Thursday, January 5, 2012

It's Sew Emma Spotlight: Truffula Forest & Lorax Giveaway

Good morning!
My name is Mette Brown, designer of the Truffula Forest Quilt Pattern. I’ve been sewing since I was old enough to operate my grandmother’s hand-cranked Husqvarna sewing machine, and I began seriously quilting in 1999 (when I met Fat Quarter Shop’s Debbie Taylor). I've done lots of sewing, a little designing, made tons of samples for Fat Quarter Shop and I’ve never met a pattern I couldn't tweak in order to make it my own – except, of course, when I’m testing patterns for FQS!

Last summer, Kimberly invited me to design a quilt pattern for her new endeavor, It’s Sew Emma, using a brand new line of Dr. Seuss fabrics that wouldn’t be available until January, 2012, and I jumped at the chance! I had been messing around with a layered pinwheel star block for a couple of months – these things get stuck in my head and demand to be made – and this was the perfect project. When I received the Lorax fabrics – WOW! Beautiful, super-saturated, bright and crisp colors! I couldn't wait to get started… And can I just say that it’s a little bit intimidating cutting into this fabric? It's SAMPLE yardage which is code for: if you mess up, there isn’t any more!

After carefully making samples with fabric from my stash, figuring amounts, double-checking my math, making another sample and thinking about it overnight, I pulled up my big girl panties and got started. And it’s so much fun to make the first block when it comes out the way you’d imagined, or even better, which was the case with these great fabrics. This pinwheel star begs for a stripe to give it some movement and the Bright Thneed Stripe with the irregular color placement is perfect. And don’t you love the Red Truffula Trees peeking out from behind? I want the Truffula Trees yardage in every color for my stash!

Now if you are looking at this quilt and wondering if you really want to tackle mitered corners, I say go for it! They aren’t hard, the instructions are really good, and it looks awesome when you are finished! But if that doesn’t float your boat, you can just cut straight borders – the quilt police won’t come looking for you, and there’s always plenty of fabric in a Fat Quarter Shop quilt kit to make those little tweaks that sometimes have to be made!

These photos are for mitering inspiration rather than specific instructions!!

And if you are wondering, like I was, what the heck is a Lorax or a Thneed or a Truffula, find a copy of the Dr. Seuss book. It was written in the early 1970s, but it’s still a timely story. I bought a copy to give to my grand-daughter along with this quilt and as soon as she finishes teething on the corners I’ll read it to her!

This is my sweet baby grand-daughter Lizzie and she asked me to mention that she’s made some progress since this photo was taken – she now has some hair and two teeth! This bundle of joy comes to my house every day which has greatly cut into my sewing time but I don’t care!

Truffula Forest was a blast to design and sew, and I sincerely hope you enjoy it too! Happy quilting from Huntsville, Alabama!

Oh wait, one last thing, let's do a giveaway! Kimberly has two Lorax Fat Quarter Bundles she is itching to donate to some of her readers.

To enter leave a comment on this post in a Dr. Suess style poem. You must include the word "Truffula" somehow in the poem.
Good Luck!


Jen@thecraftingfiend said...

I have heard there are Truffulas of more than one kind.
Some come from ahead and some come from behind.
But I’ve bought a big bat. I’m all ready you see.
Now my Truffulas are going to have troubles with me!

brenna said...

Those truffula trees
Are just the bees knees!
I want some to quilt,
It makes my speech lilt!
So send some to me
And happy I'll be!

Kathy said...

One Truffula
Two Truffulas
Three Truffula's, four.
I want the Lorax bundle!
More fabric, more!

Heather said...

The Truffula trees
Oh please!
Let me make a quilt
From those Truffla trees!

Sallie said...

Hooray! A giveaway of SUNdle and FUNdle!
No need for Thneeds
Just Truffula seeds
In the form of a Lorax Fat Quarter Bundle!

Vroomans' Quilts said...

A Truffula quilt for Lizzie,
Colors so bright made me dizzie.
A bundle of Forest fun
would be such a delight if I won.

Pepe said...

