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If we had a nickel for every time we tell a customer, "I'm sorry, that was from an Me and My Sister Designs line from XX years ago", well, we'd be rich. Fat Quarter Shop would no longer be around as Kimberly would be in her beach house in Maui, sipping fruity concoctions with tropical names in a chaise lounge and making darling quilts for her babies while Kevin played another round in their backyard golf course. People can dream, right?

As it is, there is no "Me and My Sister" request fee, so shucks for us. But for all of our customers asking for these long-gone collections, commence celebrating.

Moda has heard your (and Barb & Mary's) pleas! The sisters have picked 32 of their most favorite-est prints to fill your stash with colorful pizzazz. Load up before it slips away! The Me and My Sister Favorites collection includes 32 prints, available in yardage, Fat Quarter Bundles, Jelly Rolls, and Charm Packs! And keep reading for your chance to win some favorites from one of our Moda favorites!

Hello to our favorite FQS people!

I can’t begin to tell you how happy Mary and I are to be telling you about our latest group for Moda…FAVORITES!

We have received lots of emails asking for background prints and solids. Those always seem to be the favorites and are usually the first to sell out in a new group.

So after many "Sorry, we no longer have that," email reply’s, we finally got up the nerve to ask Moda if they would consider doing a favorites group ~ and being the wonderful and smart people that they are ~ they said yes.

Since this is a favorites group we didn’t have to come up with any new designs. Mary and I had a "board meeting" which consisted of lunch at our favorite restaurant and decided which of our past colors and prints were our favorites.

First we decided on our favorite colors from past groups, and of course Mary’s first pick was pink.

Then we went back through some of our favorite prints and of course Mary’s first pick was dots. (She can be so predictable sometimes.)

The hardest part about doing this group was selecting the final prints from the factory strike offs. They gave us so many options to choose from, that it was really hard to narrow our selections down. Thanks goodness for Cheryl ~ our boss at Moda. She had no problem reining us in.

I wish that we were her favorites and could always have as many prints as we wanted. (I also hope she never reads this).

Anyhow ~ we hope that you enjoy our newest fabrics and jump on over to visit our new website and blog.

Our last post had you counting the word brown, so this time let's count the word favorite. We will be giving away some of our favorite things. Just count how many times the word favorite was used in this post and let us know. The winner will be selected on Wednesday March 17th.

PS ~ The name of our new market group for Spring Market is mentioned somewhere in this post too. See if you can guess what it is??? There will be no additional prize for this one ~ just want to see how good you are!

Good Luck!
Barb and Mary
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