Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Elizabeth Scott Presenting Red Rose Farm and a Giveaway!

Today's special guest:  Elizabeth Scott owner of Late Bloomer Quilts is here today to talk about her first line of fabric with P&B Textiles, Red Rose Farm!

I’m so happy for the opportunity to share my excitement about my debut fabric collection, Red Rose Farm, by P&B Textiles. Like the rest of you, Fat Quarter Shop is my very favorite place to shop for fabric, and I’m so excited that Red Rose Farm is here first!

I love vintage fabrics and bright, clear colors. It was with this in mind that I started gathering up antique fabrics that I love—some from France, one from an old seersucker bedspread. I added polka dots, a fun stripe, and tossed some rosebuds around. I’m thrilled P&B agreed that this would make a great collection for quilters and home sewists.

I’ve been very busy with my sidekick Pam Kitty Morning working on pieced quilts, appliqu├ęd quilts, home dec projects and bags for the big debut at Fall Quilt Market next month. Here is a sneak peeks—I can’t wait to show you everything!

In the meantime, Pam has designed a darling bag exclusively for Fat Quarter Shop customers. It’s called, appropriately enough, The Fat Quarter Shop Fat Quarter Bag, and as the name implies, is made entirely from fat quarters.

I hope you enjoy creating something special with Red Rose Farm!

- Elizabeth Scott


We have another special surprise today!  It's another GIVEAWAY!

TWO people have a chance to win a Fat Quarter Bundle of the stunning Red Rose Farm! But today we are going to mix it up a bit...

To enter you need to post a comment in poem form of why you want Red Rose Farm and what you plan to do with it. Let's get creative! 

This contest will close Tuesday, October 5th @ 11:59pm CST.



Also, we are very excited to announce:

Today the Jolly Jabber was featured on Be@Home's blog as one of the best blogs on the web!  

Thanks to everyone for your support!  :-D


jenni said...

I'm going to hoarde, er, collect this awesome fabric line. Or I'm going to makeover my kitchen linens. Or make holiday gifts for everyone I love.

Kathy said...

Red Rose, Red Rose
A rhyme is required
or else I am hosed
of getting a collection I have so admired
for a scrap quilt to cover my toes?

Ally said...

I am redoing my girls bedroom and this would be perfect for their linens!! I love it!!

deserae said...

I love red rose farm! It would make a lot of fabulous things! I am thinking an apron for my mom's Christmas present would be first, with a matching table quilt! :)

jenni said...

Is a sentence a poem?
A list of possibilities?

Quick on the trigger,
I draw. Premature.

Can this excitement
be contained?

For the launch of
Red Rose Farm

I've waited. All
summer long. Dreamed

of the roses in my
vintage-charmed kitchen.

Is a fabric collector a
poet? Can the collection

become more than a
monument to beauty?

Only in your heart
do you know.

Vicky said...

Roses are red.
Quilts are warm.
I'll make a new bag
Out of Red Rose Farm!

ROFOL, that is REALLY bad! :):)

Our Busy Little Bunch said...

Red Rose Farm, I'm in love!
You suit my style like a glove!
Aprons and Purses fill my head
Or maybe a new quilt for my bed!
Thank you so much for the chance,
Red Rose Farm makes me dance!


scottylover said...

These are gorgeous! Let's see what this old brain can come up with...

bows of blue,
florals of red
if I owned you,
I'd be out of my head...

a sampler quilt
I lovingly piece
and a tote to give
as a gift for my niece!

Whew! That's all she wrote! :)

Thanks for the chance to win these pretties!
Sandy A

DianeY said...

A rose is a rose is a rose!
My eyes love it-so does my nose!
But fabric won't wilt
When it's made into a quilt
Or a bag when you're dressed to the hilt

(please don't boo)

rderrett said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kasey said...

When we were house hunting,
I made a request--
Some space for a garden
and my own sewing nest!
It's fitting, I think
that I now have a yen--
I would love some Red Rose
Farm Fabric to decorate our new home!
I could make some throw pillows,
or a dog bed for Prudence,
or a cuddly blanket-
Yeah, that's how I'll use it!
Please, don't you see?
I'm full of creativity
and would love some Red Rose
Farm fabric to decorate our new home!

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

To enter I need to post a comment in poem form
Of why I want Red Rose Farm and it won't be to decorate the dorm.
I have a creative plan: a dress for little granddaughter Audrey;
You can be sure using Red Rose Farm she will not look tawdry!

:o) mg said...

A Limerick

There once was a genius named Elizabeth Scott
Who brilliantly improved vintage floral and dot.
The bright, cheery cottons
Will spoil her quite rotten
When made into a twirl skirt just right for my tot.

:o) mg said...

(forgot the email addy)
immlach at yahoo dot com

rderrett said...

Sweet summer roses
to cover my bed
Cute rosy pj's
to cover my bod
Ribbons and laces
to cover the seams
All add up to
Red Rose Farm dreams

Mama Pea said...

