Friday, August 22, 2008

Fat Quarter Shop's Easiest Giveaway Ever!

Hello! Here in Austin, the sky just let loose and started pouring cats and dogs--not the most desirable way I can think of to end a Friday! But we do have something planned to get the weekend off to a fun start--the easiest (in my humble opinion) Fat Quarter Shop giveaway ever!


To enter, just post a comment with answers to these 3 easy-peasy questions. Yep, that's all! The giveaway will end next Wednesday, August 27, and we will post the winner that afternoon.

1) What is your favorite item on our Coming Soon page?

2) What is your favorite collection in our store right now?

3) What kinds of fabrics and/or patterns would you like to see on our site in the future?

The prize is a Cotton Blossoms Charming Jelly Cake and a Butterfly Fling Charming Jelly Cake--two of my favorite collections for the fall! Good luck! :)

One last thing--thanks to Camille for the blog love! We just loaded the full Cotton Blossoms collection which she designed with her talented mother Bonnie, and she's hosting a giveaway as well that ends next Friday! Blog to come, right guys? ;)

TGIF and have a great weekend!


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Jodie said...

Wow, this is easy. In the coming soon page, I have a list, but my most favorite would have to be Urban Couture Bundle, wish Nov. was closer. Cotton Blossoms is my favorite on the home page, I already received my charming Jelly Cake, but am ready to order more after seeing it in person. I would love to see a few more Asian inspired fabrics in the future! Easy, cross my fingers and good luck to me!

Gretchen said...

1. Fig and Plum fat quarter bundle--I can't wait to get this and I have a project all picked out.
2. Harvest Home--yummy antique colors especially the purples.
3. more Windham fabrics please.

great (easy) contest. Thank you!!!!

Erica @ life's not a paragraph said...

On the "coming soon" I think the Recipe for Friendship would be great for some projects I have in mind...but Love Letters - oh my goodness gracious that's adorable.

On the homepage, I really like the colors of Pop Garden.

In the future, I'd love to see more monochromatic collections, like Love Letters.

Vickie E said...

1. My favorite fabric coming is Fig and Plum...I have 2 projects picked out for that line.
2. Lakehouse oh boy oh boy...but as you know I bought quite of bit of Lakehouse in that last 2 weeks!!
3. Future? More Kaffe...strips, jolly packs...jolly cakes..the only place I found online with 2.5 inch Kaffe strips was in Europe.

Helen said...

Okay, so it is very hard to decide which things are my favorite. But here goes:

My favorite item in the Coming Soon section is the Gypsy Rose fabric by Fig Tree Quilts. Second favorite is Louisa Moda University Quilt Kit.

As for your home page, my favorite is Cotton Blossoms by Bonnie and Camille! Wink, wink. And next is Fabulous Fall by Deb Strain.

What would I like to see more of on your site? I'd like to see some patterns for those fun Charming Jelly Packs. Basically, I'd like to see more patterns for Moda fabrics--both quilt and gift ideas.

Penny said...

ok, so my fav on the coming soon page is the recipe for friendship fat quarter bundle and on the home page, definitely the urban chicks fabrics. I'm not sure what I'd like to see more of in the future, you have so much on your site I couldn't even imagine where to begin!

Shari said...

1. Pop, Farmer's, Bijoux....can there be a tie?
2. Urban Couture!
3. Fabrics from independents like Lotta Jansdotter! What's needed most however are collections designed for boys (ages 8-18) that are not red, blue, green or plaids.

Beth said...

1. Brown Bear! Who wouldn't love Eric Carle fabric!

2. I love Farmer's Market but Pop Garden is also beautiful!

3. Michael Miller has some great lines coming out including Bold Primary and Modern Flora, but I really wish they would come out with a great quilt pattern for Tot Town!

Spencer Family said...

I am looking forward to Gypsy Rose--I love the colors! Also, both Cotton Blossoms and 1974 look really fun. As far as what I would like to see? Maybe a category for beginner quilters that has projects, patterns, etc. geared toward those that are learning and just starting out.

lilfish said...

1. Jumpin’ Java Collection (so pretty!)
3. I would love to see easy patterns for quilting and affordable kits. Your stuff is already great, it's hard to think of more stuff!

superstitch said...

1. Fig and Plum jelly roll, i love the jelly rolls!

2. Pop Garden by Heather Bailey!!

3. Maybe more modern, clean lined fabrics, stuff that mixed and matched well with multiple collections, you have soo much on your site though, its fantastic

Linda P said...

1)I love the Eric Carle Brown Bear, Brown Bear collection --I think it'd make such cute gifts for little ones (and boys- boys are hard to find cute stuff for!)

2)Pop Garden by Heather Baily

3) I'd like to see more charm packs or fat quarter sets from Free Spirit Fabrics. I realize that they probably don't manufacture them, but I like some collections so much yet can only afford (and use) small quantities of each print in the collection, so I love to order a premade set.

thanks for doing the giveaway!

Jeanne said...

1. American Primer Layer Cake
2. Sew Much Love
3. Andover fabrics, esp. Jo Morton

Thanks for an easy one.

SarahB said...

1. Harvest Home Charming Jelly Cake
2. Cotton Blossoms Jelly Roll
3. I love homespun plaids and would love to see more of them!

Ms. Jan said...

Great contest!
1. Cake Walk Quilt Kit

2. 1974 Urban Chiks

3. You mean you don't have it all????


HoneybeeHill said...

1. I like the Brown Bear -- my son would love a quilt in that! Oh so cute! :) I also really like the flea market bag kit.
2. I like Boy Oh Boy, but that's because I have a son and it's hard to find cute fabric for things to make him.
3. I'm a sucker for the weird Alexander Henry prints and wish I could find more FQ bundles of his stuff. I like Japanese-themed FQ bundles for my own craft stuff, personally.

FANTASTIC giveaway :)

Michelle said...

This is more difficult that you might think...

1. Nature's Chorus fat quarter bundle.

2. Cotton Blossoms by Bonnie and Camille.

3. Ummmm.. you have enough to tempt me already. But maybe more books?

Laura said...

1. Tea for Two quilt kit
2. Pop Garden
3. You have so much ... but maybe more batik fabrics.

C. said...

Oooooh, I love this!

1. Star Student Quilt Kit
2. Pop Garden
3. I love bright colors and Asian prints.

Valerie said...

1. Brown Bear, Brown Bear -- I have a three-year-old boy so that was an easy pick!
2. Boy, Oh Boy! -- sometimes it is hard to find cute boy things -- there are always loads of cute girl things...
3. More fun vintage-inspired fabrics please! I always love the ones by American Jane or vintage holiday ones. Of course, you're website is pretty close to perfect, though, with all the cute fabrics you carry!

Thanks for the fun giveaway. I sure do hope I win -- that would be so great!

Pam said...

