Friday, June 17, 2011

3 for Me: Stephanie Brieger

Well, hello there loyal Jolly Jabber followers, thanks for stopping in! It's Friday again!  Hope y'all are ready for the weekend, but even more fun than that is this week's 3 for Me! Please allow me to introduce the lovely Stephanie Brieger, one of our hugely talented Marketing Department team members:

"Bike rides have always been the relaxing part of a day for me. My first print carries that relaxing vibe, coincidentally with the same pink color my room was painted when the Easter Bunny still ate the carrot! I've been obsessed with solids since before they were a "thing", if you saw my closet you'd see what I mean. My second print carries that solid feel, but with elegance, making it my favorite print in my current (and first) quilt. And with football season tickets since I was 11 and two UT degrees, you could call me a Longhorn addict- this University of Texas print really "hooks" me, carrying the pride with class!"

Stephanie's 3:

1. It's A Girl Thing Bloom Bicycles SKU# CX4892-BLOM-D

2. Black and White Snow Delovely Damask SKU# CX4403-SNOW-D

3. University of Texas Fabric - Burnt Orange Texas Scattered Texture SKU# TX-098


sskcraftshop @ Hooks, Needles and Brushes said...

Hey Stephanie, good to see you..or else would have never known who I email...and nice fabric choices too!!!

Jenn said...

I love the comment about solids in your closet. Sounds like mine.

Naturally Carol said...

I ordered that bicycle print a couple of days ago..I'm looking forward to seeing it here!

Kimberlee said...

I am always a sucker for UT Fabric to.. Love the bicycle print. That is pretty neat.