Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween from Emma!

The youngest Fat Quarter Shopper wishes you all a safe, fun, and reasonable scary holiday!
She especially wishes to extend a special message of gratitude to Mette Brown, who made her exquisite costume! It comes complete with a special heart-shaped dog tag with "EMMA" inscribed!! How sweet :)


Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Mystery Booth Winners

It's finally time to wrap up our Fall Market 2008 series! It was wonderful to see all of our friends as always, and we're also anxious to show you everything that's on the way to Fat Quarter Shop.

And now, a drum roll for the winner of the Mystery Booth contest...

Lucky number 72, Barbara!

Barbara said...

This is hard but.....
1. Fig Tree
2. Thimbleberries
3. ?
4. Me & My Sister
5. Sandy Gervais
6. Kansas Troubles
7. Bunny Hill
I hope that I got at least one of these right.......

And now you are dying to know the right answers, I'm sure :) I was dying to show you all these photos!!

#1 was a toughie...Lecien!
They've got some cute new cuts called Sushi Rolls!

#2 was Debbie Beaves of The Violet Patch, in the RJR block. This quilt is from her Charlotte collection.

#3 was Darlene Zimmerman of the Clothesline Club for Robert Kaufman. If you look closely there on the table, you can see one of her project sheets for 2009!

#4 was Me and My Sister Designs for Moda. Bright happy colors as usual! Their booth features their new upcoming line, Oh-Cherry-Oh.

#5 was Pieces from My Heart for Moda. Well, half of it, really. This half shows her Objects of Desire collection. She set it up like a shoe store, so cute and original! The other half showcases her newest Americana line, Zippity Doo Dah.

#6 was Kansas Troubles Quilters, also for Moda. Wildflower Serenade II is the follow-up to Wildflower Serenade, equally rich and colorful. We've got a Mystery Club in the works for this, debuting maybe....this Friday perhaps ;P. (Hint hint, are you signed up for our newsletter?)

Finally, #7 was Anne Sutton's Bunny Hill Designs booth. Check out that beautiful Autumn Houses quilt!

Congrats to our winner, and stay tuned for more contests and interviews!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Fall Market, Day 3: Photo Mania and CELEBS!

Okay folks -- more photos for your viewing pleasure!
Laurie Simpson and Polly Minick at their booth, and behind them is a quilt inspired by a grandfather's farm. Check out their blogs from Market too!
Barb and Alma at the Blackbird Designs booth. They got the award for best booth, and deservedly so! Congrats!
Finally got to meet Sandi Henderson at the Michael Miller block after so so so many e-mails. She is so sweet! And we love everything that comes out of her studio.
So ready for Patty Young's Andalucia. Watch for it really soon at Fat Quarter Shop! the heavenly atmosphere at Robyn Pandolph's lovely booth. Also excited for Sumptuous Living to be released!
Amy Butler's booth -- always full of adoring fans!
Love the funky hues at Anna Maria Horner's booth!
Tina Given's area, across the way from Amy Butler. Beautiful and clean.
Kimberly and Joanna at the Fig Tree & Co booth. This lady is talented and hiLARious.
Verna Mosquera next to her beautiful Savon Bouquet quilt, with those romantic hues...
This is so cute. Holly showed us her cute little puppy toy at the LakeHouse Dry Goods booth. It walks, barks, sits, and vaccums. Just kidding about that last one.

Oh and I did I mention --We saw this lady? For reals. Marie Osmond in the flesh!
We also got to meet Jay McCarroll, first winner of Project Runway! He's so nice and friendly.

Click on any of these photos to see the whole gallery. And keep guessing on our Mystery Booth contest!! We'll announce the winner on Wednesday!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Fall Market, Day 2: Appointments Galore

Today the Fat Quarter Shop crew traversed the convention center for a packed day of appointments. It was exhausting and difficult, but also exciting and fun, of course, to see all this fabric for the season ahead!

We've got two more days of this to go, so we'll stay mum on that subject for now, but we can say that we saw the beginnings of some fresh trends. Fairies and owls are definitely the hot thing for this Market -- an eclectic set, yes, but I guess they both have wings?? Just FYI, we're being super selective on these trends, LOL!

We also got to see some wonderful booths and, even better, some old friends! Of course, we can't post any pictures of those Mystery booths until the contest is over ;P. Darn, cuz those booths are wonderful! Click on any of these photos to see all of them so far!

The darling Brenda Riddle of Acorn Quilt & Gift Company with one of our favorite quilts at Market

Deb Strain & her mother at the Saltbox Illustration booth. She is so super :)

Michelle of Pink Sand Beach Designs. Not only is this their first Market, but we got to be her first customers :D Hurrah! This is where we found that excellent pattern for our super popular Strawberry Parasol bag, FYI.

More celebrity faces...look familiar? Both past guest-bloggers, Elizabeth Scott and PamKittyMorning!