Anything Mary Engelbreit on the coming soon page. The home page--Love the Fold & Go Grocery Bag and the wonderful new Lakehouse collections. I'd like to see Hoffman Basics (batiks) and my favorites are the quick & easy quilts, esp. with precuts & more Lecien.

gwensmom said...

1. This former children's bookseller votes for Eric Carle Brown Bear, Brown Bear.
2. Sandi henderson Farmers Market- love those apples.
3. Fabrics by indie designers and of course more Kaffe.

Jen said...

1. My favourite item is definitely Brown Bear - can't wait for it to come in!

2. I love the 1974 collection by Urban Chiks, especially the muted colour scheme.

3. I really adore Tula Pink's collections - would love to see some of her stuff on FQS!

Thanks for the contest :)

Amy Hodge said...

Favorite on Coming Soon is Bistro by Deb Strain (love those colors!) -- the fat quarter bundle if I need to be that specific!
Favorite on Home page is 1974 by Urban Chiks.
More quilt patterns with the pinwheel (I love this design). I'm not sure if that's the right name for it, but I do see it popping up in the Good 'n Plenty table runner.

Rachael Adele said...

This is fun!
1) Urban Courture FQ bundle
2) Recess by American Jane
3) I'd like to see more fabric by Anna Maria Horner, Heather Bailey, and Amy Butler.

Janet said...

All so beautiful, it's hard to pick, but here goes:
1. Gypsy Rose Fat Quarter
2. Pop Garden
3. More monochomatic prints
Thanks for a great give away!

Lizziebeth said...

1. Coming soon: So many I like it is hard to pick. But I really like, "Gypsy Rose"
2. Favorite home page collection: Cotton Blossom
3. I would like to see more fabric for guy quilts. The guys in my family doesn't want anything with flowers.
Elizabeth in Louisiana

Joan said...

What a nice giveaway.
My answers:
1. Gypsy Rose by Fig Tree Quilts
2. Pop Garden by Heather Bailey
3. I love what you stock, so much great stuff. Some solids would be nice.

Pat said...

My favorite coming soon is Fig and Plum by Fig Tree. Cotton Blossom is my favorite on the Home Page. I ordered lots already. Love it! You have so much already, what else could we ask for???

Jennifer Lee said...

1) I have to choose just one? How about the top three: Recipe for Friendship Fat Quarter Bundle, Love is in the Air Fat Quarter Bundle, and the Fig and Plum Fat Quarter Bundle

2) Favorite new collection: Farmer's Market

3) More vintage colors and patterns.

Great contact. Thanks!

rachel griffith said...

fav coming soon:
georgia peach bag kit
fav home page:
fabulous fall by deb strain
wanna see:
more primitive-ish fabrics.
{but not MORE roosters!!!}

mamabug said...

This is gonna be easy...... Love the looks of Gypsy Rose by Fig Tree. Favorite on Home page the new Cotton Blossoms has me very excited and what you might need to carry.......Maybe patterns for wall quilts using some of the newer large prints out there. They are beautiful .... Otherwise you are doing a GREAT job. Kathie

MonicaP said...

This wasn't too easy for me. I love so many fabrics in the coming soon and on the home page. Also, you offer so many fabrics and patterns I love, more than I can possibly purchase so the third question's even harder....
1) Mary Engelbreit's Recipe For Friendship kit
2)Cotton Blossoms
3)More Fat Quarter Shop exclusive kits. Fat Quarter packets with a selection of each collection (such as what you use in the Fat Quarter Clubs).

Doodlebug Gail said...

Okay - this is going to be really easy ....

Coming Soon : A definite favourite is the Bluework Garden Quilt Kit

Home Page : Little Lady by Lakehouse Dry Goods

More? : Hmmm, kits like the Bluework Garden kit which combine stitchery and quilting.

Thanks for the fun.

nettie said...

1. urban couture bundle
2. Heather BAiley (everything)
3. more vintage and retro looking stuff.

But really I love everything in your shop.

Foofanagle said...

1)Fig and Plum and Urban Couture
2)Pop Garden
3)I wish you would have gotten the Joel Dewberry Ginseng line.I really hope you get the Dogwood line coming from Henry Glass (

ewenme said...

1. Recipe for Friendship, followed by Fig & Plum.
2. Cotton Blossoms.
3. More backgrounds to put with the softer prints, i.e., tone-on-tone beige, cream, tan, white-on-white, etc. And more dark backgrounds to put with the brighter prints. Something to 'set off the stars so the quilts don't all come out blended'.
3-A. I'm a stack-n-whack fan and I'm always looking for medium to large florals and fishes that would make good candidates for stack-n-whack [and backgrounds to go with them]. :-)

Your shop is a really valuable resource for me, so just keep up the good work! Thank you.

lzilulu said...

OMG! This is a hard I had to do a little "draw" to find my favourites!!
On the coming soon page it has to be the Recipe for Friendship Fat Quarter pack and on the Home Page, the winner is Papillon....think I'm leaning to these crisper brighter lines because here in Australia I am soooo over Winter and want some springy collections!!

What would I like to see more of??How about some Japanese fabrics and some linens??? p.l.e.a.s.e :>)

cathy said...

For #1 - I would have to say my fave is the Bonny Little Bag - so adorable - what a great Christmas gift.
#2 - Oh, by all means, AVA ROSE. I already bought some. I just love it to death.
And #3 - Hmmm. I love everything you have - I must say I love that you have wonderful sales. I cannot resist the SALE!SALE!SALE! link. But as far as what to have in the future - I am partial to anything Moda. I love charm packs - or jolly packs and I love the more feminine prints, Lakehouse, Robyn Pandolph, Tanya Whelan, etc.
I hope I did a good job with my answers.
Ta ta,

Stasia said...

1) Flea Market Bag Kit

2) Fabulous Fall, Deb Strain

3) Quick and small projects - not necessarily wall quilts or table toppers; purses, clutches, wardrobe items. Charm projects! As far as fabric - less of the "Pop Art Invasion" and more muted (but not necessarily traditional) patterns. I know that's what's in style, just not my taste!

jlk said...

Urban Couture was pretty awesome. On the home page, it's a three way tie between Cotton Blossom, Farmers Market, and Pop Garden. In the Olympics, you're not allowed to have ties, but in my world, you are. As far as what I want to see, I would have to say "more of the same." FQS has always delivered!

Vicky said...

Tough questions, but here goes:

1. Nature's Chorus. I really could have picked any of them, but this one is dynamite. Equally beautiful is the Tradition line.

2. Winter ahd Heritage!

3. I'd like more b-i-g quilt patterns. 100" or thereabouts fits my thick mattress perfectly!

Everything on the site is so beautiful! It was hard to choose.

sarah said...

My favorite item in the coming soon page is Recipe for Friendship. I just love the colors.

My favorite collection in the store is Farmer's Market.

I would love to see more patterns for purses/bags.

Vivsews said...

