Monday, March 29, 2010

Easter-Themed Quilt Contest on Quilting Gallery

Hey y'all! We get to sponsor this week's weekly-themed contest over at Quilting Gallery!

Like the title says *points up* send in a photo of your Easter-themed quilt this week for the prize of a Jelly Roll of your choice!

All the submitted photos will be showcased on the Quilting Gallery blog on Friday morning, and voting will run from then til Easter Sunday night (April 4, 2010). The winner will be announced next Monday (April 5)!

Thanks, Michele, for letting us get involved with the contests!! And good luck to all of the contestants!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Debbie's Recipe Box: Deep Dish Almond Apple Pie

Today's recipe sounds soooo delectable! The almond and apple is a seriously delicious combo. Click on the image for a printable PDF!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Vintage Memories Block of the Month -- And a Chance to Win!

Martinique arrived from Moda just the other day...which means, among other things, that our Vintage Memories Block of the Month Club is about to start!

Sherri Falls blogged for us about her beautiful quilt design back in December, and now that the fabric is finally here, we're sooooo ready!! (And yes, if you're wondering, there are still spots available - you can sign up here! If you're already signed up, there's a button over on the right side bar for your use!)

But you know how it is when you get your blocks -- you totally intend to be diligent in making that block as soon as it arrives...but then something comes up and distracts you and...before you know it, the finishing kit is there, and well...there's nothing to finish yet. And it may very well be another year before you finally pick up the first month's fabrics. I think I speak for about 68% of the quilting community here, give or take a few.

So we want to give you a little carrot to get this lovely finished in a timely manner!

Each month, we will post a Vintage Memories photo call -- whether you're on Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, or on your own blog, post a picture of your finished block each month, and you'll be randomly entered to win 2 Charm Packs of your choice!

From whatever service you decide to use, post a link to your block photo in the comments section of that Vintage Memories photo call, simple as that! We'll announce the winner of that month's round the following week.

If you're on Twitter, Twitpic and Yfrog are two popular applications you can use to upload your photos.
If you have Facebook, here's how to upload photos on Facebook.
If you have a Flickr account, here's how to upload photos to Flickr.
And if you have your own blog, depending on what service you use, you should be able to find instructions on uploading photos from its help center!

Gosh, we are soooo loving the web and all the ways we can reach you guys!

OH, also, if you Vintage Memories peeps want to talk to each other -- we've started a discussion topic on our Facebook page for you! Share questions, comments, and we'll be chatting right along with you!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Announcing a New Moda Designer!

We are sooooooo ecstatic to post this!! It's been top-secret up until this very very very second.

Guess who the newest Moda fabric designer is going to be??? (I purposely didn't write it in the title of this post so there'd still be an element of surprise.)


Yes yes yes folks, do a little bunny hop right now because Anne Sutton is joining the line-up of fabulous Moda creativistas!

Oh my goodness, I can hardly contain my excitement! Have you seen this Moda ad in McCall’s Magazine? It's me; I’m one of the COMING SOON hexagons!

Kimberly was the one who encouraged me to present a fabric line to Moda. She’s always been there to support me, and it's because of her encouragement that I can finally shout it from the rooftops...Bunny Hill is designing for MODA FABRICS!

Bunny Hill will be having twins with Moda, can you believe it? That's right -- twins, and they're going to be spoiled before they even arrive! Everyone at Bunny Hill is fawning over them, and we've already given them names! "Lily & Will" will be arriving at Spring Market on May 21st in the Moda booth. We've planned quite the party! We're serving Jelly Rolls, Layer cakes, and bundles of joy like you've never seen before!

Just look at the selvage on this fabric!

This is going in a special quilt for Lily. And of course we can't forget Will.
He's going to have a special quilt too. And leave it to Moda to show the colors on the selvage with little bunnies!

Here's a sneak peak at one of the sweets I'll be serving at market. You're invited for a tasting too! Kimberly will be announcing when they arrive at The Fat Quarter Shop! Treats like you’ve never seen before!

So get ready for satin, satin ruffles, beautiful damasks and more, in colors so beautiful you won't believe it!

Thank you Moda! You’ve made it so easy for our twins to arrive!

