Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Gnomes ... traveling through time

Kathy has something super fun to share...
As we approach the last few days of 2009, she's shown us something timeless. (I wanted to tie in New Year's with this post; how'd I do? LOL)

Gnomes. Yes, gnomes.

Michael Miller was all about gnomes at this year's Fall Market.

Anyway, when Kathy saw the gnome fabric we'd bought, like these panels...

And these prints...

She brought this in to show us :) A pair of overalls (or coveralls, pick your poison) she embroidered with gnomes just over 30 years ago (happy belated, Justin!) for her eldest son. The name "Justin" (see bottom left photo) has since been removed so her other kids wouldn't be called that, but those gnomes have lasted.

Yep, before Travelocity's gnome...

And yea, before Amelie's gnome...

There was Kathy's gnomes!

OK, history lesson over. Cuteness shared. Thanks for tuning in, have a safe and happy New Year, and see you in 2010!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Darlene Zimmerman's Three Bears Collection Winner

Hope everyone had a great Christmas!

A big thank you goes out to all the Jolly Jabber readers who responded to Darlene Zimmerman's request for feedback about her Clothesline Club. Without further ado the winner of the Three Bears Fat Quarter Bundle and Charm Pack, generously donated by Robert Kaufman, is ...

E-mail jocelyn (at) fatquartershop (dot) com to claim your prize!

Introducing L+J

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas weekend! With the New Year coming up (2010? Don't they use that year in some old sci-fi flicks?) we have a new pair to introduce! Meet L+J, who, along with Kate Spain, joined Moda this year at Fall Market as the newest additions to their designer ensemble. Lauren and Jessi Jung are a mother & daughter team who use their different expertise to bring their modern aesthetics to fabric. Visit their website for free patterns & blog to say hi! Their first line for Moda, called Botany, will be out in March. Check out the Idea Center page on their site to see what they've dreamed up already ... I'm quite in love with that dress. Can't wait for March!!

We're a mother-daughter team. Lauren is originally from Spartanburg, SC. She graduated from Furman University with a degree in Fine Arts. While in college, she spent a semester in Cortona, Italy, concentrating on oil painting and photography. She did her graduate work at The Portfolio Center in Atlanta, GA, and received a degree in Graphic Design. She's currently employed with G2 Interactive in Philadelphia as a web designer.

I (Jessi) am a graduate of Clemson University with a Masters degree in Deaf Education. I taught myself to sew because I wanted to make smocked dresses for my two daughters, Lauren and Carrie.

My friend introduced me to quilt making in 2000. We went on to form a business where we developed a quilt planner, and we also developed and sold quilt patterns. Lauren had just graduated from the Portfolio Center and was looking for employment in her field with no luck. It was from this mixture of boredom and depression that led to the actual idea of fabric design. And it wasn't too difficult for her to convince me to jump on board with this idea. We worked over Christmas vacation, as well as over the phone for months before Lauren began putting together an elaborate presentation to send to Moda. In a few days, we heard from Moda's design director Cheryl Freydberg – which was some feat, because we neglected to add a letter of introduction and explanation of their package. But Cheryl tracked us down through the shipping label!

Botany originated with a central theme of Luna Moths. But as with any project, it evolved into other things, like wildlife vines and flowers. We zeroed in on our colors almost before anything else. Botany works well in quilts as well as a variety of other applications. Before Market, I asked my friends to help me make samples using the Botany fabrics. They came back with vibrant purses, aprons, children's dresses, wallets, book covers, pj pants, baby pads, pillows, and appliqués!

Our brains work in totally different ways. I use a sketchbook and Lauren uses a laptop. Lauren begins every project with a mood board for inspiration and brainstorming. It's important to work together initially. An idea from one of us launches a thought from the other person, which sparks a vision from the other, and so on. We iron out our color preferences while we are together, but we also evolve during the process. It's hard to design long distance, but we make it work by talking on the phone in front of our computer screens, scanning and sending options back and forth.

When the designs are complete, we have separate duties. I work on quilt patterns that will best showcase the prints and all of the sewing. Lauren illustrates the patterns, photographs, does much of the promotional work, and of course, designed and set up our website ( If you check out our Pattern Section, there will eventually be 6 free patterns available for download. Currently we have 5 of the 6 up, and the last will be up before the line hits the stores in March.

Our second line is officially finished and we can't wait for the strike-offs to arrive! And now that the mad rush to finish this next line is over, I'm busy making wedding plans for Carrie, who will be married June 5th. Lauren has started a new job at a software interface company in Princeton, NJ, along with some freelance work (websites and wedding invitations).

Lauren & Jessi Jung
L + J Website
L + J Blog

Monday, December 21, 2009

From Santa...

** edit: We've got a few questions about the quilt in the photo! It's a new kit with Martinique fabric you can look forward to on the Coming Soon page... :) **

I saw someone use this quote in her comment, and I made a mental note to use it.

"I'm in love...I'm in love and I dont care who knows it!"

Santa came by for a spell and gave us a little message for all of his faithful writers (you). His handwriting was a little wonky (I'm sure his hand is cramped from writing the names of all those people all around the world) but I was able to transcribe it.

Dearest Fans,

Mrs. Claus and I were so thrilled to see so many of you blogging your letters! I'm an old-fashioned fellow, so I'm glad my little online Jolly Jabber elves helped me sort through all of your blogs and comments! Ho ho ho, it brought me so much laughter and cheer to hear from you, especially those I hadn't heard from in quite a while! I knew you hadn't stopped believing!

Here are the lucky gals who will be getting their biggest Christmas wish from Fat Quarter Shop. If I list your name, you'd better e-mail Jocelyn right away to make sure I'll be shimmying down the right chimney with your gift! Wouldn't that be embarrassing...the missus wouldn't ever let me forget.