Redwork Garden Quilt Kit

Love Cotton Blossoms and Farmer's Market

You have a great selection!

Scrappinfor3 said...

1. Wow! So much to choose from. Ok, my fave is the Bistro fabric by Deb Strain
2. Cotton Blossoms has won out here. . daughter layer cake
3. More fabric by the yard - especially the new Cotton Blossoms line

ADL said...

1. I love the Love Letters Collection.

2. I like the Hoffman fabrics.

3. I would like to see a Mckenna Ryan bundle offered and more table runner kits that aren't holiday specific.

Di said...

1. Gypsy Rose FQ set. serious yum.

2. Ava Rose

3. I would like to see all of the Miss Rosie's patterns.

Xing my fingers!

Dee said...

I love the Fig and Plum fat quarter bundle.

Love Lakehouse.

Would love to see more civil war fabrics.

And just plain love the blog.

Melibelle said...

1. Basic Grey Fabric... HOLLY cow this 4 sure!
2.Cotton Blossoms by Bonnie & Camille
3. Quilt patterns in PDF form so I don't have to keep up with paper or wait for them to be mailed to me!

Meghan Hein said...

This is fun....loving the Recipe for Friendship collection, LOVE Farmers Mkt and would love to see Amy Butlers Frenchy bag pattern!!!! Hope I win (G)!!!! Meghan H

sndy1 said...

1. Gypsy Rose
2. Cotton Blossoms
3. Asian fabrics and patterns

ferne said...

1. I am liking so much in the coming soon catagory, so much to look forward to but, I love Nature's Chorus by April Cornell.

2. Portugal is one of my favorite lines right now.

3. I love Anna Maria Horner and also anything by Heather Bailey (maybe some of Heather's new patterns).

Jeannine said...

I just noticed that Brown Bear, Brown Bear is in the coming soon. I can't wait. I have the Very Hungry Caterpillar quilt done, just needing some quilting to finish. (my 3 year old son LOVES everything Eric Carle)

Of your current lines, I love the newest Kaffe Fassett lines. I love his stuff.

I'd like to see more cute bag patterns, or maybe even some more basics or notions.

Carol said...

1. Gypsy Rose by Fig Tree
2. 1974 by Urban Chicks
3. Layer cake ideas

Pam said...

1) What is your favorite item on our Coming Soon page? Bonny Little Bag Kit
2) What is your favorite collection in our store right now? Isn't Christmas Jolly
3) What kinds of fabrics and/or patterns would you like to see on our site in the future? Patterns using charm packs and/or jelly rolls

pinkchook said...

1) star students quilt kit. love it

2) pop garden adore it, the colours are so bright and fresh

3) more custom charm packs, like from micheal miller and freespirit etc

Georgia said...

1. "Recipe for Friendship"
2. Definitely, "Pop Garden".
3. Patterns that use charm squares - I love them, but never quite know what to do with them

Cheryl said...

As for comming soon, without a doubt it has to be Gypsy Rose by Fig Tree. As far as what's on there right now, of course it's Cotton Blossom, LOVED it the minute I saw it. You have a great inventory and carry an excellent variety of fabric and patterns. There's always something for everyone.
Fun contest...and fun reading all the different responses. My we are such a diverse group of quilters, yet FQS manages to keep us all "Happy Quilters"!

Dawn said...

And you said this would be easy!
1. Fig & Plum--beautiful!
2. Cotton Blossoms--love it!
3. Layer cake ideas.
I guess that wasn't so bad.

ikkinlala said...

1) The Louisa Fat Quarter Bundle.

2) Fabulous Fall.

3) More batiks or solids which can go with anything.

Sarah said...

Wow! This is totally fun and easy!

1. Love Is In the Air (I adore pink!)
2. Farmer's Market
3. Andalucia by Patty Young

Yay! I hope I win! :)

sweetnstacked72 said...

my fave new things, love is in the air, and candy kisses.s'mores is my fave the carefree retro looking fabrics , would also love to see Timeless Treasures fabrics.

Cara said...

On the Coming soon I would have to say Gypsy Rose Jelly Roll

My fave collection in the store right now would have to be Cotton Blossom Jelly Roll (both mom and daughter)

And I would love to see some of the Australian designer's patterns.

Simply This and That said...

Bonny Little Bag Kit! Adorable!
Fresh Squeezed! Just love this line!
I can't imagine what else you could offer, anything I've ever looked for, you've carried! Happy Weekend!

meg99 said...

1. Fig and Plum fat quarter bundle I love all of the Figtree Quilts' project.

2.1974 fat quarter bundle because 1974 is my special year so I'm planning tomake bed cover of these line.

3.More basic fabrics like moda marbles,marble stars and so on.

Rhonda said...

1. Fig and Plum
2. Cotton Blossom
3. You have so much already, but how about more batiks or brights.

anne said...

1. Floral Traditional quilt kit, love the colours and pattern.

2. Moda fabbies are great.

3. Amy Butler fabbie and patterns

j. said...

On the coming soon page I love the
"Recipe for Friendship Fat Quarter Bundle Mary Engelbreit for Moda Fabrics"

My favorite line right now is the Boy Oh Boy by Lakehouse. I loved it so much I had to buy it.

In the future I would like to see more kits and patterns.

cook said...

1. Natures Chorus 2.Anything Lakehouse... love the cupcakes1 3. You do a good job already! More lecien..Mini Muu

Mette said...

What a generous giveaway!
1. The pattern for the Bonny Little Bag
2. Pop Garde by Heather Bailey
3. I don't know what to answer here! Compared to Denmark you have so many goodies! Have a nice weekend.

Kathie said...

1. Tradition Collection for a Cause Fat Quarter Bundle
Collection for a Cause Heritage 1846 Quilt Kit
3. I would like to see more reproduction fabrics from the 1800's


Perry said...

1. Nature's Chorus
2. Fabulous Fall
3. Reproductions

You have most of the material I like and you said I didn't need any more so I guess I shouldn't even put my favorites down, right? lol

Lillian said...

Not so easy as I thought, because I have so many favorites!
1. Fig and Plum
2. Cotton Blossom
3. You already have such a fantastic selection of fabrics, but even more Japanese fabrics would be nice.

julia said...

Hi Jocelyn,
ok, here are my simple answers:
1. coming soon favourite: Fig and Plum by Plumcute Design
2. favourite collection: Peace on Earth & Cotton Blossoms (the former I could already lay my hands on - for the latter I have to wait for next month ;o) )
3. You have always very insprining items in your "coming soon" section so it's hard to say what I could wish more for...perhaps some more patterns for Charming Jelly Cakes?

I'm so glad I found your shop, I browse it nearly every day (it's kind off addictive ;o) )
Good luck to all the participants!!! (I don't think I will be picked, as I've already won a giveaway here).
Hugs, Julia

Dolci Fusa said...

1. Bistro from Deb Strain for Moda Fabrics
2. Winter from Minnick & Simpson for Moda Fabrics
3. Tilda's fabrics

Great contest!
Thank you.