I cannot see
the postman came to me,
I cannot wait
But I've got faith.
Oh, my God, what can I do
to have one bundle or two?
My mood is good - can you tell?
When my bundle will arrive,
I'll feel so well!!!

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Did you say Spuffala?
Or was it a Truffula?
It's hard to hear which
When I'm wearing my muffle'!

Rachelle said...

Wow! Lovely job Grand-Ma! I am sure it helps to have that little one pour inspiration into your quilting heart!

~Laurie~ said...

Truffulas are pretty,
Truffulas are bright,
Truffulas can help you see in the night.

With just one Truffula,
You sure will be warm.
He'll keep you so cozy throughout any storm.

So send a Truffula,
So quick and so right.
A bundle of color,
I can see it in sight!!

quiltmom said...

There once was some Trufala who wanted to play,
But there was no one available on that day,
So off they went in search of some tracks and it landed them up near the home of the Lorax...

While this is not the greatest poem, Suess is safe from any competition from me.
Thanks for hosting such a fun giveaway.
Regards from Western Canada,

twelve30 said...

Truffulas are nice
But not like white rice
What should I chose?
I want to win and not lose.
Thanks for the giveaway.

Dona said...

Roses are red
Violets are blue
I see a Truffula
How about you?

Brenda said...

I have loved Seuss and the Lorax, since I was old enough to read...

About the problems of the Truffula forest from making too many thneads.

The Oncler learns his lesson and inspires a young boy...

To plant a Truffula seed and create a new forest full of joy.

I have been a fan of Theodore Geisel aka Dr Suess from the very start...

I loved the Grinch and the Sneetches but the Lorax stole my heart.

For years I have waited for fabric to immortalize this little critter...

The empty bin in my fabric hutch left me with a saddness that was close to being bitter.

Thank you Kaufman fabrics for bringing these terrific characters into my stash...

I cannot wait for the Lorax line to be available and am saving up my cash!!

I owe a lot of my humor and my love of rhyme to that man named Dr. Seuss...

And now that he can become a part of my quilting, my love of design can be let loose.


AWESOME Line Kaufman Fabrics... and this news I have to blabber,

So got spread the news from my blog, thanks Jolly Jabber!! :)

Brenda aka HUGE SEUSS FAN!!!

pumpkinhollowprimitives (at)

Mama Spark said...

Truffula,Truffula I love that word.
It sounds like a word made up by a nerd.
I am in science, and some would say smart.
I would love some of this fabric to make some quilt art!

Thanks for sharing!!

Rachel said...

I love to sew, of course you know
and in my stash the colours flow
but one thing that I don't have-a
is a yard or two of Truffula

Thread OvMetal said...

On my list are fat quarters
Of truffula trees
That I surely must order
In bright orange, red, and green.

Thank you!

Gail.e said...

I once walked a trail,
holding a Lorax's tail.
We went up, we went down,
We went sideways and around,
And found ourselves in the Truffula forest.

There were stars of the pinwheel type,
and the mitered corners were just right!
Bt the Lorax soon pointed out,
This is simple a picture, but dont shout
If you are lucky you can win the fabric and visit anytime!

Beautiful quilt! And I love the challenge in this giveaway :)

stephmabry said...

I'd love to win
These lovely fat quarters
To make a sweet quilt
For my daughter Truffala.
Her name is so sad
Yet she's done nothing bad.
It's my dear husband's ruse
She got stuck with this noose.

His mother's first name
Was Truffala, you see,
And on our twelfth date
He said to me,
"Future wife, future wife,
You must understand
I promised my mother
When I was a young lad,
That my first daughter's name
Would be just the same
As that she had suffered
For all of her days
And all of the ways
That kids teased as they played!"

I laughed once or twice
And said "That's not nice,
The girls, they will tease her
And little boys, they will flee
When they hear this strange name
That you've proposed to me!"

(Okay, maybe I got carried away?!?)

TheLazyQuilter said...

When sewing a Truffula tree
Do not eat Nutella, you see

The chocolate
Will stain a lot

And you'll cry boo-hoo-eee


Anonymous said...

