Monday, September 22, 2008

Pam's Got It In The Bag

Harvest Home by Blackbird Designs flaunts the best of Victorian beauty in its refined and elegant prints and palette. But what happens when you flip that palette and highlight the pretty tans and creams over the dusky blues and purples? It pulls you to different era altogether, and that's exactly what's happened in PamKittyMorning's (raise your hand if you don't know Pam? no hands? okay!) tote bag design for Late Bloomer Quilts. Introducing A Country Girl Bag Kit, very cute and utilitarian! Today PamKittyMorning tells us about her design inspirations and what's to come!

Hi there everyone,

I'm Pam Vieira-McGinnis, but you might know me better as PamKittyMorning! I'm very excited to be guest blogging on The Jolly Jabber today. You know two years ago when I started my blog I never thought anyone would actually read it. I mostly just ramble on about my sewing projects, my daughter Frankie, my two crazy dogs Peep and Rocket and other often ridiculous topics that I stumble upon in daily life.

I've been awfully lucky the past few years. My good friend Elizabeth Scott of Late Bloomer Quilts asked if I'd go to Quilt market with her and would I like to design some bags and totes for her? WOULD I??? Since then we've met a lot of Quilting Celebrities, and many of them have guest blogged on Jolly Jabber. It really is a dream come true.

So speaking of a dream come true, why am I here today? It's because The Fat Quarter Shop has kitted up one of my Late Bloomer Quilts tote bag designs and they're calling it A Country Girl Bag Kit! The kit features the newly released Moda Harvest Home fabrics and it's completely cute! I hope you'll have fun making it. It's the perfect charm pack project. The prairie points and quilt-as-you-go pocket give a simple bag some extra charm. And it's big for all those things we're all hauling around, especially during the fall season of sports games and school events.

What's in the works for this upcoming quilt market? Elizabeth and I are collaborating on a new bag we're calling The Artful Bag. We've combined our love of fabric and our obsession with embellishments together in a bag that will show off your arty side. Of course it also gives you a reason to go out and buy more trims and fun little bits and bobs to use! We also have a cute apron pattern coming which will include options for some pretty appliqué. The pattern is based on an apron my daughter Frankie collected as a little girl on one of our many trips to antique stores. Just for fun, there's the Bubble Bag, a cute purse with a puffy little shape I hope you all really like. And because we're really all about quilting there's a cute little quilt in two sizes to round out my little collection!

So happy Jolly Jabber readers, that's the PamKittyMorning news! Thanks to the folks at Fat Quarter Shop for featuring my tote bag and inviting me to blog it up! For more ridiculous antics hop on over to PamKittyMorning and say hi!

Pam Vieira-McGinnis, a.k.a. PamKittyMorning
Designing for Late Bloomer Quilts


Jackie said...

Yay Pam! Congrats on the bag and the guest blogging appearance. I can't wait to see all the other goodies you have in store!

Perry said...

I like this bag, and am looking forward to your new patterns; they sound wonderful!

Living on the Spit said...

I love the bag Pam. You always do such beautiful things!

Candace said...

Pam, you're no longer the celebrity stunt quilter - you're the Celebrity! Congratulations! The first blog I ever read was yours last winter. First thing every morning now is to check and see what Pam is up to! Congratulations on your new patterns, I can't wait to see what's next from you! And thanks to you I have even begun my own blog! Cheers!

Happy Zombie said...

I so agree with Candace... you're so not the celebrity stunt sewer... you ARE the celeb. And look at me... rubbing shoulders with you (literally).

Love the article, love you, love all your create, and love that you're Kim's guest blogger. Way too cool!

quilterpolly said...

I love the bag pam how fun to see you at the jolly jabber:)

mamabug said...

Pam, Ditto on Candace's comment, yours is the first blog I ever read (recommended by a good friend) and I love everything you have to write about. Your new bag is terrific!!! And more to come??? WOW,we can hardly wait :) Kathie

Mary Anne Drury said...

Yay You!!! How exciting!!! Congratulations Pam!!

gina said...

Yup, you are on the next level.

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

What fun things to be involved in. Congrats on your projects. I don't know anyone who doesn't read your blog. You entertain and inspire us.