The Jolly Jabber Block Lottery Winners

It's been a very exciting week, no doubt. Mom and babies are resting well. But I've gotta breakaway for the moment to relieve some patient and eager block-makers. Announcing the winners of our Jolly Jabber Block Lottery!Altogether we wound up with 34 blocks, so we grouped them as best as we could and randomly drew 3 block winners. Jedde, Merumo, and Calee -- congrats, you've got some awesome blocks headed to you! Just to clarify, you won't be getting your own blocks back.

We've also got 3 randomly drawn $50 Gift Certificate winners: Barbara Lee from Australia, Megumi, and Mette!

E-mail me at jocelyn (at) fatquartershop (dot) com so I can confirm your addresses! Thanks to all you ladies who entered blocks, and thanks to Debbie for the great idea!