  1. Sarah D wants a Sweet Girly Girl Quilt Kit!
  2. Beth wants a Wiscasset Fat Quarter Bundle!
  3. Jewel wants a L'Amour Fat Quarter Bundle!
  4. Tammy James wants a Cool Nicey Jane Fat Quarter Bundle!
  5. Sarah wants a Frosted Windowpanes Quilt Kit!
  6. Sandy H. wants a Nature's Notebook Layer Cake!
  7. Stacey wants a Brown Bear Quilt Kit & backing set!
  8. Kim wants a Frosted Windowpanes Quilt Kit too!
  9. Sandy wants a Truffle Leanika Fat Quarter Bundle!
  10. Pokey wants an Orchard Whimsyland Fat Quarter Bundle!
  11. Melanie wants a Dancing Horses Fat Quarter Bundle!
  12. Pat wants a Gobble Gobble Jelly Roll!
  13. Candace Hudgens wants a Folklore Fat Quarter Bundle!
  14. Camille wants a Madeline Wall Hanging Quilt Kit!
  15. Alicia wants an Eva Layer Cake and a Fig Tree Fresh Vintage issue!
  16. Crystal Hendrix wants an Aster Manor Jelly Roll & Layer Cake!
  17. Scottylover wants a Camping Under the Stars Quilt Kit!
  18. Donna Goodman wants a Shirtings 1875-1900 Fat Quarter Bundle!
  19. Marianne wants an Olivia's Holiday Fat Quarter Bundle!
  20. Miss Tiffany Renee wants a Simple Abundance Jelly Roll!

    OK, folks, that's it!

    Well...ok, two more...

  21. Call Me Crazy wants a My Paris Traveler's Bag Kit!
  22. Pookie & Schnookie want a Golden Gate California Dreamin' Fat Quarter Bundle!
Thanks for believin' in me,
Santa Claus (the real one)

P.S. The Fat Quarter Shop elves are working away in their workshop, but they asked me to throw in a "Meeeerry Christmas!" for them.

    Friday, December 18, 2009

    Your Dear Santa Comments!

    "We elves try to stick to the four main food groups: candy, candy canes, candy corns and syrup."

    Wishes will be granted Monday!

    Time for the list of Dear Santa comments...just added the links to the text so it's easier to read/enjoy. And no worries - I didn't link to your blog profiles (it was getting a little out of hand) but we have all your original comments to track you down with!
    1. Dear Santa, It has been so long since I have written to you but I'm sure you remember me. Remember when I was 10 years old and you left a puppy under my tree? That was an amazing gift! I have been a very good girl this year and I have a request. Could I please have a fat quarter bundle of "Blush by basicgrey" for Christmas? If your elves are too busy to make it for me, it is available at the Fat Quarter Shop. I'm sure a smart, handsome, generous man like you does some shopping online? Thank you Santa! I believe, I believe, I believe! Drive carefully and enjoy the ride. You rock!!!
      Your friend forever,

    2. Dear Santa,
      This is the MOST FUN I've had with a contest. I've not made out a wish list in many years. Even though its not likely that I'll get my wishes, its still fun to dream. I wanted the Whirly Gig quilt kit but it appears to have sold out already. Then I wanted the Verna quilt kit but it doesn't ship for a few months. Finally I settled on the Swell Nicey Jane fat quarter bundle. It should make a lovely quilt (or several of them).

    3. Dear Santa,
      It seems I never remember to write to you each year. I'm so busy helping my girls get their requests for Barbies, princesses and dress-up clothes to you that my wish list gets pushed to the back burner. But trust me I'd definitely be on your nice list...or at least I can't remember being tagged for anything on your naughty list (but I'd be the first to admit that with 2 young girls my memory is certainly not what it once was).
      But this year I would love, love LOVE as much fabric as possible from the Jenean Morrison California Dreamin' line. I have been searching for pink and orange fabrics (her favorites) in order to make a sleeping bag for my daughter. ...I know, I know it always comes back to my girls. But I really wouldn't have it any other way. They mean everything to me.
      So, please Santa...I'd love to see some beautiful fabric under my tree this year....please make my wish and my girls' wishes (hopefully you also got their letters we sent out last week) come true.
      Love, Amy

    4. Dear Santa, I have been amazingly good this year. There is only one thing that I really, really, really want for Christmas. If you grant this one and only wish you never have to visit my house ever again. I promise to be good for the next ten years. If I got the "Attitude Girls Fat Quarter Bundle Mary Engelbreit for Moda Fabrics" this year, I can save you time next year. I can make really cool stuff for all my friends and save your elves all kinds of time.
      Thank you Santa, Jill
      P.S. The cookies are really good at my house this year!

    5. Dear Santa, I have been very good this year. I have worked hard not to spend a lot of money on fabric and have used a lot of my stash. I didn't kill my sons even when they really deserved it. I didn't make my husband feel guilty for working long hours and leaving me to deal with our sons (and not sew!). I have helped my mother care for her parents at the assisted living facility, and answered Grandma's questions about "what day/month/year is it?" forty two times in a row.
      Please make my Christmas special and fulfill my wish for the Luv Bug Quilt Kit. It is so pretty, and I would love to be able to make it!
      Many, many, thanks!

    6. Dear Santa, Me and the kitties have been pretty good all year, and they would really enjoy an Olivia's Holiday Fat Quarter bundle. Tell Rudolph "hello" for us!

    7. Dear Santa: I want one of everything! :) - Vicky

    8. Dear Santa- I've been a good girl all year. I would much rather have a layer cake of mill house inn rather than the spatula my husband is getting me for Xmas. I promise I won't be violent towards my mother-in-law at Christmas (even though I have to spend a four hour car ride with her). Thank you so much Santa, I promise I will leave some yummy cookies and I'll even bake them intead of just opening a box.

    9. Gee, Santa, I sure would like to get a Winterscapes fat quarter bundle for Christmas. It's not that I don't already have too much fabric, but I really, really need this! Please, please, please!
      Your biggest fan,
      Leslie S. in MN

    10. Dear Santa, I hope you can remember me from last year? I'm the girl who hadn't sewn for 20 years and you gave me a shiny new sewing machine! I was hoping that this year you could give me this Golden Gate bundle for Christmas. I've loved Jenean Morrison California Dreamin' range since I first saw it on her blog.
      P.S. I have been a very good girl this year and, so far, I haven't managed to kill my tropical fish!

