Monday, October 3, 2011

Notion of the Month: Quilter's Snap-On Clips

It's Notion of the Month time! This month we have selected the Collins Quilter's Snap-On Clips as our Notion of the Month. 

Rachel Griffith from ps i quilt is going to show us how easy it is to attach binding using the Snap-On Clips.

And don't forget the Notion of the Month is 20% OFF all month!

hi there jolly jabbers :)
rachel griffith here from ps i quilt.
i'm here to talk to yall about binding. either love it or you hate it.
i used to hate it. like really hate it.
but now i love it. like really love it.

so what changed?!?!
i discovered binding clips.

binding clips.

binding clips are a godsend. promise.
and they're SUPER easy to use.


first grab your prepared binding & your quilt.


attach your binding, by machine, to the front of your quilt.


pull your binding around to the back of your quilt, making sure there's zero slack between the edge of your quilt and your binding fold.


with an opened binding clip, slide the clip over the fold of your binding.


snap the binding clip shut.


continue adding binding clips, about every 3" or so, until your whole quilt is covered in clips.

and've just completed a quick & easy way to hold your pieces together while you handstitch your binding in place.

see...binding is SO much easier now.

for those inquring minds:
fabric = treasures & tidbits by piece o' cake designs for robert kaufman
{and pssst...a new rachel griffith designs pattern using this fabric is coming soon!!!}

♥ rachel


Melissa said...

I love these clips and will never, EVER use pins again! Great pick!

A Beginner's Journey said...

Love means never having to worry about getting stuck by pins!! I love these clips, too!

Robyn of Robyns Nest said...

I'm in Australia, and we've had clips like this for a while. They are exactly the same as what's used in your hair, I've used them for my binding for a couple of years now

Kari @ The Purple Quiltapotamus said...

I have binding clips too and they are wonderful - but I must confess that I usually use my daughters brightly covered hair clips sometimes too!!

jenclair said...

I started using regular hair clips, but eventually bought plenty of these. They are so easy!

Maria Grazia said...

great idea !
have a nice day

pasqueflower said...

Great idea. They remind me of hair clips I wore back in the day.

The Little Shop of Stitches said...

I agree! I love these clips, too.

Jenny said...

I thought they were hair clips! I think even this nifty tool would NOT make me like binding, though! Sigh.

Mom C said...

I bound my first 2 quilts using the clips 2 weeks ago. They worked great. I didn't think they would hold the fabric so I used pins at the corners but by the time I got to the second quilt I was using only the clips. And I didn't get stuck once! I haven't tried them with machine stitching yet, one things for sure, I won't sew over them like I do pins! They snap on and and off easy and work great.