Chookyblue...... said...

1. Harvest home jelly cake

2. Peace on earth as I am getting the Mystery BOM

3. get some Ausie patterns in there......

Sue Cahill said...

I love the Blue Charlotte Scrappy Quilt.
My favorite collection is Mama's Feedsacks by Darlene Zimmerman.
I'd like to see more quick and easy quilts, that include the backing, they are great for those last minute gifts.
Sue Cahill (sbonetsue at yahoo dot com)

Infinity Quilter said...

1. Fig & Plum; Gypsy Rose
2. Cranberry Wishes and Peace on Earth
3. Whimsicals fabric and patterns

Kim said...

1. Recipe for Friendship. Everyone meets friends thru quilting!

2. My favorite collection right now is Farmers Market. Can't wait to do something with that fabric.

3.Black and white bundles. Love to create with black and white.

Nancy said...

Coming Soon Page - Charlottes 4Patch-great way to use some scraps that are scattered everywhere...

favorite collection - Michael Miller Farmers Market. Yummy colors...

Love all Michael Miller....

Little Miss Shabby said...

How fun and easy--I just love these blog giveaways! Let's see...I am intrigued by the Brown Bear fabric--this was one of my daughter's fave books--also, the new Mary Englebright fabric looks really cute! As far as fave fabrics in your store right now, I love Heather Bailey's Pop Garden/Bijoux--I own all of FreshCut so, I have been anxiously awaiting these fabrics. I also love Cotton Blossoms(fall colors always get me) & Sandi Henderson's, Farmer's Market. And lastly, I love the shabby fabrics(I think I buy Lecien from you everytime you have some for sale LOL) & would love to see more of them available.

Anna said...

1. Fig and Plum by Fig Tree Quilts
2. Hard choice... probably Pop Garden by Heather Bailey; can Farmer's Market by Sandi Henderson be my close second?
3. More feedsack prints. Tula Pink's new Nest collection. And P & B Textiles has some really pretty collections - any chance of carrying them?

Laura said...

1) Brown Bear Brown Bear by Andover. I love Eric Carle!

2) Boy Oh Boy - because I have a 10 month old grandson and I want to make this for him.

3) I would love to see more Black & whites. They are such an understated yet powerful addition to anyone's stash.

Christy said...

1. Love is in the air collection.
2. Pop Garden & 1974.
3. I would love to see the Melly & Me patterns of softies.


epban said...

Coming: Brown Bear
Now: 1974
More Free Spirit Fabrics and some new free pattern ideas

Laurie said...

1. Love is in the Air, how cute for my sister who was born on Valentines Day.
2. Thimbleberries 2009, can't wait
3. More reproduction fabrics

bobbie said...

1. Harvest Home(can't wait)

2. Cotton Blossoms

3. Hard to choose just one designer, I love them all.

Carol said...

I love your contests. Here are my answers:
1. X Marks the Spot Quilt Kit
2. Fabulous Fall by Deb Strain
3. You're already practically perfect in every way, but I would suggest more free patterns.

Carol L.
Glendale, AZ

Christina said...

Love these contests! Thanks Fat Quarter Shop.

From Coming Soon I really like the "Love Letters" Collection! The prints are great and I love that it is monochromatic.

My absolute favorite is Portugal by Moda. I have already made a king size quilt and love every print and color in it.

I would love to see some more patterns for wearable art and purses/bags.

Mary said...

Thank you for the opportunity to enter your giveaway!
1) Fig and Plum
2) Harvest Home
3) anything Jo Morton - love her stuff!

BetsyE said...

1) I love the Shoeboxes Quilt cheery!

2) I think my current favorite is Olive Rose by Valori Wells. It's just sort of demands attention!

3) You have so much, it's hard to say, but maybe more "retro" type fabric.

Rebecca's Tea House said...

If I have to pick just one in each category, here goes:
Coming soon page it would be Urban Couture.
Home page fave is Cotton Blossoms.
In the future, I would like to see more daiwabo taupe fabric.

Erin said...

In the coming soon pages, wow, I love a lot of them...I guess I would have to say Fig and Plum...
In the home page favorites, right now I would say...Cotton Blossoms which is awesome, as many others, and in the category of what I would love to see, more primitive like Jo Morton or some Carol Doak fabrics for paperpiecing!
In all you do a wonderful job, love your site!!!

The P*dunc's said...

I love the 1974 collection that you have right now.

The "Love is on Bloom quilt kit" strikes my fancy.

And I already love everything that I see in your shop. It makes me drool!


Summers Camp said...

1) Charisma quilt kit

2) Cotton Blossoms (yay Camille!) and Pumpkins Gone Wild

3) Well, to be honest, my fabrics! I have yet to design any... always been a dream of mine, though. But if that doesn't count, then I would love to see more charm packs. Especially of the Heather Bailey variety ;)

Good luck to me and everyone else! And congratulations to Camille and Bonnie for their fabulous work! So exciting! *B

TerriW said...

What a cool entry for your giveaway! My favorite item in the coming soon page is the Flea Market Bag Kit. My favorite collection in the shop is Garden Party by Anna Maria Horner. I love the contemporary designers with Free Spirit. Would like to see you offer Sugar Snap by Melissa Averinos.

Zibu said...

1. STar students quilt kit

2. Recipe for Friendship by Mary Engelbreit

3. Would love to see more of the Batik/Block prints in asian motifs.


LeAnne said...

1. The Love is In the Air Collection, and Brown Bear, Brown cute!
2. Cotton Blossoms by far is my favorite in store item. Along with many of the Christmas prints.
3. As for things I would like to see...I have no idea! You guys always do such a great job as is...


Rosanne said...

Hmm, I really like the Love is in The Air bundle and currently love the Farmers Market bundle! I quite like vintage and toile fabrics, perhaps you could bring more of those in?

Thanks for the opportunity!

Kim said...

So many great ones to chose from.
I'd say my favorite coming soon is Fig and Plum from Fig Tree Quilts
Favorite in the store right now? Dandelion Girl again Fig Tree Quilts
what I'd like to see more of? Scrappy Patterns but you have such a great collection now....

heatherc said...

As a paper lover as well I have to say that Urban Couture collection is my favorite on the coming soon page :)

Cotton blossoms is my current favorite--just waiting to get my hands on it in person!!

I'm not sure what I could recommend for more of in the future..I'm new to your site and still trying to digest all that you have to offer--my cart is awfully full!!

This is very fun, thanks so much!

Ann said...

1-Candy Kisses
2-Subtle Solids
3-A bit more of non-applique in the BOM section

Baba said...

My favorites in the coming soon is the traditions, I'm a traditional girl, hehe.
2. Love the Harvest Home!
3. Would love some asian silks!

//Annika said...