    11. Dearest Santa! Here I go again! Instead of telling that I have been a very good girl this year (promise!) I will come to the point right away. I'm sure you know about the Fat Quarter Shop? Well, and you also know that I love to quilt and am always out of fabric because I am just a pour student and haven't been in the business for very long and haven't had the opportunity to build a stash. My greatest wish for this Christmas would therefore be some of each of the flannels in Anna Maria Horner's Folksy Flannel collection. If that is to hard to send (which I wouldn't imagine since all things are probably possible for you), I would be very grateful for a Peach Meadowsweet fat quarter bundle by Sandy Henderson. Any of them would be amazing. Thank you for you time and for reading my letter, I appreciate that=)!
      Love Sara

    12. Dear Santa, It’s not often I get to sit down and write a list of what I want rather than things I need. With two little girls, my wishes usually get pushed way down the priority list. If I could have just one thing that I want I would love to have one of the Moda Charm Pack Sampler Boxes.
      Thank you Santa and safe journey. We ‘heart’ you xx Katie

    13. Dear Santa, I am currently in love with reproduction fabrics and my wish is for the Coming Home quilt kit that is exclusive to the Fat Quarter Shop. My second dream gift would be the fat quarter bundle of the Civil War homefront fabrics by Barbara Brackman. I will have some cookies out for you when you visit. - LZ

    14. Dear Santa: It's been quite a while since I have written you. You see, I've been quite busy working, and quilting, and working, and working, and, get the point. Anywho, I do have two fun things on my Christmas list that I hope you will bring me this year. The first is the Blush Fat Quarter Bundle by Basic Grey. The second is the 'My Dear Prudence' pattern from Abbey Lane. Santa, I really hope that you can bring me these 'toys' this year. I've been, well....mostly a good girl! :-)
      Thanks Santa! Coffee_Queen

    15. Dear Santa,

      I have been good throughout the year
      And now that Christmas time is near
      There are some treats I hope to see
      Wrapped up beneath my Christmas tree :)

      As snowflakes fall throughout the night
      A Sushi Roll would bring delight!
      A ruler, too, would grant my wish,
      Or sewing patterns for a fish.

      Oh, Santa, please do think of me
      When you leave presents for my tree
      I'll bake you cookies, sing your praise,
      But please give your faithful elves a raise ;)

      Thanks for such a fun idea! :)
      - Mouse

    16. Dear Santa,
      Go to the Fat Quarter shop and you will see
      A Christmas wish to put under my tree
      Sweet Girly Girl Quilt Kit is what I desire
      To warm me and my sweetheart by the fire
      Love, Sarah D

    17. What a fun idea to have friends in high places with a direct line to Santa.Well Santa,just like you I keep many a list,I too chech them more than twice and hate it when they seem to get longer and longer!I hope you don't mind me adding some more items to your already long list,but I know you have some elves to help out.One of these lovely goodies over at the FQS would make my Christmas really really nice:The Coming Home quilt kit, the Wiscasset Jelly Roll or the Old primrose Jelly Roll.Thanks santa I've been good as you know! - Renette

    18. Dear Santa,
      I would like to say that I have been very good this year but it wouldn't be totally true. You see there is this place in cyber space called "Fat Quarter Shop" and they make me be very, very bad to my credit card! But if you could find it in your heart to grant me one Christmas wish I would be very grateful. My family just doesn't like to buy me fabric but they sure do like to get that fabric all cut up and put back together in quilts so I need help from you dear Santa to bring me some of that very loverly Figgy Pudding Moda fabric in the form of a jelly roll. I really do love fat quarters but Kimberly seems to be out of them in this line so I would be perfectly happy with some jelly.- Peg Cawley

    19. Dear Santa,
      It has been years since I have written. As I have aged my faith in you has been shook and I fear I no longer hear the bell. I still have the bell and I know that if you grant my wish, I will hear it tinkling again this Christmas.
      Wiscasset FQB

    20. Dear Santa:
      I had so much fun seeing you at Macy's on Sunday, but didn't get the chance to talk to you. This is a link to something (Blessings FQB) I would really, really love to get. My daughter and I have a civil war pattern that we want to start in January.
      Thank you for reading this note and chocolate chip cookies and milk will be waiting for you. - Ellen

    21. Dear Santa -
      I've been "mostly" good this year but wanted to explain a couple of incidents that you might be a little unclear on....first was that unfortunate car thing...I never would have sideswiped his truck while I was backing out of the garage if he hadn't of been standing in front of my SUV directing traffic like he was landing a 747. I really think he overreacted. It's just a scuff and I couldn't watch him AND watch behind me at the same time. Not my fault at all! Then, there was the deal with those "extra" golf clubs....I had no idea that he REALLY needed 20 more clubs than what he was already carrying in his golf bag. They've been standing in the corner of the garage for the better part of 4 years so I thought......well, you know. Ok, now that I've got that cleared up, here's what I'd like for Christmas...I'd like the Blush Fat Quarter Bundle by Basic Grey for Moda Fabrics.
      Merry Christmas Santa!!
      Love - NewFarmChick

    22. Dear Santa
      Since I am not a popular quilter and don't have my own blog for you to ready, the lovely ladies and gents over at have allowed me to post my letter here. So in addition to the fabulous iron and Big Board that are already on my list I would love the 3 Sisters Glace Frosted Windowpanes Quilt Kit that is available over at This kit would be the PERFECT thing for me to break in my new iron and Big Board.
      OH and Santa, one last thing, if you could please help my parents understand my obsession that would be great too!
      Happy travels and thanks!
      Laura W

    23. Dear Santa: I want it all!!!
      Not really? Ok, then... mmm, let's see... I know! I really really want the gorgeous Mill House Inn Layer Cake from Fig Tree Quilts! I've been good, I promise, you can check your list, even twice! :)
      P.S. My new year's resolution will be to finally get a blog, I guess you don't bring those ready made, right?
      P.S.2 I make great cookies, do you prefer milk or dark chocolate chips?
      Hugs and kisses! - Chiki

    24. Dear Santa.. I've been a good girl this year.....I've quilted over 200 quilts... squeezing in ones for special people like the Lizzie B's...
      so.. I would LOVE to have Santa leave me one of the Lizzie B FQ packs.. I just LOVE their fabrics... I already bought some of their fabrics already.... but would love to add more to it... and find the time to stitch it together. - Pam

    25. Dear Santa,
      ...with a HO HO HO and a HE HE HE...I'm going to be a Grand Mommy.
      Nothing for me, Santa...but I would love some Valentine's fabrics...can't decide, so you surprise me just like you always have.
      My little Melissa will be born on Valentine's Day....she's my first Grand I would love to make a special quilt for her arrival. Thank you Santa. - Carolyn Williams
      PS I'll leave you some imported beer and cookies this year.

    26. Dear Santa,
      This year I've been quite good. On my spare time I learned to quilt. And although I know I shouldn't have spent so much money on new hobby, you know how I can't help it. In my defense I want to remind you how all quilts I've made were not for me but for friends and family.
      For that reason, this year I want to ask you for this Woods Floral Collection Antique Rose fat quarter bundle, that I saw in one of my favorite stores. This time I will make something for myself, or for my living room. Pleaaaase Santa, don't forget about me this year.

