In Black and White by Faye Burgos

Fat Quarter Shop now has In Black and White by Faye Burgos for Marcus Fabrics! It's an interesting little black and white collection (you probably figured that out by now!) that is fun and sophisticated, striking and easy to blend. The prints in this 10-piece collection include dots, stripes, florals, a cool flowing paisley, and interestingly modern blocks.

Besides the beautiful contrast, the COOLEST focus of the collection is this little print right here--
Now why is that? Because in a half-yard, it looks like THIS!In Black and White is the first of Marcus Fabric's STRIP-IT collections. Each of these strips is 2.5" wide and can be used for a variety of effects. Try these technique ideas from Marcus Fabrics!

On the half-yard above, you get 16 whole strips. Just cut it apart and get creative! If you have any brainstorms while reading this, please comment and let everyone know! I for one would not mind WEARING these prints!

Here's another idea from the Marcus Fabrics Blog: It’s perfect for an eye-catching pillow or quilt block. Just cut four identical 45-degree triangles and join them as shown to create a stylized pinwheel effect, depending on where you cut the fabric. Try working from photocopies of the fabric, or a 90-degree angle mirrors, to test the effects before cutting the actual fabric. Then border it with your favorite coordinating print.

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