1) Easy??? What is easy about those questions??? To choose from the Coming Soon page is anything but easy =o)I like so many items... But the two coming collections from Fig Tree Quilt is really loveley and I like them a lot.
2) Favorite collection right now is probably "Heritage" or "Cotton Blossom" or "Merry & Bright" or, or, or... ;o))
3) I don't know if I can ask for anything more. I love Moda fabrics but also Leicien so maybe more of those just to say something. And more of easy patterns to Charm Packs, Jelly Rolls, Layer Cakes are never wrong =o)
Hugs from Sweden!

annette said...

So many wonderful things but since i have to pick -

1. Coming Soon - Urban Couture - rocks!!; so does Fig & Plum; loving that georgia peach bag and i'm very intrigued by the Brown Bear collection.....

2, Favorite on site - at this precise moment - Cotton Blossom - that mother daughter combo is mighty talented!

3. More of... I think you guys are doing a spectacular job of providing a nice mix. Some contemporary, some classic, some country - holiday themes - quilting, sewing, accessories - it's all there. Keep up the great work.

Sue said...

Coming soon- American Primer
love anything by Minnick and Simpson

Prairie Paisley, see a theme here?

jelly roll and jelly cake patterns
civil war/reproduction fabrics

natderueil said...

My first answer is
1)Tradition Collection for a Cause Jelly Roll
Howard Marcus for Moda Fabrics
My favorite at the moment is
2)Harvest Home Fat Quarter Bundle - Entire Collection
Blackbird Designs for Moda Fabrics
3) I'd like to see patterns for charm square quilts and muslin by the yard


Stephanie said...

Coming soon--Urban Couture. Can't wait to see the colors in person.

Collections I like now--Cotton Blossom, of course.

What I'd like to see--I'm pretty happy with what you offer already. I'm a fan of charm pack/jolly packs.

debbymom said...

On the coming soon page - I need the Georgia Peach bag kit. In the catalog I keep looking at Bonnie & Camille's Cotton Blossoms (!it's true!!!) and the Urban Chiks 1974 (a very good year!) As far as wanting more of something, you're already the best in customer service and I can always find what's looking for me on your site! Keep doing what you are doing!

Kim said...

How could you really have a favorite.. I know my first purchase will be Gypsy Rose

I really like Papillon for current fabric in the store.

I would like to see a more frequent rotation of free patterns. You do such a great job stocking all our needs and have so many choices.

Kim :)

Denise S. said...

1. Gypsy Rose Layer Cake
2. Portobello Market
3. small print fabrics and applique patterns.
Thank you for the great contest.

Linda said...

1. Bistro Fat Quarter Bundle
2. Heritage 1846
3. More table runner, wall hanging, and purse patterns please....more kits!


cathy said...

1> the Block of the Month pattern from Thimbleberries; (3's Company Block of the Month) is my favourite
2> I absolutely love the Bali pops from Hoffman
3> I always come to the Fat Quarter website when I'm looking for new fabrics, and I've never yet been disappointed in finding what I need. Keep up what you're doing already.

Carol said...

1. The Blue Palace Quilt Kit - I love it!!
2. Fabulous Fall - It is making me anxious for summer to end.
3. More easy patterns using charm packs, jelly rolls and cake layers.

Thanks for such a great online store and great service. I recommend your site to all my friends!

Nancy said...

My favorite "Coming Soon" is the "Love is in the Air" collection; my favorite collection is the Michael Miller "Black and White Fat Quarter Tower", and I would like to see a bright neon collection...

Quilt Pieces said...

1 Harvest Home bundle is gorgeous
2 Dandelion Girl is one of the most beautiful ever!
3 More of the smae - you do a marvelous job!

VincentMom said...

Ok, here goes!
1. My favorite coming soon is the Brown Bear collection. I ALWAYS give this book to friends having babies.
2. My favorite collection right now are the ones by Heather Bailey, Bijoux & Pop Garden.
3. I would love to see more kits. I love the collections but hate deciding on a project. I love it when you make it easy for me!

Ok, wish me luck!

Hatch Family said...

I love giveaways and I love Camille's fabric. Please let me win! :-)
1. I LOVE the Urban Couture fabric!
2. I can't wait to buy the Cotton Blossoms line!
3. I have twin boys and hardly ever see cute, fun stuff for boys! (I did just buy the Dinosaur Uproar though).

scrapatches said...

1) The "Tea for Two" Quilt from RJR fabrics ... AND ...The Gypsy Rose Collection by Fig Tree Quilts

2) Cupcakes by Timeless Treasures

3) hmmmmmmm ... tough one ... more Windham Fabrics ... more Timeless Treasures Fabrics ... and ... some kind of "earned credit" discount card (like they have in a LQS) for frequent shoppers which is a credit that could be used for any future purchases ... not just for a specified time period ... I had to let a recent "thank you discount" expire because you just did not have what I wanted at the time ... this has happened at least twice ...

I do love your shop!

KathySWFL said...

1) What is your favorite item on our Coming Soon page? The Blue Palace Quilt Kit! I love it!

2) What is your favorite collection in our store right now? That would be the Snow Show in the Christmas Shop!

3) What kinds of fabrics and/or patterns would you like to see on our site in the future? I would like to see some blenders, marbles, tone on tones, white on white, cream on cream and maybe some wide backing fabrics.

Great idea for a contest!! Thanks!

Britt-Inger said...

My favorite item in the coming soon page is Gypsy Rose FQ bundle.
I love the colours that Fig Trees use.
My favorite colection on Home page is Fabolous Fall, which I´m waiting for to come to me.
I wish that you will have more Japanese fabric. I love the taupe fabric, I use them in my purses and bags and I would love to buy them from my favorite shop on internet
Wish my self luck

Aldana said...

Sorry but my english is so so. I am argentina and my name is Aldana
1.Bistro Fat Quarter Bundle
Deb Strain for Moda Fabrics
2. Pop Garden
3. Fabrics to boys and tutorials.


Judith said...

The blue and brown Charlotte quilt kit I love from what is coming soon.
Portobello market is my favourite at this time.
And I would like to see some more quilt kits, but than not to big. Fabrics I like the bright ones very much.

glenda liechti said...

1. in the coming soon section, I love Portebello Market by 3 Sisters.
2. jelly rolls and charm packs are my favorite items.
3. I would love to see more patterns that use jelly rolls and charm packs. Also, anything designed by 3 Sisters. thanks glenda

Luanne said...

Well it's pretty hard to choose only one so....
1) Coming soon = I'm pretty excited about the Eric Carle Brown Bear collection. ( I work in a library)But I also really like Garden Chorus
2)Oh Butterfly Fling - it's so fun and light hearted.
3)I have a great pattern that calls for 30's prints. I know you had 'kitchen sink' collections awhile back, but I would be interested in this type of fabric. I also love the kits you put together Kimberly and have managed to order yet another while browsing the site!!!

ChrisC said...