Anne Sutton
Bunny Hill Designs

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Heavenly Peace by Verna Mosquera for FreeSpirit Fabrics

Verna Mosquera just has that LOOK in everything she does, that magical beauty that is simply enchanting. You know what I'm talking about. The soft colors and romantic prints transport you to a wonderful place. Verna is back in the fabric world with her third line for FreeSpirit Fabrics, called Heavenly Peace. Its inspiration may have holiday origins, but it can be used any time of the year. Wonderful poinsettia florals (that aren't super super poinsettia!), ethereal carnations, fresh plaids, contemporary diamonds, and stylized toiles make Heavenly Peace a line you will love all year 'round.

I am so excited to talk about my new line, Heavenly Peace for FreeSpirit Fabrics. I can hardly believe the time has come where customers can purchase these fabrics, that the collection is arriving in stores. The Heavenly Peace fabric collection is my vision of holiday 2010.

I have always loved celebrating Christmas with my family and friends. While I decorate every year, each year the decor changes and I try to put an interesting spin on the traditional. As most people know I am drawn to that which is vintage and have an extensive collection of vintage Christmas ornaments. When I decided to do Heavenly Peace I wanted the colors and prints to express that which I was so fond of during the holidays.

The pinks, greens, greys and ivory in the collection represent pink poinsettias, noble firs, silver bells and sugar cookies. The prints aren't ones that people would expect; there are no little trees here. It is more a romantic representation of who I am and what I love. You'll find gorgeous florals, peppermint stripes, a fabulous paisley and an itty bitty snowflake print. When I received my yardage I immediately dove in to one of my favorite quilt designs ever, Noel. This is my new block of the month design which will debut in May of 2010. It is comprised of all of the wonderful Christmas images you can imagine. For a peek, check out my news page. For years I have replied to e-mails asking where customers might find the exact fabrics I have used in a quilt. I am so happy to say Noel is made exclusively from my Heavenly Peace collection.

While I plan to design many holiday items out of this line, I think my favorite thing about it is that it is so versatile and can be used for so many other things. I can see using it not only for quilts but women and children's garments as well as home decor. It is fresh and bright and many of the pieces in the collection also blend beautifully with my last line Savon Bouquet. I hope that customers will enjoy using it as much as I am.

Verna Mosquera
The Vintage Spool

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Thank you!

Just wanted to take a quick moment to thank all of you for voting for us as Best Online Quilt Store on SewCalGal's Golden Quilter Awards! We are really, really grateful for our wonderful customers. We work really hard 'round the clock to make Fat Quarter Shop a great and easy place to shop, and recognition like this is just complete icing.

So thank you!!!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Make Life... by Sweetwater for Moda Fabrics

Are you a Sweetwater fan yet? This mother-daughters trio took us by storm last year with their debut Authentic line -- it was a go-nuts, can't-keep-it-in-stock collection. Even if your aesthetic isn't normally their natural look, yet you LOVED it. I think the same can be said for Make Life..., their next line that is now available! Perfect for Spring with its bright primary palette, with a dose of contemporary, sophisticated gray...yeah, we're big Sweetwater fans. :) Hope you enjoy our little tete-a-tete with the Sweetwater gals!

So, Sweetwater ladies! Make Life… is a colorful departure from your first line for Moda, Authentic. What’s the thought and inspiration behind this line?

There are many different styles and colors that appeal to us and we like to change things up! Although I do think that both Authentic and Make Life both fit well into our simple and clean style. The Make Life line was actually inspired by an HGTV commercial that ran several years ago. In the commercial, several of the HGTV stars promoted their show by saying Make Life _____ and then they would fill in the blank with a different word. We came up with our favorite Make Life...... phrases and put them into a collection.

Has your design process changed any since the first time around? Any lessons learned or better yet more ideas?

Our design style is always evolving - always trying new techniques and incorporating new ideas into our designs. We are always looking for new ideas to keep our style looking "fresh"!

What’s your vision for Make Life… ?

We actually came out with 7 new patterns using the Make Life line, that were shown at the 2009 Fall Quilt Market. We plan on coming out with a few new projects once the fabric has been shipped. (On a personal note, my vision is to re-do my guest bedroom with the Make Life line!)

Last time you wrote for us, you said you were still waiting to see if you like Authentic or Make Life better. Is the answer clear now, or is the jury still out?

I think that we still may be split on that. My mom would say Authentic but my sister and I prefer Make Life! Good thing we have something for us all. We also revealed our next line for Moda that throws another option in the running!

