3 for Me: Stephanie Brieger

Hello and happy Friday! We hope ya'll are doing well and ready for another awesome 3 for Me: Favorite Designer! Please welcome back Stephanie Brieger as she tells us about her current favorite designer:

"I chose Aneela Hoey as my current favorite designer. I’m in the process of making a tiny pillow made with her Little Apples collection and her Fancy pattern. The little characters are so adorable and easily relatable to any girl--young or old. Plus, Aneela Hoey is just so sweet, it’s hard not to love her."

Stephanie's 3:

1. Little Apples Pencil Round and Round SKU# 18510-15

2. Little Apples Aqua Tortoises SKU# 18513-12

3. Little Apples Lollipop Outfits SKU# 18514-11

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