    27. Dearest Santa,
      I want a sparkling cider quilt pattern, 1 green grass love u fat quarter bundle, 2 blue sky love u fat quarter bundles, 2 yards love u blue sky who's who, 3 yards love u blue sky snails and turtles, 4 yards love u blue sky layered letters..and an eloise and elmore toy pattern too. there is so much more santa I could ask for, but I think I'll stop's really only 1 gift, even though it looks like alot, it's a quilt for my son's room and some matching curtains, and a stuffie, maybe a pillow if there is left overs...his sister is getting the most beautiful somerset cottage quilt, and curtains, and everything all matchy matchy...his little brown bear brown bear quilt has been dragged all around every super market and washed so much its really threadbare(it even got run over, to everyone's dismay when he screamed murder), and up here, in our -32 plus windchill winter he really needs a full size blankie now. I know he won't make your nice list, he even knows it I think , (and this does not bother his sister at all) but his mommy is sad for her mean little man and wants to wrap him up all snuggly and watch movies on the sofa,if he'll sit still. (he might if he had a new blanket) that's what I want Santa, to make my boy a blanket...its his birthday too next week, he'll be 2 on the 2nd...(and his sister 4 on thursday this week! mommy is busy in December) its a big order...but if you know me, you'll know I'll be visiting my favorite store ordering tons so I can be all matchy matchy!
      and please give the girls over at fat quarter shop a nice present too, I've had the funnest time browsing through all the fabrics making my list!
      Thanks big guy,
      Bree, in freezing cold Canada

    28. Dear Santa,
      I'm giving you the same wish list that I gave to my husband...hope my chances are better with you than they are with him. I have a feeling that there won't be any fabric under my I want you to know that if I could have some fabrics from you...the list below is what I wish for.
      Love the Inkwell Reds, and the Wiscasset Charm Packs.. could make some neat things with these. And I have fallen in love with Simple Abundance Jelly Roll.
      Thank you Santa, Debra

    29. Dear Santa,
      I'd like to ask for fabric,
      It's what I like the best!
      Others can have the shoes, purses and clothes,
      I'm a fabricholic, now I've confessed!

      I don't need Kate Spade, Manolo's, or Gucci,
      Or Winston's big diamond rings.
      I don't even want a Ferrari or Lamborghini,
      Or any of those high-dollar things.

      I'd be happy with a stop at Fat Quarter Shop
      To pick me up a bundle called Eden!
      For it's fabric I'm craving, it's fabric I'm wanting, it's more fabric that I'm needing!

      Thank you Santa, Kimberly and FQS! - Nancy

    30. Dear Santa, I really must say that I just ordered from the Fat Quarter Shop and got excellent service. You should do something extra nice for them this year.
      What I really want for myself is this beautiful set of fatquarters. Then I could be your little helper elf and sew them up pretty for our church's ministry which provides quilts and bags of goodies to kids when they are put in the foster care system. Don't you think any little girl would love any quilt made from these beautiful fatquarters?
      If you are falling on hard times like lots of people are, feel free to send the jelly rolls instead. I would be just as happy with some of those.
      Thank you. I hope you have a Merry Christmas and a nice long highly deserved vacation in a tropical location when you are done with all of your deliveries. - Lisa Gano

    31. Dear Santa,
      i am a total quilting beginner but sewing and quilting brought so much joy into my life this year.
      And I've been quit good this year, too!
      My christmas wish is the Pretty Pink Love U Fat Quarter Bundle. I would make a nice quilt for my daughter with that one (she was really disappointed that there weren't much pink scraps in the Love You Charm Pack...). Please don´t forget to come to Germany and visit my house!

    32. Dear Santa!
      If you will check your list, I am sure I am there on the "Nice" list! I would love to have something from the Fat Quarter Shop - maybe a nice Batik fat quarter like the Red, Black & White Revival bundle or the Earth Tonga bundle. I make a wonderful Pumpkin Roll and I will be sure to leave a piece for you under the tree along with a glass of eggnog! Thanks Santa!
      Love, Barb

    33. Dear Santa,
      you know i love all things colourful and fun so please could you put a "Dancing Horses Bright Fat Quarter Bundle by Laurel Burch for Clothworks Fabrics" into my stocking for Christmas. I've been pretty good this year and haven't lost my temper many times... or sworn apart from that time when a toy crocodile leapt out of the washing machine at me when I opened the door this week. You know my chimney santa, mince pies will be waiting. - Melanie

    34. My Dearest Santa, I know that your busy,
      But I'm really getting so darn stinkin dizzy,
      Going through all the wonderful things,
      The Fat Quarter Shop said they will let you bring.
      Maybe a quilt kit I really adore,
      Or some beautiful patterns to read and explore.
      I guess that I have to decide on just one.
      For a 'Fabric Fondler' thats not easily done!
      But I guess if really must pick just one thing,
      It will be a quilt kit that I see in my dreams.
      Thank you dear Santa for listening so.
      Now off to the Fat Quarter Shop you must go.
      Sincerely, this letter is from Nancy Jo.
      I would love to have this kit...
      Civil War Homefront Moda Quilt Kit by Barbara Brackman for Moda Fabrics

    35. Dear Santa,
      I've been a pretty good girl this year and things have been a bit tough with my health not doing too well and losing my parents but quilting helped me to stay cheerful and to be creative.
      If I could have anything on the fatquarters site I think I would like the boy scout quilt kit to make for my husband , he was a boy scoutmaster for 7 years and he put his heart and soul into it. Thank you Santa, I hope all the girls and boys are grateful too.
      Love Beth Street

    36. Dear Santa, I don't know, if you can understand me very good, because I´m from Germany and my English is not so good. I learned it long time ago and I fear, I have forgotten a lot. But nevertheless I want to write a letter to you. I'm sure, you can understand my bad English, because you have to read all the letters, written in different languages.
      I have a great wish. This fat quarter bundle looks like a dream for me. Maybe one time my dream will become true? I really hope it. I know, its a long way to Germany, but you are allways very fast and busy, so I´m sure, you will also visit the children and people in Germany. We all looking forward to your visit. Take care of yourself and also of Rudolph.
      Best wishes from Germany

    37. Dear Santa:
      I love you. I hope you feel the same about me. As I write this I am eating a piece of home made fudge. That's what you'll be getting when you visit my house this year. And if you're thirsty, help yourself to some merlot.
      Please patronize the Fat Quarter Shop and get for me some things, such as the Teatime Florals Two Champagne Teacup panels and coordinating fabric, or the Sampler Moda Bake Shop Box. I also like the Garnet Aubrielle Fat Quarter Bundle. Dear Santa, while you're in my neighborhood, will you remember to leave something at the school across the street? I know the teachers and kids would appreciate it. Have a good rest on Christmas day.

