Saturday, September 20, 2008

Debbie's Recipe Box: Cranberry Orange Scones

Can anyone tell us the proper way to say "scone"? I've always used a long "O" sound, as in "phone", but I've recently heard that the proper European pronunciation uses a short "o", like "upon". Any takers? Anyways, Cranberry Orange Scones are today's recipe!

Cranberry Orange Scones


Fran said...

Australia - it's scon(e) - as in upon!


julia said...

The receipt reads yummy - I think I'll try them.
As I'm not a native speaker, I sometimes search for the right pronunciation...there are several websites which are VERY helpful - for example this one:
{I always thought scone had a long O, too ;o)}
Cheers, Julia

kceez said...

It varies,
I'm an Aussie and say scon(e) like upon, my English DH pronounces it the same. Most of my Aussie and UK friends say the same. However, I have other English friends who say scone (as in phone) who come from the north of England.
The Oxford dictionary, the bible of correct pronunciation, says both are correct.