Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Rachel Griffith's Smitten

There are three things I am always sure to love: adorable babies, comforting quilts & yummy colors. Well that's Smitten rolled up in one package. Yayyy.

The beauty of Smitten is that it will work with any fabric line and with any size. Smitten can go repro, bright or holiday.

{& it's perfect for whipping up a pillow, baby quilt, table runner or lap quilt.}

i'm smitten. are you?!?!


P.S. I used Bunny Hill Designs’ Lily & Will II collection for my sample.


Anonymous said...

I read this in google reader & my first thought was, "Did someone hack this feed?" It's sort of a random advertisement & the FQS logo isnt anywhere on the pics! Weird.... Im not clicking that Rachel link to save my life!

Fat Quarter Shop said...

I promise it is real! The links just take you to Fat Quarter Shop. We just used the pictures from Rachel since it is starring her :)

We were trying a new format and I think it messed some things up.

Vicky said...

I thought fabrics were Lily & Will. They're beautiful!

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Hmmm - I thought the same - Lily & Will and funny link

Shanna said...

Love this new pattern!! And the fabrics are just as nice!


Needled Mom said...


SkippityDoDahQuilts said...

There are 3 (i think?) different Lilly & Will collections. One is for a boy, one for a girl, and one with all the colors.

And Rachel Griffith is real, she is the blogger of P.S. I quilt, and pattern designer to Melly, Smitten, Flipside, and Escapade. There is also a fat quarter bundle on FQS of Bella Solids chosen by her.

Just thought I would clear all that nonsense up! She is an amazing quilter and pattern designer. If you don't know of her, get busy finding her blog because you won't be sorry!

Happy Quilting!


Fat Quarter Shop said...

For Lily & Will there are technically 2 different collections, but 4 colorways. Pink & Blue were the 1st colorways from the original Lily & Will, then Aqua & Yellow were the 2nd colorways from Lily & Will II. Both collections are found at the following link:


And about Rachel Griffith SkippityDoDahQuilts is 100% correct! She is one amazing blogista!