The What-Do-You-Want-Out-Of-Houston? Contest

We are counting down the days with excitement and eagerness! Today included, 9. To what, you ask? Have you not been reading all the blogs? ;)

Next Friday, we're heading out to Houston, TX, for the Fall International Quilt Market 2008. An intense weekend of meetings, discoveries, planning, blogging, and oh yeah FABRIC OVERLOAD! Like I said, excitement, eagerness, and maaaybe just a touch of apprehension! Any Market-goer who has ever gone will tell you there is just so much that you want, but of course the entire Market can't fit in your store, so many tough decisions lie in wait.

Of course, we're doing our best to gear up and prepare. In the everlasting words of G. I. Joe, "Knowing is half the battle!"

So we want to know, what are you looking forward to in Houston? Share anything you know about next week's Market here on the Jolly Jabber by posting a comment.

What Market debut collections are you looking forward to seeing in shops?
Which pattern designer's booth do you want to raid for the newest and greatest?
Most importantly, what would you like to see Fat Quarter Shop carry?
And etcetera etcetera! (King and I, anyone?)

So spill everything you know about Fall Market 08...and who knows, two people may be chosen at random for a Moda Fat Quarter Bundle from the first night's Sample Spree!
Ok, two people will certainly win a Moda Fat Quarter Bundle from the first night's Sample Spree :) We'll announce the winner that night--but keep reading, because we'll keep reporting and keep offering prizes all through the Market Madness!