What's a Truffula Tree?
Heck don't ask me
Ask my daughter if she knows
She'd say "its something that grows out my nose!"

Tonight I'll go home and pull out that book
Then give that rhyme another look
And even if I don't win this give away
I'll win a memory with my daughter...just the same :D


Jennie P. said...

The truffula trees, they look like dust bunnies

The Lorax and thneed, they do look quite funny

But even though they might seem odd or maybe a bit strange

They'd make a great quilt, the colors have wide range

So listen you bloggers who comment right here

You may win a sweet bundle, have I made that quite clear?

Tamsyn said...

One truffala, two truffala
Red truffala, green truffala
I prefer writing haiku, so let me confess
This is heavily borrowed from the great Dr. Suess
Pick me, pick me
Will I suceed, yes indeed, yes indeed
Ninety eight and three quarters percent guaranteed
- Tamsyn

safieh said...

Pretty truffula fabric?
I just gotta have it!
A bundle for free?
Thanks, please send it to me!

debbiekl said...

A Truffula and a fluffula
walked with the buffula

Pretty bad!?

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

There once was a fabric named

Who tumbled like a baby koala

When quilters arrive

To their great surprise

The fabric said Truffffff-u-la Trufffff-u-la ;-D

botaitai said...

Truffula I see
What can it be?
Can it be for me?
More fabric I see

penguinofsorts said...

I sat beneath a truffola
Scenting  with a snuffola
The sweet smell of trees 
with a quilt about my knees
And the smell of new books
Each one deserves a look
And I was thinking of you-s
And I read dr. Seuss
Wrapped up in my quilt
That you and I built

KaHolly said...

What a riot, reading everyone's entry! There are some talented people out there in more ways than one!!

I love truffolas,
Truffolas are fun!
I LOVE truffolas,
I can sew every one.

Truffolas for the baby,
Truffolas for the store,
If I had a million truffolas,
I'd still be wanting more!

Kolleen said...

A truffula tree
Would be just for me
I am not good at rhymes
So i will stop just in times.

Anonymous said...

The finest fluff comes from the Truffula tree. It doesn't grow here but instead, by the sea. I desire this fine fluff to make my little man's quilt quite downy. If I don't win it, I shall be quite frowny. So please won't you consider me a winner today!?! A smile is what I will kindly pay!


Sharon Pernes said...

One truff
Two Truffs
Truff truffula

I love
All the

What a great giveaway!

Marcia W. said...

Truffula, Bruffula, Sruffula
What does this mean?
Truf Bruf Sruf
fu-la fu-la fu-la
Oh My! Oh My! Oh My!
Lorax is sew my-ne
fu-la fu-la fu-la
Am I a poet or what?
The Truf please Dr. Suess!
.... A What!

WoolenSails said...

The Truffula Forest
is the place to be,
for a sweet little baby,
to be all snugglee.

You sure make it tough for us, brain dead quilters, lol.


Karen said...

I want me some Truffula
I want some right now
I'll make it into some Stuffula
and then you'll go WOW!

James-Linda said...



gilasunshine said...

One Truffula
Two Truffula
Three Truffula
Hand me the bat
Before I see more!

Lisa Marie said...

The Truffula tree is hard to find,
A tree of a very special kind.
These trees don’t grow just anywhere,
Only where magic is in the air.
If ever you see one, look closely around,
For that’s where the Lorax will likely be found.

Sarah Pitcher said...

an air force wife here,
wanting this truffula giveaway,
as i love to sew here and there,
in all the colors of each day.

my husband loves my sewing,
especially when he deploys,
he is always asking "what ya doing?"
"sewing my life away..."

a new addition arrives in our family real soon,
a new bundle of joy would love this fabric,
a baby blanket or two,
this baby would love if not it would be tragic!

So let me win,
as i want it so bad,
trust me it wont get tossed in the to do bin,
I am sure it will look great wrapped around new baby and dad!

Joanne said...

The Lorax is my sons favourite book, you see.
So this competition is just meant to be.
A beautifu quilt could be made, i won't stop,
with a truffula tree bundle from the fat quarter shop!

Anita said...

