and Plum is what I am looking forward to the most (I love anything by Fig Tree Quilts)
2.My two favorite on the home page is cotton blossom and recess.
3. I would love to see more batiks and more of the solid/connectors.

Sarah said...

1) X Marks the Spot quilt kit - love this pattern and the soft colors!

2) Woodland Bloom is my favorite collection, followed closely by Pumpkins gone Wild.

3) I love it when you carry all the new designer fabrics - keeping my eye out for Dogwood, Amy Butler, etc.

Suz said...

1. Brown Bear - I have a two year old that LOVES the brown bear book!

2. The Cotton Blossoms! So glad they've arrived!

3. Sometimes I want to see the entire fabric collection but I'm on a jelly roll site, or a cake layer site which doesn't show them...then have to find the "original" site to scroll down and see all the fabrics. So if each item that wants you to purchase it could show the fabrics...that would be great! More inclination to impulse buy :)

Denise said...

1. Miss Jump's Scrap Bag, or maybe Louisa
2. Cotton Blossoms and Charisma
3. Jo Morton, Batiks

quilyn said...

From the Coming Soon page I thought the Candy Kisses Quilt kit and the Cherry on Top Quilt kit were both adorable (something to think about) but my fav is the Fig and Plum collection. Already in the store is a snap, I love Cotton Blossoms! Even better because they are blooming in Ga. where I now live. For the future, I love Bonnie Sullivan's flannels, especially the "wool look alikes". Also, I would love to see felted 100%wool fabrics offered. Perhaps fat eights or fat quarters. Thanks for the easy contest and the chance to give my opinion. I've got everything crossed til it's over, so now it's hard to walk. Lynn

donnac368 said...

1. Cake Walk Quilt Kit
2.Harvest Home - ! dream of it!
3. More indie designers

Lucy and Leena said...


My favorite thing from the coming soon page is the gypsy rose fabric from fig tree. My home page favorite is Cotton Blossoms!! I love any patterns with applique!

Bren said...

1. Mary Engelbreit's Recipe for Friendship fat quarter bundle is so cheerful and wonderful.
2. I love Maywood's Cottage Romance fabric. My head is just full of quilts that I can make using this fabric.
3. I know that the manufacturers are coming out with more vintage fabrics all the time but I just can't get enough of them. So, I would like to see more vintage fabrics and patterns.

TJ&SL said...

This is a fun contest! I love everything on the coming soon page and almost everything already in the store! My favorite thing to have now would be the American Beauty Quilt Kit for my living room wall! My favorite collections tie with Gypsy Rose and Fig and Plum! I would love to see more vintage style fabrics if you find any, thanks! And thanks for such a great site!

Michael said...

1. Louisa University Quilt Kit by Moda
2. Batik fabrics and quilt kit - looking to be my next project
3. Have made quilts for many family members except my two sons 19 and 8 - any fabrics more suited to males would be great.

eileen said...

1.My favorite from the coming soon page would be the Fig and Plum collection, just love Fig Tree Quilts fabric and patterns.
2.My current favorite from the home page is the Merry and Bright collection by Sandy Gervais.
3.What I would love to see added to your very extensive offerings in top quilt fabrics would be Kona Bay asian fabrics, they are just gorgeous!

Laurie said...

1. Eric Carle, my kids have many of the books
2. butterfly fling, beautiful bright colours
3. keep up the good work, there is always something I want

Debbie said...

1.Nature's Chorus is my favorite on the coming soon page

2.Red Farmer's Market is my favorite collection in the store right now

3.Would like to see Amy Butler fabrics and Sis Boom fabrics by Jennifer Paganelli

Quilt Hollow said...

1. Tradition by Howard Marcus
2. Heritage by Howard Marcus
3. Your doing a fine job....just wished my budget could afford it all.

Jenn said...

My favorite on the coming soon page: the brown bear fabric. my son will love it!
my favorite right now: pumpkins gone wild. must be the time of year.
I would love to see more japanese the ones at superbuzzy.

Reina said...

1.Flea market bag. It is so cute!!

2.I love love love cotton blossoms. I can't wait to get my hands an some.

3.More patterns geared for those just starting like me.

Amy said...

My favorite item in the coming soon page is the fabric based on an Eric Carle book. The very hungry catipilar is my all time fav from childhood

Love the Heather Bailey prints.

I would love to see more patterns for purses and totes.

Dixie said...

Coming Soon: I can hardly wait for the Bistro Fat Quarter bundle.
Fave Collection: Boy Oh Boy
In the Future i am hoping for less brown. (yeah, i know... Bistro is Brown! But so is everything it seems).

Donna said...

1. The Brown Bear brown bear collection.
2.Sew Much Love, (and Fabulous Fall)
3. A collection that has frogs -for my grandson!

The Brandleys said...

I love Natures Chorus on the coming soon page. Cotton blossoms is my favorite in the store right now and I'd love to see maybe some cute clothing patterns in the future

Home Sweet Hideaway said...

I've probably missed the deadline, but I'm giving it a shot...

1.) Nature's Chorus.
2.) So hard to choose, but I think Farmer's Market.
3.)I'd love to see some of Sandi Henderson's Boutique Patterns.

Deborah said...

My fav on the Coming Soon page is...2009 Thimbleberries 3's Company Light

My fav in the shop is Cotton Blossoms

I'd like to see more black and white prints.

erinwillis said...

1. The Recipe for Friendship Jelly Roll

2. Urban Chiks fabrics

3. small prints

Miss Jean said...

I hope I'm not too late!
1. The Gypsy Rose collection by Fig Tree Quilts. Yea, Joanna!
2. Heritage for a Cause-love the colors and what it stands for.
3. I love your blocks of the month programs so please continue those.

windsie said...

I hope it's not too late!!

1. I love the Urban Couture fabric (and I can't wait to get it)!!
2. My favorite current line is the Portobella Market by Moda.
3. I joined my first ever Mystery BOM club with the Fat Quarter Shop and I love it. I hope you continue with them (especially fun that it's a mystery!).

Tinsel said...

I hope it's not too late either!

1. Love the brown bear fabric line.
2. I'm totally digging Sandy Henderson's Farmer's Market.
3. I would love more Jolly packs but with more yardage included (I actually just like the fact that they are precut squares and already coordinated for me--I'm lazy like that). =) THANKS!

Gezina said...

Okay this hard-
1. Fig and Plum
2. Friends and Flowers
3. Solid color - Charm squares to match Solid color jelly rolls.
Please pick me for the Cotton Blossoms - I'm in love.

quiltingdiva07 said...

My favorite item that is coming soon is the "Cherry on Top" kit. CUTE!
My fave current collection is "Portugal". Love April Cornell!
I would like to see more inexpensive block of the month projects. I am doing the "Peace on Earth" Mystery BOM and it is great!

Bisel Family said...

1. Fig and Plum, By Fig Tree Quilts. Love it.
2. Current: Peace on Earth by three Sisters
3. Future: More Kaffe Fasset, fun funky stuff.

spidr said...

1. I love the Charisma kit by Chez Moi!

2. Cotton Blossoms....gorgeous!

3. Minny Muu by Lecien and some of those amazing Australian stitchery patterns!

Julianna said...

1) The new Mary Englebreit line. I see new skirts for my girls.

2) Farmer's Market by Sandi Hendersson.

3) There is more than enough choice here for me...I know that doesn't really answer the question but I've seen a new line by Patty Young that looks great.

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