Karla, Susan & Lisa
Make Life Sweet

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Debbie's Recipe Box: Springtime Strata

Well, hello first day of Spring! So apt, today's recipe is Springtime Strata. Enjoy!
Click on the image for a printable PDF!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Modern Meadow Fat Quarter Bundle Winners

Time to announce the winners of our Modern Meadow Fat Quarter Bundle Giveaways!

This was a hot one -- 44 tweets (no worries, we counted you even if you were unsure about the Retweeting thing) and 506 blog comments! Soooo...we're picking one Twitter winner and two blog winners for this one.

And the winners are....drum roll please....

1) Amy from Twitter (watchtheflowers) who wants First Bloom

2) Maria McGill who wants Cool Stream

3) TheLazyQuilter who wants Sunny Day

Congratulations, ladies! Please e-mail Jocelyn @ for your prize. If I don't have a way of contacting you and don't hear back from you within a week, we'll pick another winner.

Thanks, and TGIF!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Me and My Sister Favorites -- Winner!

Alright, it's time for somebody out in the blogosphere to win the giveaway from last Friday! The prize -- a generous pack of Barb & Mary's favorite things!

Since so many fans had also commented on Barb & Mary's post directing them to our blog, we decided to include them as well. So here we ready?

The grand prize (well, only prize if you wanna get technical) is....

Drum roll...

Lucky girl Erin, please email your address to Jocelyn @ to claim your prize!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Rainy Days & Mondays by Melimba & Beccabury for Riley Blake Designs

I love giving designers free rein to write what they like. This is a classic case of why. You get a real dose of the personalities behind the talent -- and these two have personAlity. Funny, interesting, talented & goofy -- all big pluses in my book! Introducing Melimba & Beccabury (real names Melissa Wood and Rebecca Snyder) who have debuted with their fabric designs for Riley Blake!
Their collection, Rainy Days and Mondays is to die for (though I don't really like that phrase, cuz -- if you die, you can't enjoy it right? Anyone?) 

Anyways, it's really, really, really cute! :) Just like these sisters are really, really, really cute. See that photo of Rebecca in the red dress? Does that not strike anyone else with Jane Austenesque grace? We've got Rainy Days in yardage, bundles, and Jolly Packs®!

We are sisters... two out of five children born to Roland and Denise. Melimba and Beccabury are aliases for our names, Melissa and Rebecca (we bet you can figure out who is who). We met back in 1988 when Rebecca was born. Melissa was four years old at the time, and they've been great pals ever since. Currently, Melissa is 25 and Becca happens to be 21. We grew up in Alpine, Utah and come from a long line of quilters. Our mom has been sewing, well, forever, and so did all those who came before her... so I guess you could say the fabric gene is in our blood.

(This is what our punishment would be when we didn't sew in straight lines. our parents were very strict growing up. Ha!)

Right now, Rebecca is studying graphic design at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah. She is an avid cook and is constantly wowing her family and friends with her culinary skills. She's introduced us all to things like spinach and feta cheese, two ingredients that have really made our lives more exciting. She always borrowed Melissa's clothes growing up... and happened to look MUCH cuter in them than Melissa ever did. Here is Becca on her way to the Homecoming dance in high school, rocking Melissa's red dress.

Melissa graduated from Brigham Young University in 2006 with a BFA degree in painting and drawing. She currently resides in San Antonio, Texas, with her husband and two children (daughter, Miss Matilda=2 and son, Mr.Calvin=2 months). Because these two kiddos are the only grandchildren and the only niece/nephew in the family, they make sure to frequent Utah every few months. During these visits, Becca and Melissa have important "board meetings" in their mom's kitchen while eating cereal and discussing new possible lines of fabric. Always pretty official.

Melissa used to be a pro with Adobe Illustrator (the program they use to create patterns like used in Rainy Days and Mondays), but now since Rebecca is an actual graphic design major, she has surpassed Melissa into an expert level and now gives Melissa tips. As the older sister, Melissa has been used to showing Becca the ropes. This is illustrated in a picture taken in China where Melissa is demonstrating the fine art of using chop sticks. Notice how intrigued Becca is. Well, the tables have turned. Together they can accomplish anything... from eating Chinese food properly to creating fun patterns.

We would describe our style as graphic and geometric. We like simple shapes and then build them up with embellishing details. Our inspirations include old fabric from our mom's stash, old library books, really good music, and of course, the blogging world at large. We find a lovely pile of inspiration on our google reader daily.