A limerick:
The Jolly Jabber is at it anew;
Giving fabric away to a few.
So, if you pick me,
To thee I will plea...
You'll have to pick somebody new!

Love the fabric. Just wanted to have fun with the poetry. I love limericks. But you have been so gracious to me already, I'd have to ask you to pick someone else! :-) Thanks for all you do!

Donna said...

What a charm!
Fat Quarters got
Red Rose Farm
By Elizabeth Scott

Okay, okay, so I never saw a purple cow ... the fabric is beautiful. Happy blogging!

Mama Pea said...

Let's try a limerick:

The Jolly Jabber is at it anew;
Giving fabric away to a few.
But if you choose me,
To you I will plea...
You'll have to pick somebody new!

Love the fabric and love limericks, so I just had to get one in (thought it isn't the greatest with two "news"). But you have been so gracious to me already, I'd have to ask you to pick somebody else for the prize! Thanks for all you do! :-)

Melinda said...

I love this collection,
patterns vintage and bright!
My basket quilt obsession,
keeps me up at night!
Dear Fat Quarter Shop, please,
give me all you've got.
I could create with ease,
thanks to Elizabeth Scott!

Gailanne said...

To get back into quilting,to get on the ball,
that's my dilemma this beautiful Fall,
It's all there...the love, time and desire,
all I need is that Red Rose Farm fabric to inspire.

Thanks for the chance, stay blessed!

Anonymous said...

Roses are red,
Polka dots of blue,
Come on, Red Rose Farm,
Send me the Charm!

denisebe said...

red rose farm
is full of charm
that will quickly be seen
covering my grandughters knees
in pretty dresses
for Sunday bests

Debi said...

I want me some Red Rose Farm
To cut into strips and simple charm
To sew with my crew
Give Project Linus a few
to keep the kids safe and warm!

tong said...

red rose, red rose
just perfect for something i propose
to make, some clothes
or the purse grandma chose
red rose, red rose
the anticipation grows

wow, that's the first time i've ever written anything poetry-ish. haha, thanks for the giveaway!

Linda said...

Red Rose Farms makes me grin.
I'll make some placemats should I win.

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Red Rose Farm
Red Rose Farm
How lovely to see
A quilt it will be
using Red Rose Farm

The Fam said...

Red Rose Farm,
You belong in my stash.
Although some sit for years,
You'd be gone in a flash.

shannoncarman at yahoo dot com

Carol said...

A field of roses, a Red Rose Farm
Inspires this fabric, so sunny and warm

It's cute as heck with dots you know,
I want to make that big blue bow

Love the tote bag, so girly and fun
Might just have to make me one

Janice H said...

Ok, I am gonna wing this

Outside my window, I spy a red rose
Inspiration quickly flows
My kitchen is a state of gloom
What I need is some life in this room.

A touch here, a dab there
A simple red rose to display the ware.
Across a window or upon a tray,
The beautiful colors brighten the day.

Guests are now welcome
to come and sip tea.
And share the beauty
a red rose can be.

Mary said...

A challenge is issued,
fabric the prize.
Oh what would I do,
my dreams to realize,

The things I would make,
the things I would quilt,
You'll all be so warm
your hairstyles would wilt.

Christmas approaches,
My gift list is growing,
With Red Roses fat quarters
My happy face would be glowing,
with cheeks red rose colored,
in this fabric so sweet.

Mary said...

That was fun :^)

Michelle D. said...

Rambling roses on the fence
Will fade at summer's end.
Red Rose Farm will bring them in
to brighten my home's den.

Ruth Wright said...

Roses are red and pink,
Cotton ones don't stink.
How I'd love to sew with this line,
I'd make something to be all MINE!!

xoxox Hope I win! (and not from the extreme talent of this poem! haha)
Ruth Wright

MRZ said...

Red, yellow and blue roses and dots and multi-color stripes
Patterns of all types
Ribbons and bows tying a beautiful bouquet
Making a poem today--
this favorite is beautiful

Jorie said...

Fabric called Red Rose Farm
Is a collection I could do no harm...
Just some cutting, and stitching,
But first hoping and wishing
That from this wonderful giveaway
Some beautiful fabric will come my way!

Nancy said...

I'd like to duplicate that bag -
The one from Red Rose Farm.
The bag is perfect! Just my size!
and would look good on my arm.

But I don't have the dollars or cents
to buy the Red Rose Farm collection.
I'm hoping I'll be one of two
who wins it
Now that would be perfection!

Cindy said...

A tote for my arm
Using Red Rose Farm.
How fun it would be
To carry such glee!

Red Rose Farm
So happy, so fun.
A Fat Quarter Bundle
To use under the sun.

Please enter my name,
You'd make my day,
Choose "Sew Cindy"
So I can play.

Annelies said...

Beautiful flowers with so much charm,
I would do anything to win Red Rose Farm,
I would sing you a song, and dance you a jig
I would happily pucker up and kiss a sweet pig!!!
I hope this rhyme had a poetic flow....
I picture the joy of roses to sew.

