Oodles of bundles Giveaway Winner

The Oodles of bundles Giveaway is now closed!!

I counted up the votes, and minus the duplicate entries and such....

Objects of Desire was the grand winner here with 105 votes!
Aviary came in second with 84 votes, and the rest trailed in...
Beach House with a very close 70,
Berry Delicious with 40,
and Northern Solitude with 31.
And a whopping 7 of you asked us to decide for you, LOL!

One thing everyone shares, at least, is that they are so ready for Spring!

Thanks for participating! And our winner iiiiiiiiiiiiiissssss.....

Auntie Pami

"I would love to win Aviary. I have a double wedding ring to make...and 3 Sisters is one of my favs! Thanks ahead of time!"

Please e-mail Jocelyn for your prize!

Have a lovely weekend!