1. My favorite on the coming soon page is the urban couture fat quarter bundle. So pretty !

2. Favorite collection -- tie between midwest modern and pop garden -- love those brightly colored, modern fabrics.

3. More Amy Butler fabrics and patterns!

Sherri said...

Well, on the coming soon page...the fig and plum bundle, charm pack, and jelly roll. Cotton blossoms is my favorite...I can't wait to order some yardage. Also, I'd love to see more quilt patterns that include stitchery!

Dawn said...

Do I really have to choose only one from each section? From the coming soon page I would choose the Georgia Peach Bag; my favourite collection is Wodland Bloom (wish you had it in metreage!). What would I like to see in future? Perhaps some wool fabric and associated patterns for it. BUT - just love your store - if only Australia wasn't so far away, and postage didn't take a whole ten days!

cindy said...

Hi! My favorite item on the coming soon page is the Floral Tradition Qilt Kit. I have several but I must choose 1---my favorite collection i stock right now is the Heritage 1846 line by Moda. I would like to some Kaffe Fassett Quilt or Runner Kits offered and bundle/jelly rolls too. Some french provencal fabrics (imports are available) in Toile de Jouey patterns especially.I enjoy Boutis quilting popular in Europe...but becoming more popular here. Thanks! Cindy

~TAMY 3 Sides of Crazy~ said...

I'm with Dawn choosing just 1 for each section is hard. But here goes 1)X marks the spot 2)Prairie Paisley 3)more batiks and /or fossil ferns would be great. Thanks.

Shawn said...

Coming Soon Page: Urban Couture
Favorite Collection: Cotton Blossoms
Would love to see more batiks and batik kits.

Love everything about your site.

Toiling Ant said...

From coming soon: Love is in the air. Currently in the store: Farmer's Market by Sandi Henderson. What I'd like in the future: more funky, modern fabrics (Amy Butler, etc.).

Fabrics make me drool... I have a serious fabric lust problem. ;-)

MRod said...

From the coming soon page--love the Nature's Chorus bundle--but I love everything April Cornell

Cotton Blossoms is my favorite in the store now.

You guys do a great job--I'd love to see more of the same in your store.

Feeder of the Hungry Beans said...

1. On the coming soon page, I love the Brown Bear Brown Bear Collection. Such great stuff from Eric Carle.

2. In the shop, I'm thinking hard about buying a lot of Moda's 1974 collection (I sew more clothes than quilts and I can picture some great dresses and skirts)

3. More modern stuff! Love Amy Butler, etc.

The Real Me said...

1. Coming soon... Mary Engelbreit or the Urban Couture by Basic Grey for Moda

2. LOVE Heather Bailey's Pop Garden and Anna Maria Horner's Garden party (they look great together too)

3. Anything bright and modern... Free Spirit stuff

Amy said...

1. Floral Tradition quilt kit
2. Moda's Dandelion Girl
3. Andover Fabrics

Cbar said...

Coming soon page has the Blue Charlotte Scrappy Quilt Kit I think is pretty.

Portugal Moda Fabric is my favorite thing in the store right now. I love the colors.

I would like to be able to have fabric of my choice pre cut for the pattern of my choice.

Thank you for a fun contest.

Karen said...

My favorite on the Coming Soon page has to be Nature's Chorus...
I am totally hooked on Winter and have ordered alot of it!! What do you need more of????? Umm...bigger variety of patterns to use all the jelly rolls, layer cakes, fat quarters, charm squares etc etc!!!

Lisa Boyer said...

1. Pillowcase kit
2. Heather Bailey's Pop Garden in blues
3. More charm packs! Love those.

Thanks for having this giveaway!!! Love my Fat Quarter Shop!!!

Bev said...

Here are my answers:
1. Love the Fig Tree Fabric of Gypsy Rose
2 I collect Halloween fabric and I love the Pumpkins Gone Wild fabric
3. Would like to see more applique patterns.

Thank you! Hope to win. BEV

Nichole said...

Coming soon favorite is Brown Bear.

Favorite collection now is Farmer's Market.

Would like to see more of connector/basics. Sometimes I feel so overwhelmed with al these beautiful lines that come out one after another, and having a better assortment of fabrics to work with them that are not solids or Moda marbles would be nice.

Thanks for the generous giveaway. I'm crossing my fingers!

RachelH said...

1. Flea Market Bag Kit
2. 1974 by Urban Chiks
3. Japanese fabrics, Prints Charming, Daisy Janie

Carolyn in Kentucky said...

1. Love letters is my favorite collection on the coming pages.
2. Peace on Earth is absolutely my all time favorite collection.
3.I would like to see more jelly roll patterns and charm square patterns.

Hannah said...

1. Fig and Plum Moda University Quilt Kit. I can't wait to get that!

2. I of course love Cottom Blossoms. My second favorite is Peace on Earth. I have a million ideas for how to use this collection.

3. I would love to see all of Camille's patterns and see some of them as kits, too. Also, some Hanukkah fabric would be nice.

I love your store and visit it way too often!

Red Geranium Cottage said...

Coming soon page: Love in Bloom quilt kit.
In store now: Friends and Flowers
See more of: 30's prints. and Lecien fabrics. The tiny kids prints. Love those.

botterdaughter said...

1. cherry on top quilt kit
2. little cupcake charm packs
3. any quick and easy patterns/kits

ElizabethandJeff said...

I am very excited for the Fig and Plum fabric line. My favorite newest line is Cotton Blossoms. I would love to see more 1930's vintage stuff. I love it1

quiltma said...

1) What is your favorite item on our Coming Soon page?
Hands Down Dick and Jane Log Cabin Kit.

2) What is your favorite collection in our store right now?
Aunt Grace Christmas

3) What kinds of fabrics and/or patterns would you like to see on our site in the future?
Nothing I can think of. I think you have everything covered

bethany said...

On the coming soon-the Brown Bear Andover fabric-love it!
I really like the Moda Fresh Squeezed fabric.
Not sure if the shop is currently missing anything-I think it's great!!

sara said...

wow! I love your shop! My favorite coming soon items: Charlottes 4-patch quilt kit and Tea for Two quilt kit. And in your shop I adore the whole 1974 Urban Chicks line from moda. I would love to see more patterns. I'm always looking for new and fun quilts. Thanks for the fun giveaway!

Catherine said...

What fun! A contest in which all my answers have to be right!

1. Fig and Plum FQ Bundle
2. The "Noel" batiks--all of them
3. Robert Kaufman fabrics are always nice, especially the Asian collections. (I like what you have now, too, though.)

Thank you for the easy contest!

Phyllis said...

Phyllis said.....
1. In the coming soon page, I'm looking forward to "Love in Bloom" These fabrics look great for quick and easy Valentine's Day projects.
2. My favorite has to be "Aunt Grace Christmas" and a real close second goes to Lakehouse "Oh Boy, Oh Boy! That's a quilt I'll really enjoy making for my friend's first grandchild.
3. Just more of the same fun and beautiful fabrics that you offer. Maybe, some more black and white fabric or wedding themed fabric would be nice.