Thanks for the chance.....

Mouster1 said...

Red rover red rover please send rose farm right over. I love the latest handbag you've made and I'd like to make one myself. Thanks for the chance to win.

lisa said...

I am sorry, I am not feelign creative so I will use a modified version of what my daughter came home from school with (using her own name)

Royal colors

Ready for you to cut into
Simply to sit, and

Fat quarter shop has many options
At hand, however
Red rose farm needs to come home to

Lee Ann said...

Tossed rosebuds, stripes and dots galore,
Colorful, bright, and glorious.
How can you not sigh and adore
Red Rose Farm -- Meritorious!


I tried. :-D

the REAL girl said...

The colors delightful
The patterns so sweet!
And I'd love to create something with
your fabric so neat!

I love little flowers
the red, white, and blue
I love little patterns
so fresh and so new

I'm a new little quilter
with a new 'old' machine
and if I won this fat quarter
I'd feel like a queen!

Out here in the mountains
My roses are almost done
So to receive your rose farm fabric
Would be so much fun!

Oh what can I make?
Oh what can I do?
With the fat quarter bundle
from a sweet gal like you?

I'd create....I'd sew
I'd make something sweet
from the fabric you've created
that is so very neat!

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

Red Rose is fresh and bright and would bring a quilt lots of light.

There you go!....LOL.


corinne said...

I am not a poet and I know it.
So send some roses my way
and I be happy

jane p said...

Be mine
Red Rose Farm
I promise to be kind
And keep you from harm
A pretty purse is what I have in mind
Oh, you gonna charm

Jane Poh

GreenStyleMom said...

I need to get back to sewing
I'm tired of working with yarn
But I needed some inspiration
And it came in the form of Red Rose Farm.
What would I make?
It has yet to be seen.
But I'm sew excited
To again run my machine!

I don't think I'll quit my day job... LOL!

Vicky said...

Today your site will overflow
From each of us who want to sew
A table topper, toy, or quilt
And not be overcome by guilt
From spending too much of our cash
On fabric for our quilting stash.

So with my Red Rose quarter bundle
(I hope I win; I will be humble)
I’ll make the most outstanding spread
Of peanut butter, jelly, and bread!
Oops, my tummy has me losing sight
I know I just haven’t got this right!

Back to my poem, yes, I have had a break
(Forget the bread; I went straight to the cake)!
A quilt will be my superb creation
But now I must end this declaration.
I give you thanks whether I win or lose
And a big smile to whomever you choose!

Lexi said...

A rose farm quilt,
Will no doubt be built.
Carefully constructed,
Nothing deducted.
Sturdy for years,
Til the wind is a breeze
To cover someone elses knees.

Rachel said...

A quilting I will go,
A quilting I will go,
Hi ho the cheerio,
With Red Rose,
A quilting I will go.

LOL Okay kind of lame compared to others, but it's late and I had a root canal yesterday so my creativity is at about 0. :) :) A fat quarter bundle would cheer me right up though!!


Duff said...

I'd like to make a STYLIN' puffer vest for my puggle BAiley!

rxm0m said...

Mom's sister, Connie
Dad's brother named Ray,
were married only yesterday.

At a little chapel in the pines
surrounded by family in 2 lines,
To wish them blessings from above
and many years of boundless love.

This story is extra nifty
because they both are in their sixties!

I need a gift which wiil bring smiles,
that I can send across the miles.
A Red Rose quilt with love in each stitch
would be perfect for the newly hitched.

I adore the blocks in the photo sample,
if I win I can make ample
to send to Uncle Ray & Aunt Connie
a sweet Red Rose quilt, oh so Bonnie!

deborah said...

Beautiful Red Roses abound
on a luscious yellow ground
tiny rosebuds go
with the flow

Pitiful I know, but I love love this fabric!

Michelle said...

Red Rose Farm
How sweet is thee?
I sure would like
to win some for me!
To make something pretty
maybe something warm
a quilt would be nice
made with Red Rose farm!

WoolenSails said...

Red Rose Farm
So full of charm
A beautiful Fat Quarter,
To make a quilt for my daughter.

Well, it is late and that was all my brain could come up with, lol.


Jan said...

A poem?

If I could,
I would.
I can't so....

Everyone else id a fantastic job, congrats to the winner.

The Pink Fawn said...

How about a haiku?

Pretty crimson roses
dance with polka dots
as sweet bunting.

Kathryn said...

My husband gives me roses.
He's very good that way.
I'm looking at your new line
And hoping to win the giveaway.

lizzie said...

oh how the roses are red
how they dance around in my head
what shall i do oh what shall i do
but make a blanket that's yellow, red and blue
so many things to do on the farm
whatever it may be, it's sure to be a charm

mascanlon said...

Roses are red
Roses are yellow
I need Red Rose farm
To make something for my feller...


The Other Green Bagz said...

