Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sewline Fabric Pencil Winners

Thanks for all the comments in the previous post about the new Sewline notions we're carrying! If you haven't visited our Quilting and Sewing Notions section yet, you can find it on our left link bar, the last item under "Projects and Patterns". We now have yo-yo makers, Sewline marking pencils & glue, pins, rulers, rotary cutters, seam rippers, embroidery scissors, fabric flags, and templates! But please let us know -- what else would you like to see in our store? Your feedback is hugely important!

Now on to the winners of a Sewline fabric pencil --

1) Quilt Hollow said...
I'm skeptical about fabric pencils and have never ever been happy with them. I'd love to give this one a try and perhaps become a believer.

I hope this pencil does the trick for you!

2) Dandelion Quilts said...
I am going to have to try a pencil.

Please let us know how you like it!

3) Lilly said...
A new sewing tool
I'm starting to drool
I do hope I win it
I'd be nuts if I didn't
Those pencils are totally cool.

Nice rhyme!

Please e-mail Jocelyn with your name, shipping info, and Sewline fabric pencil color choice (black, green, white, yellow, or pink). And maybe you can post a review of your own when you get it!


Amanda said...

Congratulations to the winners!

Quilt Hollow said...

Thank you....I'll give it a review!

Lilly said...

I won and I am so excited. Apparently I am so excited that my mind is not working properly. I cannot find a link to e-mail my mailing address. Help!!!!!!!!

Vicky said...

Congrats to everyone! Please give us reviews!!

Sheri Howard said...

You need to get a retractable seam ripper. I found one at on

However, I know you can get them for less money...these are THE ABSOLUTE BEST because they retract! Check it out, your readers would LOVE them! I LOVE mine. (I bought 13 at Christmas!)