From Santa...

** edit: We've got a few questions about the quilt in the photo! It's a new kit with Martinique fabric you can look forward to on the Coming Soon page... :) **

I saw someone use this quote in her comment, and I made a mental note to use it.

"I'm in love...I'm in love and I dont care who knows it!"

Santa came by for a spell and gave us a little message for all of his faithful writers (you). His handwriting was a little wonky (I'm sure his hand is cramped from writing the names of all those people all around the world) but I was able to transcribe it.

Dearest Fans,

Mrs. Claus and I were so thrilled to see so many of you blogging your letters! I'm an old-fashioned fellow, so I'm glad my little online Jolly Jabber elves helped me sort through all of your blogs and comments! Ho ho ho, it brought me so much laughter and cheer to hear from you, especially those I hadn't heard from in quite a while! I knew you hadn't stopped believing!

Here are the lucky gals who will be getting their biggest Christmas wish from Fat Quarter Shop. If I list your name, you'd better e-mail Jocelyn right away to make sure I'll be shimmying down the right chimney with your gift! Wouldn't that be embarrassing...the missus wouldn't ever let me forget.

  1. Sarah D wants a Sweet Girly Girl Quilt Kit!
  2. Beth wants a Wiscasset Fat Quarter Bundle!
  3. Jewel wants a L'Amour Fat Quarter Bundle!
  4. Tammy James wants a Cool Nicey Jane Fat Quarter Bundle!
  5. Sarah wants a Frosted Windowpanes Quilt Kit!
  6. Sandy H. wants a Nature's Notebook Layer Cake!
  7. Stacey wants a Brown Bear Quilt Kit & backing set!
  8. Kim wants a Frosted Windowpanes Quilt Kit too!
  9. Sandy wants a Truffle Leanika Fat Quarter Bundle!
  10. Pokey wants an Orchard Whimsyland Fat Quarter Bundle!
  11. Melanie wants a Dancing Horses Fat Quarter Bundle!
  12. Pat wants a Gobble Gobble Jelly Roll!
  13. Candace Hudgens wants a Folklore Fat Quarter Bundle!
  14. Camille wants a Madeline Wall Hanging Quilt Kit!
  15. Alicia wants an Eva Layer Cake and a Fig Tree Fresh Vintage issue!
  16. Crystal Hendrix wants an Aster Manor Jelly Roll & Layer Cake!
  17. Scottylover wants a Camping Under the Stars Quilt Kit!
  18. Donna Goodman wants a Shirtings 1875-1900 Fat Quarter Bundle!
  19. Marianne wants an Olivia's Holiday Fat Quarter Bundle!
  20. Miss Tiffany Renee wants a Simple Abundance Jelly Roll!

    OK, folks, that's it!

    Well...ok, two more...

  21. Call Me Crazy wants a My Paris Traveler's Bag Kit!
  22. Pookie & Schnookie want a Golden Gate California Dreamin' Fat Quarter Bundle!
Thanks for believin' in me,
Santa Claus (the real one)

P.S. The Fat Quarter Shop elves are working away in their workshop, but they asked me to throw in a "Meeeerry Christmas!" for them.

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