I promised myself, a quilt I would make
For my Mother-in-law (it cant be a fake)
The roses are lovely
So bright and true
For a quilt that says " I love you".

(honest, if I win I WILL make them into a quilt for my MiL - she makes everyone else one but doesnt have one for herself!!)

Laura said...

Red Rose Farm, oh so pretty,
If it weren't really late I'd say something witty,
But my brain won't work, so I'll wrap up this rhyme
By saying I'd make something sublime.

Nancy Sue said...

The Red Rose I know
is the one under my nose,
that permeates from my brewed cup.

It's the name of my tea
my gram introduced to me,
when I was just a little wee pup.

Red Rose Farm fabric I see,
is perfect for me
who splashes with her teaball dipper.

The florals will hide
all the drips on the side
with a mug rug I'll make for my sipper.

nsue21702 at gmail dot com

RustyBird said...

Oh, I want some Red Rose Farm,
a Fat Quarter Bundle can do no harm.

A quilt will be the project,
garanteed not to be an unfinished object.

Crafty Mama said...

Red Rose, Red Rose,
A poem I'll compose,
Your beautiful fabric I'll take,
A beautiful quilt you shall make.

jahogan said...

Red Rose Farm
will keep me warm
when made into a quilt

I'm sorry this ditty
is not very witty
but at least the roses won't wilt

bruinbr said...

A fat quarter bundle is in demand,
wouldn't a Red Rose Farm one would be so grand?
I'd love to use it to decorate my currently bland bed,
by making a beautiful new quilt on which I can lay my head. :)

Hope you enjoyed my rhyme! Thanks for the giveaway!

bruinbr at gmail dot com

Fiesta said...

Thank you for the chance. I have made several of Elizabeth's quilts and I admire her work.
Red rose farm, red rose farm.
How I want you in my arms.
To create, to admire, or just aquire your luscious blooms in my new quilt attire.

JayTee said...

I think they would make a cute mother/daughter apron set

Nancy said...

I love the old
I love the new
Red Rose Farm
would certainly do
To make a small
Lap quilt
For two!

Kristen said...

A picnic is just the thing
to do with a FQ win -
a basket to line
and a quilt so fine ...
Red Rose Farm makes my heart sing!

Love it!
tenquilts (at) gmail (dot) com

sarahbethe said...

Flowers and dots, oh my!
A beautiful sight to my eye.
Elizabeth Scott's new line
Is certainly quite divine!

SheilaS said...

Beautiful Red Rose Farm
The fabric would disarm
My mom would love the roses
I'd make quilts to cover our noses
How lovely it would be
If the prize would go to me!

pbs said...

Red Rose Farm
You definetely have charm!

Colors so bright
Will bring joy to anyone's life!

Tiffany Sherman said...

To the tune of "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star"

Red Rose, Red Rose, Red Rose Farm
Soft French fabrics sewn with yarn
Quilted in the style of art
Hand-sewn layers for a start
Red Rose, Red Rose, Red Rose Farm
Soft French fabrics sewn with yarn

Brenda said...

There was a young lady,
who lived in Peru.
She like sewing and quilting,
and other crafts too.
She'd made blankets and purses,
dresses and hats.
This time I think,
I'll make some placemats.
She sat at her desk,
and began to design.
Oh I hope that this fabric,
soon will be mine.

Very cheesy I know, but you asked for it :)

Tiffaney said...

Red Rose Farm
Red Rose Farm
Send that bundle right into my arms

Stormy Days said...

The blue, the red
would look so good on my bed.
Polka dots and roses,
to cover my toe es.
Red Rose Farm, come home to me,
and a beautiful quilt you will be.

Liz said...

My daughter's a baby,
but soon she will grow,
And that is why I need this you know.
I made her a baby quilt,
but she will need something new.
And for a twin size quilt,
Red Rose Farm will certainly do!

Miss Nancy said...

Love the blue and red together in these bright and cheery fabrics. These fabrics would make a great springtime quilt and/or table runner. Thank you for sharing.

Have a super great sewing day.

A Bee Line said...

Rose Farm is Red
I would be Blue
If couldn't make tons of tote bags
With you!

MaddyMaze Studio said...

Red Rose Farm is so sweet
I could make something that would be a treat.
Frilly, lacey, its my choice,
doesn't it just make your eyes moist?
Time to go sew and to dream
of that beautiful Red Rose Farm
that just made the scene!

Thanks for letting me play!

James-Linda said...


Anonymous said...

My 11 year old granddaughter's room is getting a make over for Christmas. She loves flowers, dots, stripes and embellisments. I can see cute throw pillows for her bed. She has told me she does not want any more big quilts right now, just lap quilts. She wants lots of beads on things. The flowers would be perfect to add beads and crystals to.

Melissa said...

Red Rose Farm is the fabric that I crave.
What to make with it? Dare I be brave?
I could make a quilt to keep my tootsies warm,
and keep away the monsters that would do me harm.
For you know they don't like flowers filled with love and cheer.
They prefer the dust bunnies in the closet... oh dear!