Truffula Forest, did you say?
An amazing fun place for kids to play.
You might chance see a Lorax, maybe two
In colors Orange, Yellow, Green and Blue.
Whatever the case, don't you despair
There are always the Thneed's busy knitting hair!
Such a sight to be seen, such a sight to behold,
In colors like vibrant Marigold.
And many more creatures you will see,
If you come take a walk in the forest with me.

Thanks for a chance to win. =)

Heather A said...

From here to there
From there to here
Truffula trees are everywhere!

I will not climb them in my socks.
I will not climb them with a fox.
I will not climb them here or there.
I will not climb them anywhere.

charlotte said...

One truffula, two truffula three truffula four, five truffula six truffula seven truffula more.
We shall plant truffula trees and
We shall harvest them wherever they bees.

Wow this is harder than it looks.

sskcraftshop @ Hooks, Needles and Brushes said...

I say trufulla, trufulla
 you know it's true.
I need  to win a fat quarter bundle
So I can make quilt too.

B Greene said...

I, like you, can clearly see
That Trufullas are the BEST kind of tree.
They don't shed their leaves all over the ground
And by the wind, they can never be downed.
They brighten all my days with their troll-haired tops
And pull me right in to my local quilt shops!
The Trulfullas will make my sewing room be
Just as happy as a Dr. Seuss library!

What a wonderful way to have us enter this contest!!!! May favorite EVER!!!!

Whitney M said...

I once had a truffulla who loved to read
Oh my he did indeed!
He just loved to read!
Now he needed to do a good deed,
So he thought he'd
Plant a seed!
And it grew indeed!

I hope I win!

Anonymous said...

Truffula trees, do you say?
Oh please send them my way.
I will not quilt them with a frown
I will not quilt them when I'm down
I will not quilt less than a quarter inch
I will not quilt when I feel like a Grinch
I will not quilt with a crooked seam
I will not quilt when I'm feeling mean.
I'll quilt the fabric like it was da bomb
If I win you can reach me at

LochKnitsMonster said...

What's that?
What's that I see?
Why it's a beautiful Truffula tree.
A stunning, most gorgeous tree that I see.
Forever I'd like to keep this tree.
If only someone would print it to fabric for me.
What's that you say?
You say, you've done that anyway?
Give me some, please, straightaway.

free indeed said...

Oh, I thought I'd never see
Anything as zany as a Traffula tree.
They are wonderful in many ways:
To sing from, and swing from
on warm sunny days.
But, lo on yon horizon! What do I spy?
A swaying, braying woodsman toting a saw.
Choose me oh random number draw,
for a tis not pleasant to see an old woman cry!

Lindsay said...

Look at me.
Look at me.
Look at me now.

It's fun to have fun,
but you have to know how.

"Have no fear, my blog peeps",
said the Cat in the Hat.
Truffula's a good thing,
No doubt about that"!

Jessi said...

A Truffula here
a Truffula there
I only hope more people
continue to care
To keep those beautiful
Tuffula trees alive!

Patty said...

Truffula for Lula
Truffula for Hula
Truffua for Mola
Truffla for Who-la?

Peggy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Peggy said...

Crafting is fun, just ask anyone.
Lots of charts to stitch, but which, oh, which, one will I pick.
The Truffula tree pattern looks nice, so I don't really have to think twice.
I'll stitch the branches and then some leaves,
And give it to my child, who still believes.


Gwen said...

For some Truffula Forest,
which I really adore,
I wished and I wished...
till my wisher was sore...
How I would love
to win this great treasure!
To win it would make me
thrilled beyond measure!!
I would make something special
for a baby girl--- sweet---
She would love all the creatures
in the Forest, she would meet.
There'd be Bar-ba-Loots, Swomee Swans,
and Humming Fish too,
and of course, there'd be the Lorax,
she would love that quilt beucoup!!
To win me this prize
I wouldl try my very best
to write up a poem
much better than the rest...
So I sat and I thought,
and then I thought a little more,
and I wrote up this poem,
which I hope you will adore!
Oh! Please choose me to win
your wonderful bundle!!
And if I do win,
I will try to stay humble!

