Monday, October 12, 2009

Fall Market 09: Out of the Woods....

...but man, do we have some work to do! Very tired, so (hopefully) we're all resting up tonight at home so we can go full speed bright and early (HOPEFULLY) tomorrow :)

Thanks so sticking with is just a PEEP of what we saw on the photos to go the photo gallery! We're still adding. And thanks for all the tweets and retweets! We love reading them.

Got to meet fellow tweep (Twitter peep) aka Stitch Studios' Cyndi her designs!

Caught Mary with her netbook on last night's Jolly Jabber post, totally busted LOL!

Saw the Art Journal (by Bari J), Flutter, and Simply Baby display at Windham. They all felt pretty dreamy!

Spent some time at the Michael Miller booth, which won a booth award! Yay for trailers, toadstools and gnomes!

Admired Paula Prass' many Woodland Delight goodies...check the gallery (click on any photo to get there) for more booth pics!

Met Pillow & Maxfield....they are SO about beautiful embellishments!

Other winners were Minick & Simpson for single booth...PS they're having a giveaway over there too!

Whimsicals got 2nd prize for single booth...

Izzy & Ivy got 1st for Best New Exhibitor!

Also ordered some more Lecien & Benartex holiday lines. Excellent!

And so impressed with Pat Bravo's creations at Art Gallery! She and her husband Walter were a pleasure to chat with. Many more Art Gallery booth photos in our Flickr gallery.

Another wonderful Market...counting down the days until the next one in Minneapolis!


Sherri said...

So loved all your tweets and posts! Thanks once again!

Bec said...

Looooovvvee all the pictures. And loved the tweets. At least I had something wonderful to look at while I was meant to be working hee hee. :)

Simone de Klerk said...

Thank you so much for sharing this with us and giving us the feeling how you must feel!

Carrie P. said...

Thanks for sharing all the photos from market. Always looks like a fun time.

Princess Martha said...

Wow, what I would do to get there!