Lori, Kimberly, and Cheryl. We're so excited about what we see here!

Gudrun and Kimberly at the G.E. Designs booth!

My goodness, there's so much more, like Sandi Hendersen, Minick & Simpson (they're posting every night too!) -- but it'll have to wait for tomorrow night! Come back for more photo goodies!

And please keep guessing on our Mystery Booth contest! It's tough, I know (it's not fun when it's a no-brainer) but you don't have to have everything correct to win :) We're not cruel like that -- just guess and you're entered to win a fantastic pack of patterns!

Good night!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Fall Market, Day 1: Giveaway Winners!

We made it, we're here, and it was a good first evening! Gosh, way too much ground to cover tonight!

First things first, we'll wrap up that little bundle giveaway we had going on. Now, we picked up two beautiful never-before-seen Aviary, by 3 Sisters for Moda, bundles from Sample Spree for these two lucky winners!

Mary said...

Count me in. (Moda, Free Spirit, you name it.) And if you DO discover the identities of those elusive Three Sisters, I want to be the first to know.

Zaina said...

Always love Free Spirit and Moda... Particularly curious to hear of anything new out of Tula Pink, Heather Ross, Denyse Schmidt, and Anna Maria Horner... In fact, I'm very curious about a pattern rumor regarding Anna Maria!

Lucky lucky gals, check out your prize and please e-mail Jocelyn (a) to claim it! Or if you know these ladies, please break the happy news to them :)

In OTHER news, check out these lovely treasures we found in the RJR section!

They're the Thimbleberries Club 2009 Quilts, called 3's Company and designed by Lynette Jensen. Respectively, these are the Traditional, Light, and Bright colorways. You can sign-up for the club with Fat Quarter Shop right now!

Alriiiiiight! The fun is NOT over. We took a few photos of booths, but instead of inundating you all at once with these, we're gonna do another contest with another prize!

Here are 7 samplings of several booths. Comment with your guesses as to which designer/company these booths belong to, and automatically be entered to win a prize pack of patterns and more!

Have fun and start guessing! The winner, selected at random, will be announced next Wednesday! Also, go here to see more pics of Sample Spree, and talk to you tomorrow!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Baby Love Giveaway Winners!

Hello! We are happy to announce the winners of yesterday's Baby Love book giveaway!
Here are the lucky three!

RobinE said...

This looks like such a fun book! I love that it offers projects for both boys and girls too. That "Little Man" quilt is wonderful!

Annelies Dease said...

oh I would LOVE to win. Not a grandma yet, but still making those baby quilts. You know what they say...."Make them and they will come". XXX Annelies

Kim said...

I have so MANY friends having their first baby and have been looking for great ideas as gifts! This would be perfect! Please enter me into your drawing! Thanks! Kimberly

If you see your name up here, please comment with your e-mail address so I can get your copy of Baby Love by Allison Jane Smith out to you!

Thanks for playing, and remember that we have another HUGE giveaway wrapping up tomorrow night, the first night of the International Quilt Market, Fall 2008! The prize is a Fat Quarter Bundle from Sample Spree! And we'll be posting live from Market every night, with plenty of fun pictures for all of you.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Baby Love by Allison Jane Smith

Allison Jane Smith, designer of collections like the ever so popular Charm Bracelet, has a new book that has us thinking about all the little shorties in our lives! It's called Baby Love, and it's chock full of projects for your Sweet Pea. And, all these cute projects are accompanied by some beautiful photography! With baby sewing and quilting projects for boy and girl, it's the perfect gift for any Mom (or Grandma)-to-be! BONUS: leave a comment and automatically be entered to win a free copy for yourself! We will choose two winners at random tomorrow (Thursday) afternoon. Good luck!


I am so excited to be back on the Jolly Jabber! Today I am here to tell you a little about my new book, Baby Love. I believe that making a quilt for a new baby is one of the most special ways to express love. Baby quilts are an amazing way of creating an heirloom that can be cherished forever.

This book contains 16 fun projects, ranging from simple baby gear sewing projects to beautiful baby quilts. My patterns are always designed simple enough that a quilting beginner can easily accomplish them. I would love to share three of the patterns from Baby Love:

This is the Butterfly Onesie pattern. It teaches you to sew butterfly wings onto a onesie in order to create an adorable, custom look.

This is the Little Man quilt pattern. It is so hard to find cute baby boy patterns, so I made sure to include some in my book. This one is designed around the dreams we have for our little boys.

This sweet quilt is called Sugar Coated. It features scallops, stripes, and ribbons. I used my Charm Bracelet fabric collection for this quilt. I love how the green and blue fabrics give this pink and brown quilt some depth of color.

I started quilting when I was pregnant with my daughter, Belle. It was an amazing way to prepare for her arrival. I hope that Baby Love can inspire you to create something special for a baby you love!

Come visit me on my blog for more ideas! I will be featuring other baby projects on there!

Allison Jane Smith
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