    38. Dear Santa,
      I discovered blogs and moda and jellyrolls and layer cakes earlier this year and has since then made multiple visits to the Fat Quarter Shop and renewed my interests (i.e. more like obsessions !) with quilts and quilting, lol. I have been getting a LOT of fabric this year but have discovered that most tend towards what my son called girly fabric and colours. So dear Santa, I would dearly love, love, love the Odyssea fat quarters bundle, just so that my son don't feel left out !
      Merry Xmas to one and all,
      Lee Leng

    39. Santa Dear,
      Thank you so much for my new camera last year. It has worked so well for me. This year I think it would be amazing if I got anything in the Nicey Jane line. I just love the way that fabric feels. Maybe its because I want it so bad but I think it is unusually soft and yummy. It would make a great addition to a project I have in mind for the spring.
      But if you happen to not have that you only have "meany jane" I think a few yards of this would make a super cute rain coat!! Santa, you da bomb!
      Sincerely your good friend,

    40. Dear Santa,
      Since I don't have a blog, I will leave my Christmas request here. I would LOVE for you to leave me the Camping under the Stars quilt kit. I love star quilts and 30's repros, so this is PERFECT for me. I have been busy making hand dipped chocolates, so this year I will be leaving some out for you instead of those cookies you get everywhere else. Thank you so much,
      Sandy A in St. Louis

    41. More Pink & Chocolate Fat Quarter Bundle, Fat Roll, or Quilt Kit by Nancy Gere for Windham Fabrics. Oink Oink - ok, if want is going to dream, they may was well dream big Santa - cause in our house, you only seem to come Christmas morning for the grandkids and children - which we are more than pleased with. Wish I had a blog to hitch too, but I told you will somehow figure this all out for us blogless people. Love, Dee

    42. Dear Santa,
      I know it has been years since you've heard from me, however, I never knew I could ask for fabric. Had I only know I would have kept a running list for years. I have been a good quilter this year. I have made 11 quilts to give as gifts this year. I gave 6 of them early as they were made with Christmas fabric and I wanted them to be enjoyed this year. Hopefully, this will loft me to the top of your wish list and I can receive the following item, also known by the common name "Shirtings 1875-1900 Fat Quarter Bundle by Terry Clothier Thompson for Moda Fabrics" Hope you have a great trip this year. - Donna

    43. Dear Santa,
      You know that I have been very good this year, as I have been for the last 38 years. This year I have asked dear hubby for a new sewing machine, sadly I think that you dear Santa may need to step in and get me the machine, dear hubby has a problem, whatever I say goes in one ear and out the other. I think I may have a brand new washing machine under my tree this year from dear hubby. That is no fun, that is why Santa I am including a link to a fabulous fat quarter bundle from Deb Strain. I have been coveting this since I first saw it. Santa, remember I have been good, and my hubby is getting me a washing machine for Christmas, I need something fun and exciting for Christmas !!! Remember I have been a very good girl all year !!! Happy Holidays to all !!! - Lisa

    44. Dear Santa,
      I want it all! I have been a good girl...really I have!!! I haven't written in so long because I started to believe all those big people who told me you're not real (mark them off your list, please)! Boy, were they wrong! I know you are busy preparing for Christmas Eve...but if you could just fly by and drop off a Mill House Inn jelly roll at my house...I will be the happiest quilting girl on the planet!! Thanks for listening! Love, Karen PS: I believe, I believe, I believe!!!!!!

    45. Dear Santa,
      I have been very good this year,and I love aprons,so naturally the apron kit here just leaves me speechless!
      Thank you, I promise I will bake your reindeer some cookies.
      Bonnie Nyquist

    46. Dear Santa,
      I have been a very good girl and hand made all my Christmas presents for my family this year! But in doing so I am out of fabric to make myself something nice! If you have space in your big bag of presents may I please have a Cool Nicey Jane fat quarter pack from the fat quarter shop. Or if that is too much to carry to Australia just a pattern or two of Heather Baileys. I have linked these very pretty things bellow.
      Thank you for spreading the cheer every year.
      xxoo Cassie
      P.S. I have made you some shortbread stars too!

    47. Dear Santa,
      I've been a very good girl - taken care of the kiddos, the dog and even the hubby! I've used some of my stash for holiday gifts, but I always need more fabric! I can't imagine anything better than some Kiwi or Peach Meadowsweet FQ bundles. They certainly would be put to good use in the new year! Pretty please! :-P
      Faith Jones
      P.S. My 3 year old would like a castle and a princess. Fingers crossed for her.

    48. Dear Santa.
      You know how I have been such a good girl this year. I am nice to everyone and have helped when ever I can. I really love fabric but my husband has put a ban on fabric purchases so I really need some secret fabric presents from you, my favorite Christmas friend. If you could help me out and get me a fat quarter Bundle of Oz by Sanae or fat quarter bundle of Kiwi Meadowsweet by Sandi Henderson, or if it is not asking too much both for Christmas that would be great. Thanks for all the great stuff over the years and I will of course be leaving you some fab cookies on Christmas eve.
      Thanks- Chrysalis

    49. Dear Santa;
      You're looking terrific; have you lost weight? I think you have. You can't possibly be old enough to have a driver's license for that sleigh, let alone be out all night on Christmas Eve. My goodness, you are quite a catch! I sure hope Mrs. Claus knows how good she has it. Any gift from you would be a special treat but if there is room in your sack of goodies,would you please bring me a fat quarter bundle of Chloe's Christmas? The colours are so cheerful and I have just the pattern to use them in! Thanks so much for all you for us all year, Santa! You always make me smile!

    50. Dear Santa,
      The kids are all sleeping, even the dog.
      I've been a good mom this year, I even got them a frog!
      Sometimes I had to choose between fabric or groceries...but good sense did prevail..I fattened up my kiddies, so I can share with you this tale...
      I sit by my sewing machine for many long hours each night...with the hopes to finish the UFO's before Christmas... so they can take flight!
      I turned my bedroom into a sewing room. I sleep in the hall. I dream of beautiful fabrics and towers of threads that don't fall.
      I have been a good girl this year Santa. And I have just one wish...A present from the Fat Quarter here is the link. They take Visa and Mastercard and deliver in a flash! So help me dear Santa add to my stash!
      I hope you are smiling Santa, and remember me too...I will be a good girl next year...and will even sew for you soon!