Yeah, it's bad, but I had fun and that's what matters. Thanks for the chance to win!

Sheila Galindo said...

I live on a farm,
I have a barn,
I have red roses too.
If I should win these lovely fats,
I would never be blue.

Sherri said...

I love this line....florals polka favorites...and I want to use the stripe fabric cut on the bias for binding...a quilt of course! This line would be wonderful for a kitchen table topper too! Or a bag...or anything!

Stray Stitches said...

Red Rose Farm
So full of charm

To create, let's think
What to do with so much pink

A pillow, a runner, a quilt
Which, if any, will be built?

To ponder, to wonder, to dream
It must be something to make it beam.

If you want to be happy and warm
You must make it of Red Rose Farm!

Cynthia in Clovis, CA said...

At 83, my mother
Is looking for a change.
She's giving up her cottage.
An apartment will be strange.
Her son and I are hoping
She'll make some new best friends.
Old friends are mostly gone now:
It's too early for her end.
She wants a pretty bedroom.
She's using lots of pink.
A small quilt made of Red Rose Farm
Would be just right, I think.

Judith said...

I have been so sad
Since my Princess has gone
This Red Rose Fabric
Would be a sweet song
To cheer me up as I sew
I'll dedicate this little throw
To the little girl who was here
For a wonderful, grand 16 years.

Thank you for a chance to win
this beautiful fabric

Anonymous said...

Red Rose Farm fabric that comes in a fat quarter or charm package would make a great quilt for my favorite niece.

What a great giveaway - Thanks for the chance to win.
Brenda K

Stacy Kraft said...

Red Rose Fabrics are Red
But I am feeling blue
Cuz if I don't win this fabric
I won't know what to do

Silly but that's all I coudl come up with.

Peaceful Piecer said...

roses are red, I'm feeling blue, stuck home in the rain and I need fabric new

free indeed said...

Congrats on your special achievement! Now here's the poem:

Tossed Roses
Satisfied Noses
That clear color appeal.
Large Scale
Small Scale
I'm just wanting a feel.

Quilts for family and friends;
Quilts for charity given with charm.
How about a quilt just for me
Made with luscious Red Rose Farm!

Deb said...

I'd love to win the fabric to make a beautiful rose quilt for next spring.

A single red rose
A single rose to carry the burden
A single rose to soften the blow
A single red rose the sign of love

Helen said...

okay, here's my attempt:

On a rainy day so dreary
I wished to make a quilt so cheery
With roses, stripes and lots of dots
The Red Rose Farm fabric hits the spot!

I love the Fat Quarter Shop Fat Quarter bag!

pedilu said...

I love the fabrics of Red Rose.
They would make a good pose
from my shoulders to my toes.

(Sorry, I'm not a native speaker.)

Lennu said...

Oh! To write a poem
with language not your own
is like sewing with my machine
on which I'm not very keen...

But my daughter would so love
these colours bright and fun
that for her I'd sew by hand -
I'm sure you understand :)

kathyinozarks said...

red rose farm
red rose farm
roses against the barn
red rose farm
red rose farm
lambs, cows, pigs in the barn
hehe not real good at poems, but would love that red rose farm fabric to make a little lap quilt

Sandie ~call me crazy said...

I'd give my right arm
for a bundle of red rose farm!
it reminds of a warm sunny day..
sunshine, fresh air and children at play!
I'd bring it indoors,
for a quilt (or a table), not floors! :-)

Karyli said...

Oh, what a wonderful day,
For a fun little give-away,
Some Red Rose Farm,
Oh, what could it harm,
I'll make a quilt with it right away.

Sandy said...

Red roses, red roses
Seeing you makes my nose twitch
You are so beautiful my hands itch
To cut and feed you to my machine to stitch
Then quilt you in the ditch

Okay, I'll admit that that was really, really bad!=) The fabric, however, is gorgeous!Thanks for the opportunity to win!

Lisa said...

Red Rose Farm with yellow, pink, blue and green
Is one of the happiest fabric lines that I have ever seen.

It really is a feel good fabric-very homey and I love the clear bright colors.

Barb in Mi said...

For Red Rose Farm
I'd give my arm.

Some dots and some flowers
Will release quilting powers

To create and design
The quilt will be mine.

I need to succeed
Or I will delete

This attempt of a rhyme
That makes you all whine...

What fun - Thanks for the opportunity!

Beth Street said...

A beautiful quilt I wish to make
Of roses for my sister's sake.

So off to the Fat Quarter Shop
On the internet I did hop.

Oh what a super wonderful site
For there, was help for my plight.

Before my eyes with all of its charm
A brand new collection called "Red Rose Farm"

Vintage style roses just what I love
Almost like they came from heaven above.

Thanks to you Elizabeth Scott and the Fat Quarter Shop
This special quilt will not be a flop!!!

Leah said...

My Bro is getting married next Spring & this would be a beautiful quilt for his sweetie & he! :)

MonicaP said...