Lexi said...

A Truffula a muffler
A giddy bouncing puffler.
A hope or a mope
But please don't say nope.

Janet said...

In the Truffula Forest
There once lived a Horest
Who loved to eat fabric and thread.
For my fabric and thread
oh how I dread
to meet the Horest from Truffula Forest

Laura V. said...

Tons and tons of truffula trees
Is a wonderful place for a Lorax like me!
I must keep the Once-lers away, you see,
from my tons and tons of truffula trees.

SassyCathy said...

Hey Y'all!!! Yay! ALABAMA!
The Trufulla forest is a beautiful place
With colors and threads you can almost taste
You sew and you sew and dare not to waste
Your hoping you'll finish and then get to baste
You'll smile and you'll grin - it'll show on your face
You'll say - I've been "wandering/wondering" in the Trufulla Forest space
I really want to win - you can tell that by readin'
If I do - to the mail box I'll be speadin'
Cathy Byrd

ritainalaska said...

went out lookin' for a trufulla blankie; you gave me yours! thank ye!

Sunni @ Love Affair with my Brother said...

Don't chop a truffula tree to make a thneed.
What is a thneed?
A thneed is something that everyone needs.
Just enter a contest,
for bundles and bombests,
And you will have fabric to make your thneed.

frog cottage said...

I sit here thinking whilst I write my post,
dreaming of fabrics, of colours I love the most,

a free giveaway, must use witty words, written for fun,
something simple catchy, wonderous quilty, but what one?

Here I go ill try and write a poem that I know,
Will help build my stash and see, fabulous fabrics in it grow.

The range that Im seeking to win,not yet obtained, is called trufulla,
and only in a true perfect suess world, can two words can describe it .... bewdiful culla!!

thanks for the chance in the giveaway.

MadCraftyMama said...

Do fat quarters grow on truffula trees?
On truffula trees? All covered with bees?
No! Fat quarters grow on Fat Quarter Shop trees!
On Fat Quarter Shop trees, they grow with ease.
On Fat Quarter Shop trees near Fat Quarter Shop seas.
And by the seas, is me on my knees
Begging to win some fat quarters please!

Pepe said...

Soory! I missed Truffula word in my sonnet!So...

I cannot see
My Truffula came to me,

Mimi said...

The Lorax knows where to feed.
He finds the scrumpiest, plumpiest trees.
These are the trees that grow to your knees.
They are the trufulla forest trees.

Lisa Cox said...

The Lorax, they speak for the trees
Those tall, round Truffula trees
Why, oh, why do they speak for the trees
Because trees can't speak, as you can see
But with some new fabric, I can put them in a quilt
Made right here in the new house that I built
Then the Lorax can have a holiday
Where they can run and they can play
And then the quilt can speak for the trees
Oh what a fun and happy way you see
To become a tree hugger
And not a tree mugger

Ok, it's not the greatest, but about the best I can do on short notice. LOL

Gwynette in NW Arkansas said...

The subject of Truffula Trees circles about and IS

the fact I need that fabric for quilting BIZ.

Browns, whites, greens and BLUES

makes me want to quilt for YOUS.

Margaret said...

A Truffula a truffula whatever it is
Should makes it's way to Michigan dear
And live out it's days all sunny and bright
In my stash I think would really be great
So send me that bundle as soon as you can
I will wait here patiently
Eating green eggs and ham

NurseBrandy said...

I once knew Truffula who liked to hula.
But she would get dizzy and start having a tizzy.
And that was the end of Truffula!

Cgravely19 said...

Kimberly Kimberly
Please oh please will you give me
Those truffula trees!
Kimberly Kimberly
I wont disappoint you
With those truffula trees!

Lindsay(PACountryCrafts) said...

Oh, how much fun!
There is lots to be done!
Oh, what could I sew?
I don't even know!
With such cute, cute truffulas,
I could make so much stuffulas.
A skirt or a zirt for a little girly?
A dress or a fless would have to be twirly.
But I think that, most likely, the thing I would do,
is a quilt or a shmuilt for a baby nephew.

