Monday, January 26, 2009

Teatime with Holly Holderman

Holly Holderman has brought the antiqued feel of tea-staining back into our store with her newest line, Teatime Floral for LakeHouse Dry Goods! In cream, rose, and misty blue, it is muted, sophisticated, and fanciful with swirling florals, elegant butterflies, and traditional dots, stripes and checks that go with anything. Holly writes on how Teatime came to be, and if you are a LakeHouse enthusiast, we also have the kit for her cute girlish quilt design, Rosy Checks, in the April issue of McCall's Quilting! Also also, Holly has a generous giveaway! Details below :)

My new Teatime Floral collection of fabrics that is just out was inspired by my love of old fabrics, and tea-stained textiles in particular...

I’m just crazy for the warmth that tea staining gives fabrics and quilts. And practically speaking, they are perfect for homes with kids and animals who have free run of the furniture. Paton and I share our homes with three cats and two dogs, so I love it when my furniture and quilts stay fresh looking with very little care.

After collecting hundreds of tea stained fabrics (both old and new) from shops and flea markets in Paris and London, I realized that while I loved the nostalgic feeling that they gave me, they were for the most part just too dark for my own personal tastes and needs. My tiny New York City apartment would look even smaller if the furniture and accessories were dark, and Paton's mostly wood paneled lake house is already too dark for my tastes and needed to be lightened up. So last year, after the success of the La Belle Rose collection in 2007, I set off on a mission to create my own version of a traditional tea stain collection of fabrics.

At the local hardware store, I bought an extra large enameled lobster pot, rubber gloves and some long handled plastic spoons. First I tried dying with several types of teas (most of them gave off funny colors), then I used a bunch of different liquid Rit dyes, which I mixed in a teaspoon full at a time (it’s strong stuff). After weeks of making potions in the basement, and then drying and ironing my new “over-dipped” samples, I realized that my new swatches coordinated beautifully with one of our best selling fabrics "3035 Champagne Frosted Dots". It was the perfect background for my new Teatime color palette. All of the other colors in the collection followed suit, as I had my factory modify my favorite colors (called “marrying the colors”) by adding a tea-like tint to all of my colors.

Hope that you too will love the results as much as I do, as it was a labor of love for me. Unfortunately I have found that most of the pictures that I have taken of the new Teatime fabrics haven’t done them any justice...the colors are a little more subtle than usual...and my camera and scanner keep doing odd things to the colors.

I have uploaded some larger pictures up to the new Teatime Floral Projects page of our site, to show you how they look together. You can get to them via the LakeHouse website, by clicking on the word Projects on our homepage, or by clicking the "H" on my blog’s sidebar. You will also be able to see the same Teatime Floral project page with free pattern fronts for all of our new projects, and 5 new free quilt patterns we’ve recently added.

We’ll be adding new things to the Teatime Floral collection for spring market, and I’ll be blogging about the new additions just as soon as soon as they look good.

Meantime, I hope you’ll come by and see us at HOLLYBLOG soon. Every tenth commenter will receive a free Teatime Floral fabric gift. We’ll have up to ten gifts to give away. Just make sure that your post is linked to your email address so that we can contact you for your mailing information.

More soon,

Holly Holderman
LakeHouse Dry Goods


Becky said...

Love the colors in your new fabric line. Anxious to see it in my local quilt shop to examine the "tea dying" feel of this line. Thanks for giving us some insight into how this fabric came to be.

karenfae said...

beautiful fabrics - I love tea dye is softens the color or something where I like it better.

Jo said...

These new fabrics are delightful. I will be watching for them in my local quilt shop. Thanks so much!!!

Mercedes said...

This collection have all I love, those prints are so beautiful that I would love to have one of each color. Those fabrics inspire great quilts , with a touch very similar to my style.

Dawn said...

Beautiful fabrics!!

scarlett said...

I love the tea dyed fabrics. Using them makes my quilts look so very oldfashioned. Can't wait to see them in person!!

Amanda said...

I also love the new fabrics. Of course I have always been a huge fan of your other fabric lines, and this one will be no different, I'm sure!

Quiltsmiles said...

Wow! I absolutely love your tea time fabrics! Have been toying with the idea of making a "throw quilt" for my Mom. Her bedroom has periwinkle and blue colors and I think yuor collection would fit beautifully. Make a strippy version and in the rose florals and printing out pictures of her 7 children and placing them in the rose centers as a vine appliqued on the strips of garden fabrics. I would be thrilled to win your giveaway. Keep up your is appreciated! ;~)

Ky said...

I heart these fabrics!!!

Carol said...

I would love to be the 10th commenter and win! I love everything Lakehouse fabrics! Seeing the pictures from your posts was so wonderful. Thanks!

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