Thanks for the chance of winning!!!

Peggie said...

Wow what a collection. I like the flea market bag. Maybe because I like the name and LOVE flea markets, but it sure hit me. You have really nice items.

In stock I love it all, but I was looking for ideas for my one granddaughter and came across your ballerina and lady bug collection. I love it! Not sure it is my favorite, but it is my favorite with my granddaughter in mind!

Future? I am not sure what I could add to this collection! Maybe some moose prints as I like moose? I am bookmarking it for future sewing though and am subscribing to this blog. So glad I found you!

peggie dot loden at gmail dot com

I do have a suggestion on your comments. Can you allow comments from other than blogger? I do not use my blogger any more, and usually do either name and url on blogger sites, but your will not let me.

upstateLisa said...

Hard to choose one item per answer but as best as I can tell..
1. Recipe for friendship
2. 1974 Urban Chiks
3. Looking forward to seeing some Woodland Blooms by Lila Tueller

Jackie said...

Okay, This is not as easy as it seems. I actually like more that one thing. Here goes Love is in the Air by Deb Strain, Recipe for Friendship, by Mary Englebreit, and Urban Couture by Basic Gray. Hmm, is it legal to like that many?? The Second question is another tough one, but I'll say Cotton Blossoms and Charisma. Okay, I would like to see the Lecien Minny Miu that The Happy Zombie has in her hot little hands. Also lots of fun, bright funky fabrics and patterns.

Theresa said...


1. Recipe for Friendship ties with Gypsy Rose
2. Annabella in Gabriel & Charleston
3. I'm thinking ya got it pretty well covered, although some funky Japanese prints would be great!


CBear said...

1) I love the BISTRO rolls/cakes. So cool! Mod and wonderful colors!

2) I like the "Merry and Bright" collection - I love Christmas

3) More modern boy fabrics... not just sports or puppy dogs. OR Rolls/Cakes of all those wonderful Japanese fabrics out there...

kamewh said...

1) Brown Bear Brown Bear Collection- Eric Carle for Andover Fabrics

2)Portobello Market Charming Jelly Cake - 3 Sisters for Moda Fabrics

3) more patterns for Moda Fabrics :)

Thank you for the giveaway!

hannah said...

The "Traditions" and "Love is in the Air" fabric collections look interesting and fun. However, I love to see all the new fabric collections as they come in!!! My favorite collection right now is Sandy Henderson's "Farmer's Market" collection. Please keep getting all the new designers' collections and patterns, especially purses, aprons, etc. Have you considered ordering Anna Griffin's fabrics -- some of her fabrics are beautiful too. You have a great store/website -- keep up the great work!!

sarah, rsm said...

1. As a former Kindergarten teacher, the Brown Bear, Brown Bear collection is a must!

2. Charisma is a favorite, as well as Woodland Bloom, Portugal, and Urban Couture.

3. I am always looking for more of an international flavor ~ like children/people from around the world, or Save the Children fabrics.

Winn Family said...

My favorite on the coming soon page would have to be April Cornell's Nature's Chorus.

My favorite collection in the store right now would honestly have to be the Cotton Blossoms. I have been waiting for this for months!

Something I would like to see in the future? I don't know. I think you do such a great job with keeping the newest collections and so many patterns. I love your shop!

Bree said...

1. Jumpin Java collection (I'm a sucker for coffee prints!)
2. Marcus Brothers
3. Always on the lookout for organics

mamaspark said...

1. American Primer, I love Minnick and Simpson stuff.

2. I like several, Merry and Bright, Pumpkins gone wild and the new Cotton Blossoms

3. More patterns to make queen sized quilts using jelly rolls and layer cakes.

Chiki said...

Ooooh this is such a great idea! :)
1. Fig and Plum Fat Quarter Bundle (I LOVE the colours!)
2. 12 Days of Christmas by Nancy Halvorsen (I can't wait to start my Christmas projects)
3. You already have a great selection, but since you ask ;) I go for more jelly roll patterns or more books in general

Amy @ Park City Girl said...

There's so much great stuff coming soon! I love the urban couture collection, ooh and fig & plum. I have been eying the park slope collection since you got it in - love the combos there. I love all the fabrics you carry and I'm a sucker for simple, quick patterns. Thanks for the fun contest :)

KateKwiltz said...

1. Am intrigued by Urban Couture...great colors I don't normally use, would love to get my hands on them!
2. Those wonderfully silly sock monkeys. I just got your Jolly Packs last week!
3. Brights! Love Jan Mullen's colors, you haven't had any in a while...

Michelle said...

Seems like I'm like a lot of the others - Urban Couture for sure! Right now, I really like the 1974 collection also. As for in the future - keep the more modern feeling prints coming in the door!

Carrie P. said...

1. My favorite item on the coming soon page is the Dresden Doilies Quilt Kit.
2. At this moment I like the "Charm Bracelt" Collection
3. I would love to see more applique patterns.

Nori L said...

1. I'm looking forward to Recipe for Friendship...signed up for the layer cake club because of that being offered.
2. I really am loving Moda's Pumpkins Gone Wild and Smores...can't decide which one I love more!
3. I just recently found your store so I couldn't ask for more have everything I currently need or want!


Ann said...

1. Brown Bear Brown Bear - cute for a quilt for my new grandson.
2. Pumpkins Gone Wild - I'm crazy for anything autumnal.
3. I think you guys do a great job already but I'm always looking for fast and easy table toppers/runners.

Natalie said...

1)Tea for two quilt kit
2) Love is in the air -I love love those colors
3) Hmm...i need to get some more patterns and fabrics and then I'll have a better opinion to share.

Quilterbee said...

!. On the coming soon page my choice is Nature's Chorus by April Cornell

2. Favorite Collection. Peace on Earth. I love Moda, Three Sisters, and April Cornell fabrics.

3. Quilt patterns from some of the AU designers that have applique and stitchery on the quilt. More applique and easy quilt patterns for beginners. More Quilt kits and BOM.

I love your store and your selection of fabrics and patterns. The prompt service you provide cannot be beat by anyone.

Betty J in OKC said...

1. Brown Bear Collection
2. Kids Go Green Collection
3. More brights and batiks.

RC said...

1. Love is the Air
2. Farmer's Market
3. I would like to see more Asian prints

jules said...

1) Bistro & Fig and Plum

2) Cotton Blossoms -- I heart Camille

3) More bold patterned prints.. polka dots... and charm table runner patterns!

I ordered the Cotton Blossoms Charming Jelly Cake and it came 3 days ago but a second would be awesome cause then I can play with one and keep one all tied up cute!

Threeundertwo said...

I love the "Nature's Chorus" collection coming from April Cornell. Second choice would be the great redwork and bluework kits.