Red Rose Farm
Is full of charm
delicate flowers
falling like showers

lots of roses and dots
to brighten up our hearts
One thing is certain
they'll make great curtains

Well, I thought the colors would look great in my bathroom or kitchen.

Marcia said...

Here is my poem inspired by the fabrics of a red rose on a yellow background and the aqua blue ribbon.
Quilting in the garden
What did I see
But a sweet red rose
Peeking out at me.
Behind the rose
Was a yellow wall
Above a blue sky
Tied a ribbon
Around it all.

To double your fun, my mother also wrote a poem.
Down the winding country road,
Over the lazy gurgling stream
There was a narrow lane that led
To a quiet place to dream.
Cows in the pasture eating the grass
Quilts on the line by the big red barn
Roses in the yard blooming in the sun
Life is good at the Red Rose Farm.

Thanks for the opportunity.

Marcia said...

Here is my poem inspired by the fabrics of a red rose on a yellow background and the aqua blue ribbon.
Quilting in the garden
What did I see
But a sweet red rose
Peeking out at me.
Behind the rose
Was a yellow wall
Above a blue sky
Tied a ribbon
Around it all.

To double your fun, my mother also wrote a poem.
Down the winding country road,
Over the lazy gurgling stream
There was a narrow lane that led
To a quiet place to dream.
Cows in the pasture eating the grass
Quilts on the line by the big red barn
Roses in the yard blooming in the sun
Life is good at the Red Rose Farm.

Thanks for the opportunity.

Cory said...

Roses are Red
and come from the Farm.
To win this prize,
I'd give my right arm.

Well, maybe not cause then I couldn't quilts. :-) Sorry, poetry is not my forte but I had to try. I would love to win this fabric. Thank you for the chance. Take care and God bless, Cory

Peggy said...

The roses are red.
The blues are true.
Red Rose Farm is sweet,
And I want to win, wohooo!!!

Jette said...

All the UFO´s on my table
I will quickly disable
The Red Rose Farm will be first in line
For a lap quilt will do me fine

Quilary said...


Spring flowers softness
Trailing buds of pink and green
How much you want them!

Goosegirl said...

Red Rose Farm,
It makes me happy.
When I look at it,
I get pretty sappy.

Polka dots
and ribbons of blue
tender green leaves
and cheerful stripes too.

Romantic nosegays
a cozy quilt
these lovely roses
will never wilt.

Lindi said...

I went to the Rose Farm the other day,
I needed some buds to make a nosegay!
But nary a one in the whole garden plot!
They'd all been gathered by Elizabeth Scott.
She was making some fabric all pretty, you see,
Fabric to sew with for you and for me!
So my nosegay must wait, I want fabric instead.
Fabric to sew me a quilt for my bed.

Jo said...

This is all in jest....

You don't have to twist my arm,
I can see I would love Red Rose farm.

Thanks you for giving me a look but now I just might have to be a crook.

That's it, I want it, I'll do you some harm,
If you don't pick me to win the Red Rose Farm.

Lee said...

Roses are red
Lee is blue.
She needs Red Rose Farm fabrics
I do, I do!
Prune it all up
Sew nice and neat.
A rose and blue quilt
To warm little feet.
Bind it up cute
to present to the nieces.
Who will squeal with delight
and love it to pieces!

Thanks for the unique opportunity to win such lovely fabric.

quiltsbylee said...

A beautiful tote would be created by Quilts By Lee

Made with Red Rose Farm, a delight to see

cakegirl said...

The rose are red
The bows they are blue.
The perfect fabric
to make a quilt for you.

Linda said...

Oh what a lovely giveaway. I would make a new quilt for my bed.I collect antiques and they are all around my home. So a vintage looking fabric..WOW!.All the quilts I have made have gone to someone its time for me.

diplofam said...

There once was a girl who loved to sew
but one sad day her stash grew low
and so she got on her favorite site
to see if they had what was just right
and lo and behold they were giving away
a Fat Quarter Bundle perfect for quilt play
The Red Rose Farm was just the right fit
For this girl's fabric habit.
and if she were to somehow win
she would come back to FQS again and again!

Thanks for the giveaway and the chance to practice my poetry skills!

Cherry Chick said...

Some fabric from Elizabeth Scott
Oh My...wouldn't that be hot!
Her roses are red and exude charm
I'd like to have some of that Red Rose Farm
Sorry but I must stop
It's time to go to the Fat Quarter Shop
It's THE place to snag
fabric for a Darling Bag!

Thanks for making me use my brain this morning.

Susan said...

Wow, there are some great poems out there, right?? Okay, I am not quite that savvy, but I am envisioning tons and tons of cute bow ties made out of the polka dots and floral as the settings......this is the happiest fabric, so adorable and the lucky part is that it matches my house. Looks just like a bright and happy picnic waiting to happen.....Count me in...Susan

Miri said...

roses are red, dots are white,
i love this fabric all right,
i'll cut and sew
quilt and bind
you can see, i can't rhyme.