    51. Santa baby, slip a bundle under the tree, for me, been an awful good girl, Santa baby, so hurry down the chimney tonight, da da. Santa baby, make it Basic Grey’s bundle, too, Blush oooh, I’ll wait up for you dear, Santa baby, so hurry down the chimney tonight! Think of all the fun I’ll have, think of all the thread waiting to be used. Next year I’ll sew even more, if you’ll just grant my Christmas wish! Santa cutie, please fill my stocking with fat quarters, and soon, I can’t wait to begin creating, so hurry down the chimney tonight! Come and trim my sewing bag, with some fabric won from the Fat Quarter Shop, I really do believe in you, Let’s see if you believe in me, doo doo bee doo! Santa baby, forgot to mention one little thing, a wing, and a prayer, too, for you! Santa baby, be safe this Christmas, and thanks a lot for thinking of me! Blush FQB - Chantie

    52. Dear Santa,
      I don't even believe in you and I haven't been particularly naughty or nice, but I'll give you a chance anyway since I do believe in the fat quarter shop!!! If I had a list for you, it would be Civil War Tribute, or Ginger Blossom, or Boutique. Isn't that a variety Santa? Sorry Santa, I don't have a blog. Betty

    53. I know it is still hard for some people to believe that not everyone celebrates Santa...
      For Hanukkah, I would like this FQB.
      The Calico Cat

    54. Dear Santa:
      I have been a good girl this year. I am going back to school as EDD requested and being re-trained in medical billing it would be nice to be able to relax working on the Door County Quilt kit after studying for finals
      Valerie H.

    55. Oooh, what a wonderful thing you're doing! I love your web site, especially all the Moda fabrics. I'd love to get anything from Moda, but my currents favs would be fat quarter bundles of BLUSH, BOUTIQUE, and WISCASSET.
      Merry Christmas to the staff at the Fat Quarter Shop and to everyone!
      Amy R.

    56. Dear Santa,
      Pretty please, I would LOVE this Fat Quarter Pack! Nicey Jane has been nice and so have I! Please reward me!!!

    57. Dear Santa
      I have been a very good girl this year!!! I am in love with Anne Suttons new quilt pattern Le Jardin. I have saved enough money to buy my pattern but I would drive to the North Pole to hug your neck if you would place the fat quarter bundle in Rouenneries French General collection under my tree! I would even send you a picture when I finish. My house is the one with the light still on because I'll still be finishing my gifts for christmas morning. Please come on down my chimney Santa I even help you set out the toys for the grandbabies.
      Love ya big guy

    58. Dear Santa, Even thought I've been mostly good this year, I know there are sometimes I bought fabric and hid it from my hubby. But, I'm sending you this letter anyway! I need more variety in my quilting studio to make more quilts next year. Here is my request...Civil War Homefront Fat Quarter Bundle by Barbara Brackman for Moda Fabrics. Lots of work to do before Christmas. Merry Christmas to Mrs. Claus, your elves and reindeer.

    59. Dear Santa, I really love the Blush fat quarter Bundle at the fat quarter shop the colors are beautiful and I am not sure that I can resist them. I have been pretty good this year, not perfect but pretty good, lets face it we all have to be bad sometimes and I have a fabric shopping problem but I am trying to be good. You sure could help me out by bring my that fat quarter bundle so that my husband will not think I am crazy buying more fabric. Thanks for everything. I love you Santa and say hi to rudolph and the other reindeers for me. - Ladmquilter

    60. I don't have a public blog so here's my letter:
      Dear Santa, I know I've told you before that 364 days of being naughty is worth one lump of coal but if you could throw April Cornell's Nature's Notebook Layer Cake in my stocking too I'll leave you some nice spiced eggnog to go with your cookies!

    61. Dear Santa! I'd like to ask for a Simple Abundance Jelly Roll, Mill House Inn Layer Cake and Jelly Roll, and a Gobble Gobble Jelly Roll. Thank you Santa! -Debgiro

    62. Dear Santa,
      This is Denise from Toledo. As you know, I'm 30, single, unemployed, and I live with my mother. I always wake up on Christmas morning expecting something good under my tree. And there is something under my little tree that is held up with fishing line and prayer. My two goofy dogs. They team up, they huff, and they puff, and they pull the tree down. They look so proud of themselves while I'm hoping they didn't eat any light bulbs this year. But they don't leave me presents unless you count crotchless panties, chewed shoes, and tootsie rolls. Santa, I love my dogs, but help a girl get some cheer this year. Instead of another pair of panties destroyed by the marauder's mouth, how about the Ginger Blossom by Sandy Henderson fat quarter bundle. I promise to keep it away from the beasts. Thank you, Santa.
      Love, Denise

    63. Dear Santa - I know you heard me singing "Jingle Bells" with the preschoolers this morning - with bells - several times. And again at the lunch table, a capella, in chorus, and repeatedly. And after nap, with the bells again - and some shakers and drums, too. And remember last week when I read that book about the girl with a bad case of the stripes - about three hundred and forty-seven times? And how about when the milk spilled at the lunch table *again*? Now, I *did* get a little bit frosted when that one sweetie pie stuffed the drain full of paper towels and made the sink overflow - but I kept my voice ever so calm as I told her to go get a towel to sop it up. And then I unplugged the sink, too. So... I'm just saying, that since you will be visiting all of these sweet little friends of mine really soon, maybe you could just drop off one little package for me? I'm hoping for a fat quarter budle of Winter Parade, which most likely will end up being shared with my darlings, because even though they are only 3 and 4 year olds, you know that I have been teaching them to sew this year - and they love it! Thanks from all of us, Santa! Love, Andrea and the Big Kids

    64. Dear Santa,
      I'm just a poor ol' country girl that thinks it would be Swell to visit the big city with Miss Nicey Jane! Please bring me the swell nicey jane by heather bailey fat quarter pack, if you please. You would make my year! Best wishes to you & the family! - Figure8angel

    65. I don't have a blog, but this is what I would wish for please Santa :-
      Dawn Village Green Charm Pack by Thimbleberries for RJR Fabrics - Sandra

