Remembrance by Brannock and Patek + Fall into Fall Giveaway

I know a few lads that tell me they still cry as grown men every time they hear the Star Spangled Banner.  Maybe that's just a east Texan thing... or an Army thing, but this new line makes me think of all those lads listening to The song of the United States of America.  Today Jan Patek from Brannock and Patek is here to chat a little about what their new reproduction line-- Remembrance-- is all about.  

Remembrance originated with my father and father-in-law who were career Army and career Navy (which means they stayed in the service for the full 20 years).  I also had in mind all the men and women still serving our country.  As you will notice the colors mimic this thought.  First, I started with red, white and blue from the American flag and Navy.  I then also threw in Army green to recognize my father and all of the others who served.

My favorite patterns using Remembrance are the Christmas ones - Christmas 101 and Donder and Blitzen.  One of my favorites for my little granddaughter is Lilly's Hearts & Stars.  I just finished working on patterns for the Remembrance Classic Wovens line Linda and I did.  I really like it - did a Bicycle quilt using a Dresden plate for the wheels. What fun! I've also been waiting for the wovens to do my grandson Gabriel's quilt because I wanted a specific blue plaid for the border. It's called Gabriel's Ark and has all the animals he loves, including wolves and snakes. We put the dinosaur on the back because he can't live with the other animals. ;-)

What I'm working on now is patterns for Lilac Hill - the group that will show at Fall Market. I'm doing some work on patterns with Jenny Doan of Missouri Star Quilt Co.  She's just a whiz at figuring out things to do with charm packs and jelly rolls.  Use our fabric and add some applique to the geometrics and I think we have some real winners!

Have a great Fall.  Sit, stitch and watch the leaves turn colors.
- Jan

Note: keep your eyes open-- we sold out of some of the patterns above but more are on the way!


We are also participating in the Fall into Fall Quilt Bloggers Giveaway!

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It's another giveaway.. just for fun! ;-)

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