Lee Ann said...

Red Rose Farm
Bag on my arm.
It's no sin
To hope I win!

Anonymous said...

Red Rose Farm,
Quite fresh and such a charm,
Elizabeth Scott your designs are so vintage and sweet,
The roses look good enough to eat.
Thanks for letting me dream,
of Roses and cream.

Shannon said...

Red Rose, Red Rose
Your such a dream!
Come to me and help
My bedroom Gleam!

Flower quilt on top,
spotted sheats under,
Help me out now so
I won't make a blunder.

I hope that is ok. Thank you for the chance.

Brigitte said...

Roses are red. That you'll agree. It's the prettiest I've ever seen. I'll make a bag and add some green.

Pat S. said...

Red Rose Farm is a beautiful line
Of fabric for quilters to use.
So please send me ample
of the fabric to sample.
Then I'll quilt away with these hands of mine!

Marilyn S said...

Red Rose Farm
In a charm
Make a quilt
Beautiful and warm.

Chris said...

Red, pink, blue and white
Combined they make quilty delight
They come together, this farm of red roses
To cover us from our toes to our noses

Obviously I am not much of a poet LOL

Just JaiCi's Crafts said...

My daughter loves everything pink,
Although she hates putting dishes in the sink...

She loves flowers from big to small,
And loves the leaves when the change in the fall...

She asked for a new blanket to put on her bed,
One with "pretties" to cover her head...

I would make her a quilt from this beautiful line,
And hopefully never again have to rhyme!!!

Barbara said...

No need for alarm
Quilting does me no harm
Cause' Red Rose Farm
Has plenty of charm.

In other words, I'll use it for quilting.

Kyra said...

Time for a Haiku!

I need a new bag
Red Rose Farm would be perfect
I do hope I win!

Whew! Thanks for hosting a giveaway!

IMAN said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Julia said...

Roses are red, and so is this fabric.
Now what can I say to win the jackpot, except that I need to have some red roses from Red Rose Barn.

Weatherbee ;) said...

Red Rose Farm,
full of such charm.
Lizzy and Kitty,
designed it so pretty.
Bright colors and flowers,
using seducing powers,
To make me wish,
I owned this fabric so delish!

Thanks for an amazing giveaway!!

Shasta said...

Sweet flowers in blue and red
Really need to be on my bed.
Quilted up with pretty seams
Would ensure my sweet dreams.

Anonymous said...

Red roses, red roses
smell good to our noses.

And this lovely rose
on a quilt I can pose.

What a fabulous collection
for our 'budding' reflection.

Dots, bows and stripes
with roses, YIPES!!

What fun it will be,
can hardly wait to see.

It's the end of this rhyme.
Thanks--all the time.

Mary B.

Tressa said...

Down on the farm where the wild wind blows;
Red roses are dancing among calico rows.
Blue is the sky as the sun shines bright
Dancing and swaying in the evening light.
Over the hills you come to me
Carrying the gift of joyful glee
Wrapped in soft tissue and tied with a bow
A soft little quilt for baby you sewed.

Karen said...

Red Rose Farm
You have me charmed
With you I can make aprons or bags
Or quilts with gift tags

MoeWest said...

Ok, but I'm not a poetry writer so this is straining my brain!
Stripes, polka dots, roses tied with a bow
What to make with fabrics from Liz? I know ...
A bag in blue, green, yellow, red and pink
Heads will turn, I think
When I walk on the farm
With this bag on my arm!

Saskia said...

The Rose as my favorite flower,
with the color red, gives it power.
On a farm with apples in a barn,
Sewed together with red yarn.
Maybe sent to Holland in a bundle,
Turned into something to cuddle.

Merry Made Quilts said...

That little bag is so devine. I would make it if the stash were mine! I think I'd better hop in line!

Mama24Monkeys said...

Red roses so bright,
red roses so cherry,
dots and stripes,
to make one merry.

To sew such lovelies,
would make me bloom,
even on a rainy day,
especially for my cousin June.

Aprons and bags,
neither will do,
for potholders are in order,
for her delicious beef stew!

sewmeow said...

Such a charm, Red Rose Farm
bolts, and more bolts, but there's not any colts.

That little bag is just so fine, I'd use the fat quarters to make it mine.

Thanks sew much


Sharon said...

Red Rose Farm,
Red Rose Farm,
A little more fabric
won't do any harm.

Kathy said...

Beautiful buds, delightful dots
Sprays of roses tied with beribboned knots
Memories of childhood pillows and spreads
Inspire me to create coverings for my bed

Red Rose Farm is the fabric I covet
It’s vintage design well I just love it!
Quilts and cushions, aprons and purses
Things I will make if I win with these verses

Mary said...

What's pink and blue and yellow and green?
Some of the cutest darn stuff you've ever seen.
It has dots and stripes and roses so pretty,
Just thinking about it makes me all giddy.
Red Rose Farm is oh so sweet,
If I had some, it'd sure be neat.
What would I do with it, what would I make?
A frilly apron and a bag, for goodness sake!
Or a quilt made of it would be cheery and bright.
Oh, to win this fabric would be such a delight.

