Oh-Cherry-Oh by Me & My Sister Designs

Show of hands--who's ready for spring?? Without a doubt, this new line by Me & My Sister Designs, Oh-Cherry-Oh!, will give you the dose of color you've been missing that will last you through the year. That's probably why the name has an exclamation mark ;) Fat Quarter Shop has all the cuts, bundles, and mini-bundles, and kits to boot, including one named Emma... Our beloved Barb & Mary are back with us today to talk about their new collection and patterns!

Hi Everyone!

We are so excited to be “Jabbering” again!

Our newest collection of cherry infused prints reflects our bright and whimsical style and may make you crave something good to eat that's full of cherries!

The inspiration for this group started with a shopping trip. You know, one of those where you are not looking for anything in particular, and something wonderful just shows up! Well, we found a wonderful red and turquoise apron. It sounds like an unlikely color combination but it had possibilities.

We immediately started to brighten up the color scheme and decided to add some additional colors along with cherries. A few cherries turned into a lot of cherries, and before we knew what happened, most of the prints in this group were covered in cherries! (Oops :)!)

All our fabrics groups have a panel, and there is always a free project using that panel on our website. This time the panel contains individual cherry inspired handkerchiefs!
The free panel project will give you step-by-step instructions on how to make our simple and very cute Cherry Tablecloth.

The patterns that we have designed to accompany this group all have Moda precuts in mind, including the newest Turnovers and Honeybuns.

In fact our Cherry Turnover pattern is so easy to sew using Turnovers and Charm Packs--that you can just sit and start sewing! You will not need your rotary cutter until you trim your blocks!

Simply Sweet uses a Honeybun and a Jellyroll, Center Of Attention uses a Layer Cake and a Honeybun, and Spin Cycle uses a Honeybun!

We had a bunch of fun designing all these sweet prints with cherries in mind!

Hope you like cherries!

Barb and Mary
Me and My Sister Designs