Favorite collection might be Christmas Memories. I love Christmas fabrics and Santa with the green mittens is my favorite.

I would like to see more redwork/bluework or other designs that combine embroidery with quilting. And I can never get enough fat quarter patterns.

VickiD said...

1. Favorite coming soon is 3's Company Thimbleberries
2. Favorite Collection is Aqua and Blue Snow Show
3. Fabrics/Patterns in the future - More Batiks and Batik patterns


stephanie said...

1. Brown Bear! Love the books & the fabric.
2. Farmer's Market
3. I'm just a beginner so I am looking for how-to books or quick/easy patterns.


Nicole said...

1) What is your favorite item on our Coming Soon page?

I love the Urban Couture and Brown Bear...also the x marks the spot quilt SO CUTE!!

2) What is your favorite collection in our store right now ?

I love Farmer's you have the new line by Lila Tueller yet?? I love that too!

3) What kinds of fabrics and/or patterns would you like to see on our site in the future?

I love your fabric, so keep up the good work there, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE aprons and am always so excited to see a new one!

Regina said...

1. Love Love Love the Back In Time Quilt Kit

2. Really like Amelia, but cannot figure out where to use it in a house full of men.

3. Just keep on doing what you are doing - it is lovely! I do like to see patterns that can be easily adapted to a fabric line of your own choice - so more "generic" and less designer specific appeals to me.

Cory said...

My favorite coming soon is the Natures Chorus fat quarter bundle. The Pop Garden by Heather Bailey is my favorite collection. I'd like to continue to see the newest fabric lines as they are released, which you already do. Thank you. Cory

Karen C said...

What a great giveaway!!!

1 - Can't wait for the "Recipe for Friendship" fabrics, love those cherries.
2 - Favourite collection would have to be Woodland Bloom - contemplating purchasing some.
3 - Love to see patterns from some of the great Australian designers.

NanainCA said...

My favorite is the Pretty Paper Quilt Kit. The favorite in your store is the Ava Rose! Love it!! I love want you have already! I would love to see Michael Miller's 54" home dec fabric they are great! Also, heirloom Fabric's (lawn,babtista,linen,childrens good knits(for baby blankets and onies) with some heirloom pattern such as women's blouse's, little one's & some kids clothes. Like a side shop with the specialities in it.

*julie* said...

1 - Gypsy Rose!
2 - Cotton Blossoms
3 - pattern ideas for boy stuff

laura said...

1) Fig and Plum Jelly Roll
Fig Tree Quilts for Moda Fabrics

2) Farmer's Market by Sandi Henderson! Love her stuff.

3) Not sure. You really do have a ton of fun stuff. But I am always looking for non hunting/baby boy patterned fabric for my sons. Pirates, cowboys, sports pretty much anything other than plaid and standard boring blue.

Thanks :)

Becky said...

1. Love the look of American Primer by Minick & Simpson. Tradition Collection for a Cause also caught my eye.

2. Wildflower Serenade by Kansas Troubles looks awesome.

3. I'm looking for a good skirt pattern for someone with a small waist but big hips :) My friend is looking for a pattern to use jelly rolls and pancake from a line of fabric.


gmbsav said...

1. I love the Tea for Two quilt.
2. I really like the Cotton Blossoms collections.
3. I enjoy easy quilt patterns, including basic applique.

Debbie said...

#1--Blue Palace Quilt Kit
#2-Bountiful Blessings
#3- I would like to see more paper piecing patterns

peacemaker said...

I just love the Fat Quarter Shop. It makes it a little less painful as the local quilt shops here keep closing. I love Traditions and can't wait to use it. Also Portobello Mkt. is one of my favorites. I hope to see more primitive repro fabrics! Thanks again.

Collette said...

1. Brown bear, brown bear looks really fun.
2. I'm totally entranced with Recess by American Jane.
3. I'd like to see more "boy" fabrics. Specifically, I find it hard to get prints to use for my son that aren't flowery, too juvenile or just way too dark. Wow, aren't I a picky thing? ;-) I love things like the (surprise) prints in Recess.

peacemaker said...

Hi..I love the Fat Quarter Shop. You make it a lot less painful as my local shops keep closing here in Ohio. I love Tradtions right now and can't wait to make something with it. Also Portobello Mkt. is wonderful. I hope to see more primitive and repro collections in the future. Thanks again.

Ellsworth said...

MU Fig and Plum quilt kit is my favorite from the coming soon page. Love the Cotton Blossoms collection. Would like to see more of the Japanese tiny conversational prints. Best of all: your customer service!

Diane said...

1. X Marks the Spot Quilt Kit, because it is traditional, yet whimsical.
2. I love retro prints like the Recess line. The colors are cheerful.
3. I’d love to see more retro fabrics, if that trend continues in the industry.

Conni said...

Greetings from Missouri!
1. Nature's Chorus
2. Wildflower Serenade
3. I'd love to see more 30's and 40's reproduction fabrics in charm packs and jelly rolls

Roxanne said...

1. It's hard to choose only one...
Nature's Chorus is gorgeous!
But who wouldn't want to be
wrapped up in Gypsy Rose?

2. Charisma is the MOST!!!

3. Would love to see the annual
line from the National Museum
of the American Coverlet by
Windham! These fabrics only
come out once a year (so far)-
they have a wonderful "hand"
and can be used in patterns
which call for primitive,
reproduction, Americana or
folk art fabrics.
More importantly,if you carried
this line, I would neve have
shop anywhere else by the FQS!

Thank you for the giveaway!

Tink said...

American Beauty Quilt Kit for Coming Soon.

Bella Blue by Timeless Treasures for favorite collection. Love blue and white.

More unique bed-sized quilt kits. No more Thimbleberries.

Love the giveaway!!! Thanks.

DonnaP said...

1. American Primer - the colors would go great in my living room!
2. Right now - Christmas Punch by Thimbleberries! am such a Christmas geek!
3. In the future - more patterns - sometimes I like the material but not the pattern and vice versa.

anna said...

1) definitely the Love is in the air collection!!

2) Portugal - April Cornell for Moda Fabrics!

3) I'd love more sampler patterns... and some ready-to-sew small sets like the recent cupcake! Probably not all buyers are quilters, I am not, but love such ideas for a quick charming sewing project!!

Quilting Diva said...

Ack!!! Choose just one from the coming soon page????

Ahm...How about This Takes the Cake? No no wait...Shoeboxes quilt....this is not a fair questions...

Favorite collection: Pop Garden by Heather Bailey!

Want to see? Hm. Don't you already have everything? Maybe Mystery Pattern packs...they could be themed for a fabric line or a group of purses...


Kaye said...

1. Tea for Two quilt is my favorite. I have this on my pre-order list.
2. Fabulous Fall by Deb Strain is gorgeous. I only have the charms, but have this collection on my must-have list.
3. I would love to see some layer cake patterns. Love all the fabrics you have.

Will cross my fingers.........

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