Winners & Pumpkins

Hello! Today is a wish fulfillment day. We get to announce the winners of the Anka's Treasures "On the Run" book today! Here are the 10 lucky on the name if you think it might be you, and if it is, e-mail jocelyn (at) fatquartershop (dot) com for your copy!

1) Jen in Massuchusetts
2) Linda L. in Texas
3) Sara in Alabama
4) Mikaiya in Virginia
5) Jenny in Indiana
6) Hope in Canberra
7) RustyBird
8) Teresa C. in New Hampshire
9) Adventures with CAB
10) Call Me Crazy

And we've gotten requests for new Jolly photos...

Autumn is totally Emma's season.

And after a zillion squirmy photos...

...finally got one with (almost) everyone looking at the camera!
So Happy Halloween from Emma, Kevin, Kimberly, Will & Peyton!

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