    66. Dear Santa, ANNNNND your fabulously 100% cherry red silk velvet dressed elves with snow white mink trim and hand crafted soft kid leather boots (probably from etsy).  I may be on your naughty list this year.. BUT IT WAS TOTALLY innocent. I know I have brushed the questioning children away at times for one more look at The Fat Quarter website, and I know I have said dinner would be in a minute and gone back to finishing that seam. AND I KNOW I spent tooo much on buying fat quarters.... but they are lovely! and Im SURE with all of your goodness you could show me how to be a better sewer....I mean...... mother. Perhaps if you put a daily reminder in front of ...ummmm AMERICAN VINTAGE fabric pack, that I WOULD HAVE TOOOOO LOOK AT DAILY .. I could have incentive to be better... and I know the fabric would improve my maths.............and as a teacher I could remind myself at school in front of other children as well say...... as a bag or pencil case... Thank You SANTA, Ill just leave you the link in casse you agree with me its a good idea!
      Love and giggle, Johanna

    67. Dear Santa,
      I would like a fat quarter bundle of Girl Friday. Also, world peace. Should you see fit to making either of these happen (I have been very good this year, btw), there are some cookies in it for you.
      Kind regards,

    68. Dear Santa, I am in love with sock monkeys. Yes, I know it's strange, but I just can't help myself. Since I don't have a sock monkey myself, I was wondering if you could send me some sock monkey fabric. I could gaze at it and touch it lovingly...just until I get a real one. Of course, I don't want you to have to go to any trouble, so I thought I would tell you just where to get it. The Fat Quarter Shop is a great place to pick up some fabric! So in case you have time to grant my wish, here are my favorites:
      Red Sock Monkeys
      Blue Sock Monkeys
      Red Bananas
      Brown Bananas
      Brown Sock Texture
      Red Sock Texture
      I hope that helps! I hope to see you and my beloved sock monkeys soon!

    69. Dear Santa,
      Please bring health and happiness to my loved ones for Christmas. And for me and my fabric addiction, this Stone Flora & Fauna would be so much fun to receive and a blog of my own...
      Thanks, Ellen

    70. Dear Santa,
      Remember me? You get a lovely snifter of single malt scotch at our house every year, plus snacks for the reindeer. You and your elves could spend a lot of time working out the complicated mathematical calculations for my exact ratio of Nice:Naughty, but who needs that much math during the holidays? I'm pretty sure I was more Nice than Naughty anyway. Plus I've been making lots of stuff to give as presents. Making stuff is totally nice. Here's what I'm wishing for this year: a fat quarter bundle of "Oz" fabric by Sanae for Moda. And then I can make more stuff!
      Merry Christmas! xox Sarah

    71. Dear Santa,
      I hope you are well, we are all looking forward to Christmas. I've tried to be good and hope you will bring me the Madeline Wall Hanging Quilt Kit for Christmas. I've even made a special request at my blog...there are cookies!! - Mary Kathryn

    72. Dear Santa,
      even though I had a very tough year I have tried my best to be good. So, since I know you cannot help me with my biggest (and most urgent) wish (finally getting a job) it would be so wonderful if you could drop something for me when you come to Germany. You can also drop it at my parents' house, since you know my dad very well. He has been one of your avid helpers for years and has brought many smiles to the neighborhood Kids. I would like to have either the georgeous quilt kit "Camping under the stars" or the fat quarter pack "American Vintage". Then I could finally make a quilt that I keep for myself.
      Thank you Santa, and please don't forget about me! - Katrin Holst

    73. Dear Santa -- it has been a few years since I have written to you. I try really hard to keep your spirit alive and well in our family and elsewhere. Now that we have grandchildren, I am reminded more than ever how important and special Christmas is. I heard about a chance to receive fabric in my stocking this year over at Fat Quarter Shop's Jolly Jabber. This is a great site that is lots of fun for us quilters and fabric lovers. The fabric that I am hoping for is Frolic by Sandy Gervais. It won't be released until March but I could easily keep my stocking on the mantle until then if it would suit you. Best wishes for the new year, Santa and all your helpers at the Fat Quarter Shop!
      Love, Linda

    74. Dearest Santa,
      It's been a long time since I've sat down to write you a letter. You see, someone told me years ago that you don't exist. I didn't believe them, but wanted to be as grown up as I could.
      This year, I decided I would write you a letter. We both know you exist!
      I've been a good girl. Except for the times when the kids drive me nuts, then I get a little uptight. But that's not very often!
      So here's my list. It's not very long, and I had the hardest time deciding. The Cherish Nature Jelly Roll and Layer Cake are so pretty, and I would love to make something from them. Thank you so much! I might be staying up late on Christmas Eve just to prove to everyone that you do exist! - Linda T

    75. Santa Baby!
      Remember me? I don't need much. A Sampler Pack would fill that spot in the sweetest way!
      Nyla-Jean de Boer - Kingston, Ontario

    76. Dear Santa-
      I sure do hope you are going to like the popcorn my baby girl is going to leave you on Christmas Eve. She has it all planned out. The reindeer treats will be in the backyard. If the milk isn't to your liking, the "good" stuff will be behind the cookie jar on top of the fridge. *wink* I have tried to be a good girl this year, and would be oh so happy to find a Strawberry Fields Bali Pop in my stocking. Thank you Santa!! And, Fly Carefully! - Lilsis

    77. Dear Santa,
      I would love the Amy Butler Soul Love and Heart Love fat quarter bundles. Thanks! - Jen C

    78. Dear Santa, I have been a very good girl, I have finished half as many projects as I started, I bought twice as many spools of thread as I need, three times as many yards of fabric as I can ever use, and only a dozen or so books and patterns that I haven't used yet. That is better than last year, remember Santa? And I've been very generous with my stash, sharing it with my friend and family, making them aprons and shoe bags and pillow cases, and even a couple quilts! So please, Santa, please bring me the Turqoise Flora & Fauna FQ bundle!!! - Corky

    79. Dear Santa,
      I never thought i will be writing you a letter at the age of 29. Between us, i don t even remember writing you any letters before, what a shame! But as we say,it is never to late... So my dear Santa, you know what will make me so happy, it is the kit of L Amour de Sandy Gervais for Moda fabrics, easy to find at the Fat Quarter shop,i guess you got internet now. Why this? Because it is going to be our fifth wedding anniversary, yes that is not much but we are going to it... and this is a good reason i think to satisfy my favorite hobby, don t you?
      I wish you all the best to satisfy every people wishes.
      Your new devoted Marie!

    Thursday, December 17, 2009

    Your Dear Santa Letters!

    "'Code word is: 'Santa's got a brand new bag.'"
    I have to start these posts with Elf quotes. Have to.

