Monday, October 10, 2011

It's Sew Emma Spotlight: To the Moon, Robot

I never thought I could love robots. But today I will shout it from the rooftops - I am in love with a twin-size robot!

Hear me out – these are the friendliest robots I’ve ever seen! As soon as we saw the Robot Factory collection by Caleb Gray, we were smitten. I immediately showed it to Sarah Price (who does a fantastic job of illustrating and putting together all of our It’s Sew Emma patterns). Unknowingly, we each started secretly designing on our own. I started working on little rocket ships, and she started designing a robot all mothers could love! When she showed me her robot, the light bulb went off in Sarah’s head. She put them together brilliantly, and within an hour our “To the Moon, Robot” quilt pattern was born!

We’ve made this pattern twin-sized. And I don’t know a single boy who would argue with having the coolest robot pal in the whole universe right there in his bedroom! :)

(And now we get to say this bit for the first time --- squeal!) If you are a shop owner and would like to carry this very special pattern, the stock number is ISE-107. It is available through United Notions!


Cindy said...

Perfection! I'm trying to think of something funny and robotty to say.....but what do robots say?

"Danger, danger Will Robinson."

Vicky said...

A huge congrats!! I predict lots of little happy boys with robot quilts!

Kristy said...

He's wonderful!!! He makes me want to quilt!!! :)

Stacy Lindblom said...

There are alot of cute quilts out there but this one is unusually adorable. I love the fabric and I love the design. Very creative!

Jenny said...

Awww...this is super cute! I only have Granddaughters at the moment...but you never know!