Brittainy Barnes said...

One Quilt I've ever complete
I was young, but it was quite fun
So what makes Red Rose so neat?
It reminds me of gardening in the sun.

It makes me want to sew!
I have to make something new!
But what to make? I KNOW!
A valentines day quilt- how cool!

Melissa Corry said...

To Sew or not to Sew, Is it ever a Question? And a Red Rose by any other Designer would not look as sweet in my beautiful new quilt!

So maybe not so much a poem buy there is a bit of Shakespeare, I am not near as creative with words as I am with fabric :)

an encourager said...

Fabric is red, fabric is blue,
I love fabric in any hue!

The squares, the circles, the triangles, oh my...

Any fabric makes me want to give quilt patterns a try!


Kathy said...

Beautiful buds, delightful dots
Sprays of roses tied with beribboned knots
Memories of childhood pillows and spreads
Inspire me to create coverings for my bed

Red Rose Farm is the fabric I covet
It’s vintage design well I just love it!
Quilts and cushions, aprons and purses
Things I will make if I win with these verses

sorry forgot to include kslwoods at gmail dot com

IMAN said...

Oh my god
What a beautiful collection!
available the fat quarter shop
The name is Red Rose Farm

Oh my god
What am i writing
Just because i got
To write something

To win the lovely red rose farm


Becky S. said...

Here is my ode to the beautiful Red Rose Farm
Oh, how I'm in love with your vintage charm

With your polka dots, stripes and little rosebuds too
Who can resist that perfect shade of blue

Ever since I saw you at the Late Bloomer Blog
My mind has been in a bit of a fog

How can I get some to add to my stash?
The Fat Quarter Shop- of course. But, do I have enough cash?

Imagine my delight when the Jolly Jabber said there's fabric to win
My face has been covered with an ear to ear grin!

I'd have lots of fun sewing a quilt by Miss Rosie
I know your lovely florals would make my bed cozy

So farewell for now, thanks for reading my poem
Pretty please pick ME--I'll give Red Rose a good home!!!

Blah Blah said...

I love the colors! So bright and eye-catching!

Mom of two said...

Oh Red Rose Farm
You give such vintage charm
with your dots and stripes
your a perfect match to hype
I want you to come my home
so I can make a quilt for my home

j_winters_17 at yahoo dot com

Cyn said...

The roses are red
Some of the background is blue
Please pick my poem
So I will win you!

pippirose said...

Red Roses fabric
Squares of pink, yellow and blue
A quilt for the wall

pippirose59 at gmail dot com

jackiero said...

Red Rose Farm questions why farm fabric?
Be so me to reply, why farm fabric not!
Doesn't rose tones of yellow, pink, green, plus blue tickle the eyeball fancy? Ohh, lala dots, swirleys and roses too!
Red Rose Farm questions motive plans, too?!
As rose roots hold the dirt, I, too, hold the fabric!
Just for this and that, little here, little there, as rain falls on roses....growing into everything and something.
Red Rose Farm fabric, beautiful growing, quilting growing.

Ruth B said...

I would love to win some Red Rose farm,
To win, I'd let you break my arm. (poetic license there - no arm breaking will be tolerated)
In pretty shades of pink and blue,
This fabric is the perfect hue.

Theli said...

There was a woman in Warwick
who used a Red Rose Farm fabric
to make a quilt
but she couldn't quit
so the quilt had grown
and covered her home.

Thats Sew Shawna said...

There is a girl who moved to a farm
Oh yes, there is cause to have alarm

All the way from Cali
She found out you couldn't milk a cow called O'Malley

She thought it would be best to start up quilting
Before the entire farm began wilting

She came across fabric with so much charm
Made by Elizabeth Scott and called Red Rose Farm

She thought to herself if she could get her hands on that
She might make a quilt to catch that damn barn cat

Martina said...

red red roses on my farm
makes my heart to feel so warm
all their beauty and their smell
invites me to rest and dwell!

Love that fabric! Thanks for the chance to win!

Patty said...

Roses are Red,
Violets are Blue
I'd love to have Red Rose Farm
To make a quilt or two!

Thearica said...

Everywhere I look
There are giveaways a' plenty
Which do I sign up for?
Oh gosh! There are so many!

Then all of a sudden
Out of the corner of my eye!
I see the Jolly Jabber
Has posted a surprise!!

Quick, to the comment section
I must hurry and go!
So I will have a chance
At smelling like a rose!

Shescrafty said...

why o' why do I want red rose farm?
what a silly question of course..
Red Rose Farm want I do not..
Red Rose Farm needed indeed
Red Rose Farm yearning to be..
Red Rose Farm will be quilted of course...

taradara made it said...

I love the Red Rose Farm fabrics!!!! I can see so many items being made from them!!!!