    We've been having a blast reading all of your letters to Santa! They're in all languages, and they use all sorts of persuasive tactics. From flattery & rhyming bribery, wheeling 'n dealing, the occasional threat. Someone "elfed" herself (go Jeanneke!)...and someone got "modus vivendi" in their poem (Kleiosbelly, your vocabulary rocks). But all in good fun! :)

    So here is the full list of everyone who blogged their letter to Santa!
    Up next, the list of comments to Santa -- then, of course, the lucky "good girls" who'll get their wish!
    1. Tammy J
    2. Beth 
    3. Carol 
    4. SheilaC 
    5. Rose.W. 
    6. Jen 
    7. Cara 
    8. Joyce 
    9. Call Me Crazy 
    10. Meg
    11. Michelle 
    12. Fiesta
    13. Jewel 
    14. Angela
    15. Sophia Aster (Lisa)
    16. JillQuilts
    17. Jan 
    18. Katie Favara 
    19. Emily 
    20. Camille (the Thimbleblossoms lady)
    21. KatesBlog
    22. Bruinbr
    23. Zarina
    24. Linda B
    25. The Last Yard
    26. Marianne Ogg
    27. Julia
    28. Bagira
    29. Alda
    30. Blue is Bleu 
    31. Karen 
    32. Kathie 
    33. RobQuilts
    34. Cindy 
    35. Dawn Owens 
    36. Quilt Hollow
    37. Caroline in NH 
    38. Meredith 
    39. Cindy 
    40. Jessica Christensen 
    41. PunkiePie
    42. KansasCityGypsy 
    43. Lisa D.
    44. Sarah
    45. Ana Salom 
    46. Sandy 
    47. Chris@Cats on my Quilts
    48. Stephanie 
    49. Alicia 
    50. Dianne
    51. Victòria 
    52. Kimland 
    53. Kristine Hanson 
    54. Laurie - A Yankee Quilter
    55. Casey
    56. Amanda
    57. Rachel 
    58. Eleanor
    59. Love 2 Quilt
    60. Thearica
    61. Vickie E
    62. Heather
    63. Kalleigh Hathaway
    64. Mandi 
    65. Leanne
    66. Shar
    67. Stacey
    68. Kim West
    69. Sew Primitive Karen
    70. Tricia Anne
    71. Carolyn
    72. Judith 
    73. Lara
    74. Sherri H 
    75. Kelly O.
    76. Sinta Renee
    77. Four O'Clock Quilt Company
    78. Patchwork Penguin
    79. Chelsea
    80. Melissa C. 
    81. Simone de Klerk
    82. Allyson
    83. Jungle Wife 
    84. Tracy
    85. Kaye Prince
    86. Lois Grebowski
    87. Gretchen
    88. Craft-Crazed
    89. Tracey 
    90. Melanie 
    91. Darlene
    92. Doodlebug Gail 
    93. Tacey
    94. Lizzie
    95. Dandelion Quilts 
    96. Robyn
    97. Michelle 
    98. Joan 
    99. Mary on Lake Pulaski
    100. Amy
    101. Marcie Koch
    102. Robyn's Nest
    103. Jodie
    104. Lauren Colless
    105. Leigh
    106. Khris
    107. Quilter going Bananas
    108. Polly
    109. Infinity Quilter
    110. Kate in Stitches 
    111. Jeanette
    112. Vicki
    113. Angela (the Moda Home Mom)
    114. Sue (I Purr-Furr to Craft)
    115. Rachel 
    116. Sara
    117. Teresa C
    118. Narelle 
    119. Jessica 
    120. Debra @ Life is a Stitch
    121. Wendy
    122. Sharrieboberry 
    123. Megan
    124. AnnieO
    125. Kim (Kim's Big Quilting Adventure) 
    126. Lissa Jane 
    127. Handmade by Mai 
    128. Catherine 
    129. Micki 
    130. Katie B. 
    131. Gene Black 
    132. Tamera 
    133. Nancy 
    134. Ohh Betsy 
    135. Simone
    136. Pat
    137. Beth 
    138. Michelle
    139. Tonya's Sewing Room 
    140. Jo
    141. CieAngel
    142. Paulette
    143. CBear
    144. Pieceful Afternoon
    145. Diana / QF Quiltbuffy 
    146. Dawn 
    147. Margie 
    148. Kate Spain (the Verna lady)
    149. Heidi
    150. Pamela
    151. Conny's Quilts
    152. Danielle
    153. Kathleen
    154. Amy (Park City Girl)
    155. Rory
    156. Quilt or Dye
    157. What Comes Next?
    158. Amber 
    159. Kersten
    160. Jen of ReannaLily Designs
    161. Kelli
    162. Sian
    163. Kim Sherrod
    164. Debi
    165. Crystal Hendrix
    166. Sara
    167. Luv 2 Kreate
    168. Silversmith
    169. Kirsten and Tracy
    170. Lisa
    171. Anne Ida
    172. Trish
    173. Kelly @ Charming Chatter 
    174. Elbosquede Sara
    175. Brenda
    176. Andrea
    177. Greg
    178. Crafty Mama
    179. Chris from NJ
    180. Nana Barb
    181. Lise
    182. Jen in NY
    183. Bethany
    184. RC
    185. Dianne
    186. Jenny
    187. A.
    188. Melanie
    189. Brooke
    190. An Encourager 
    191. KR McCord
    192. Pokey 
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    194. Sharon (Stitches on Mars) 
    195. Bobbi
    196. Tong 
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    198. Jenna Designs 
    199. Becki
    200. Priscilla 
    201. Mab
    202. Ingaredstoka 
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    204. Patchhuhn 
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    206. Kwiltmakr
    207. NuggleMe
    208. And Sew On
    209. Miss Tiffany Renee 
    210. Em's Scrapbag
    211. Jane's Fabrics and Quilts
    212. Amy
    213. Tanya 
    214. Marianne
    215. Barb
    216. Doris
    217. Blueberry Blues
    218. Satu 
    219. QuilterMom2 
    220. Nedra
    221. Jeanneke
    222. Ariane
    223. Lisa
    224. Linda
    225. Leigh  
    226. Madame Samm 
    227. Jennifer
    228. Abby
    229. Kleiosbelly
    230. Kim D.
    231. Nanann
    232. Kim B.
    233. Thimbelina
    234. Valerie 
    235. Vesuviusmama
    236. Karen
    237. Meg99
    238. Quiltin Cntrygrl
    239. SewFunbyMonique
    240. EmileeHope
    241. Amanda