Rainy Days and Mondays came about when we were introduced to Cindy, the leader of the pack at Riley Blake Designs. We had some ideas about possible fabric lines in our sketch books and presented them with the "umbrella and rain" concept. Fortunately, they liked it! We fine tuned the details and worked through color schemes with their guidance, then sent it off to do the rest of the magic! We titled the line "Rainy Days and Mondays" because our mom is such a big Carpenter's fan (and now we are too). If you are familiar with the lyrics, you'll remember, "Rainy Days and Mondays always gets me down..." HA!

With this fabric line, we're hoping to help people have fun in the drizzly gray weather. We are thrilled with how vibrant the colors turned out and think it's pretty fun to see our designs on such a large scale!

What's next for us? We're working on a concept that might work for autumn time. We are fans of fall colors and think it would be fun to create a line to go with our favorite season. Typically we have 4 or 5 ideas that we're working on at any one time. So, you'll be surprised, like us!

favorite colors: becca= mango/ coral red; steel grey, melissa=pale blue and bright red

favorite food: becca= shrimp, sweet potato fries, caramelized onions, melissa= cereal... most kinds

favorite movie: becca & melissa= Little Women and You've Got Mail

favorite talent: becca & melissa =memorizing Broadway show tunes and singing them at the top of our lungs... while dancing in front of the windows (at night, they make fabulous mirrors and, well, entertainment for the neighbors).

Melimba & Beccabury
Melissa's blog
Becca's blog

Monday, March 15, 2010

Modern Meadow Giveaway

Hey friends! We're feeling pretty fun & fanciful today. It's gotta be the beginnings of spring fever. The weather is just sprinkling us with sunny gorgeousness right now!

To celebrate this wonderful weather, we're giving away fat quarter bundles of Joel Dewberry's newest line, Modern Meadow! I think his creative, contemporary spring line is a pretty apt choice for this week! He's such a master of combining geometrics and flowing forms, muted neutrals and rich hues, to make something so signature-ly Joel. Love it.

We'll be giving away one of each colorway bundle to a three lucky winners! To win on the blog, comment with your favorite colorway bundle (Cool Stream, First Bloom, or Sunny Day) for a chance to win it.

You can also win via Twitter! On Twitter, look for our specific giveaway tweet (starts with "Giving away 1 each of our MODERN MEADOW Fat Quarter Bundles...") & retweet that with your favorite colorway bundle! You must be following us ( to win!

We'll announce the winners on Friday, so good luck!!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Me and My Sister Favorites for Moda Fabrics

If we had a nickel for every time we tell a customer, "I'm sorry, that was from an Me and My Sister Designs line from XX years ago", well, we'd be rich. Fat Quarter Shop would no longer be around as Kimberly would be in her beach house in Maui, sipping fruity concoctions with tropical names in a chaise lounge and making darling quilts for her babies while Kevin played another round in their backyard golf course. People can dream, right?

As it is, there is no "Me and My Sister" request fee, so shucks for us. But for all of our customers asking for these long-gone collections, commence celebrating.

Moda has heard your (and Barb & Mary's) pleas! The sisters have picked 32 of their most favorite-est prints to fill your stash with colorful pizzazz. Load up before it slips away! The Me and My Sister Favorites collection includes 32 prints, available in yardage, Fat Quarter Bundles, Jelly Rolls, and Charm Packs! And keep reading for your chance to win some favorites from one of our Moda favorites!

Hello to our favorite FQS people!

I can’t begin to tell you how happy Mary and I are to be telling you about our latest group for Moda…FAVORITES!

We have received lots of emails asking for background prints and solids. Those always seem to be the favorites and are usually the first to sell out in a new group.

So after many "Sorry, we no longer have that," email reply’s, we finally got up the nerve to ask Moda if they would consider doing a favorites group ~ and being the wonderful and smart people that they are ~ they said yes.

Since this is a favorites group we didn’t have to come up with any new designs. Mary and I had a "board meeting" which consisted of lunch at our favorite restaurant and decided which of our past colors and prints were our favorites.

First we decided on our favorite colors from past groups, and of course Mary’s first pick was pink.

Then we went back through some of our favorite prints and of course Mary’s first pick was dots. (She can be so predictable sometimes.)

The hardest part about doing this group was selecting the final prints from the factory strike offs. They gave us so many options to choose from, that it was really hard to narrow our selections down. Thanks goodness for Cheryl ~ our boss at Moda. She had no problem reining us in.

I wish that we were her favorites and could always have as many prints as we wanted. (I also hope she never reads this).

Anyhow ~ we hope that you enjoy our newest fabrics and jump on over to visit our new website and blog.

Our last post had you counting the word brown, so this time let's count the word favorite. We will be giving away some of our favorite things. Just count how many times the word favorite was used in this post and let us know. The winner will be selected on Wednesday March 17th.

PS ~ The name of our new market group for Spring Market is mentioned somewhere in this post too. See if you can guess what it is??? There will be no additional prize for this one ~ just want to see how good you are!

Good Luck!
Barb and Mary
Me and My Sister Designs

Me and My Sister Designs blog

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Giveaway at Park City Girl

We're sponsoring a leeetle giveaway over at Park City Girl's blog this week!

Go over there and comment with a favorite childhood game for a chance to win a Fat Quarter Bundle of Aunt Lindy's Paper Dolls!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Butterfly Garden by Kansas Troubles Quilters for Moda Fabrics

Butterfly Garden by Kansas Troubles Quilters for Moda is in, and we're sooooo ready. The dark and rich palette of gold, cream, black, red, green, navy and purple, Lynne Hagmeier's trademark, is spring-ified (I know, I just made it up but it fits) with blossoming vine and petal prints! If you are a KT Quilts fan, these fabrics will meld beautifully with her previous collections for a warm, elegant country home. Also be sure to check out our Hearth & Home Block of the Month Club! It starts this month and we still have a few spots left! Today Lynne shares with us her sentiments on Butterfly Garden.

Robert and I are loving living in the country and spent a lot of time landscaping around the cabin this past spring and summer. I was very much in flower mode when designing Butterfly Garden.

One weekend when a couple of the grandkids were staying with us, Delainey, age 3, was helping me stake some tall purple fuzzy flowers whose heads were almost too heavy for their stalks. When she asked what kind of flowers they were, I replied with my vast horticultural knowledge, "They're butterfly flowers - the butterflies love to smell them."

Her older brother, Cooper, age 8, quipped, "No, Delainey, they're really caterpillars and will turn into butterflies if you water them." Delainey seemed satisfied with our answers and ran off after Gus, Robert's dog. A little while later, she returned to find a butterfly perched on one of the purple flowers. She clapped her hands and squealed, "Look Gramma, we growed a butterfly!"

Watching the butterflies and bees enjoying the blooming flowers warms my heart, but sharing the experience with my grandkids makes my soul dance.

Butterfly Garden is a collection of florals and prints - love the dots! - that are perfect for a spring/summer quilt. The Butterfly Garden quilt pattern captures our afternoon of fun and is easy to assemble with a Jelly Roll.

Lynne Hagmeier
Kansas Troubles Quilts

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Debbie's Recipe Box: Pear Coffee Ring

Back by popular demand, it's the return of our Debbie's Recipe Box! Today's recipe is a scrumptious coffee cake treat, rich & sweet!

Pssst...tomorrow is Kimberly's birthday...feel free to send her birthday wishes!

Click on the image for a printable PDF!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Bar Harbor by Minick & Simpson for Moda Fabrics

Bar Harbor by Minick & Simpson has totally got it all. And you don't have to be a sailing enthusiast to enjoy it. While it has fresh nautical motifs in abundance, the lush roses, traditional prints and Americana colors & stars will appeal to all. I love the rich red, blues, and creams paired with black -- it creates that blend of classic & sophistication. Bar Harbor is available in yardage, precuts -- and don't miss out on the panels, flag buntings, and kits! I've got a few ideas for them myself!

Thanks, everyone at the Fat Quarter Shop, for asking us to blog about Bar Harbor!

We love this collection and are really looking forward to seeing what everyone does with it. This group is chock full of old-timey calicos and shirtings and some great, big Cottage chic florals. The reds, whites and blues (sound familiar?) are crisp and bright and just scream summer for us. It’s a much needed break right about now, isn’t it? Nothing like working with bright summer fabrics to warm up the chilly landscape.

Now, hold on to your hats – there is another color in this group – black. The added depth of the black really makes the reds and blues jump. It is our happiest collection, I think.

We have some summery patterns too – Cabin On The Shore, Stars and Bars, Nautical Flags, and Ship Ahoy. Let the spring breezes begin!

Polly Minick & Laurie Simpson
Minick & Simspon Blog
Minick & Simpson Website