Bailey said...

I am not familiar with Truffula, oh, no, I am not.
But I do love that fabric, I love it a lot!

MC said...

A Truffula for me,
A Truffula for you.
One Truffula, Two.
With a little fabric boo!

Wendy (Alberta, Canada) said...

The Cat in the Hat has been to my house...
But a truffula! Never! I feel like a louse!
How can I get one to come for a stay?
Send me some please - oh please if you may.
If only you would, to my room I would scurry,
I would sew a new quilt in such a big hurry!
My quilt would turn out like never another,
and my grand daughter would shout,
"You are amazing Grandmother"!

Beach Angel said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Beach Angel said...

Trufulla,trufulla what can you be. A cute little tree hiding from me. I need you, I need you, I need you so bad, to finish this quilt that I never had.

corinne said...

Wonderful memories of a great book I still have, what a great giveaway. In my classroom on April 22 which is Earth Day ,I read the book. The book is a great story about the environment.

Dawn said...

Truffula. Truffula? I can't even think
Such fabrics so cute
Without any pink!
Quilt for Thing 1?
Or maybe Thing 2?
For a girl or a boy?
Oh, what to do?
I thought and I thought
Out loud to myself,
"How is it possible
No Truffula on my shelf?"
That handsome little Lorax,
Thneed stripes and Factory!
All those cute creatures
Are calling to me!!
Send me some, send me some,
Send me some PLEASE!
Yes, I am begging!
I'm down on my knees!
Whoever decides
Please hurry up!
I can't wait to get this
And make my first cut! :)

Mrs.Pickles said...

I wish and I want for some Truffula you see.
I could beg I could borrow but here its for free.
I would be tickled not blue, not green but pink i would be.
If the winner chosen was no one but me.

Lisa Johnson said...

Go Trufulla go!
Go here and there
Go everywhere
with, greens, reds, blues so brite
A guilt, a quilt we will make
Oh Trufulla I can make it rite
Make me the winner
And you shall see Trufulla in a whole new light

Marianne said...

Dr. Seuss, a genius was he,
creative and silly, was what he could be,
With ABC's, Green Eggs and Ham,
fish of all colors, and Sam I Am,
Truffula trees, Mr. Brown who can moo,and don't forget Marvin K. Mooney,
So many characters, magical, funny, and looney!
Just thinking of Seuss warms my heart and makes me smile,
thinking of my children all the while.
Reading and giggling day after day,
A favorite book is difficult to say.
How the years have flown!
I'm dreaming of Seuss fabrics to be fondled and sewn!
I'm crossing my fingers and hoping for the best,
I hope I've won and passed your poetry test!

Editfolt said...

Nem tudom mi az a Truffala,
de nyerhetek általa.
Magyarul talán rím a neve
Raktam ebben a versbe bele.

Laura said...

I love the Truffula Forest design,
wishing, of course, that the fabric was mine!
Will it, or won't it,I don't hardly know,
but off to my sewing machine I go!

Mom C said...

The places you go and the things that you see
but one that you won't is the truffla tree,
Unless you so smart,
and you follow FQ's blog
Cause there it is,
right there,right in front of your nog.
Oh, the Lorax, he's back,and he's looking so great
And the colors are bright, and the baby's first rate.
And would I like some?
What question is that?
Just as much as I love the Cat in the Hat.

Suzanne said...

The Truffula trees were in really big trouble
The people were turning their forest to rubble.
They would all vanish - POP - just like a big bubble,
Unless someone did something NOW, QUICK, on the double.

The Lorax showed up and shook a big stick.
"Wipe up that oil slick, and pick up that brick!
You'd best do it now, and do it right quick!
The Truffula trees are really quite sick!"

People saw he was right, and they said "Holy cow!
We'll pick up this mess, and we'll pick it up now!"
The Lorax made sure that they got it all clean.
Could they keep it that way? Could they keep it all green?

They had to keep Truffula trees on the brain,
Or the Lorax's words would have been all in vain.
A quilt would be perfect to keep it in mind,
That the Truffula trees were once in a bind.

As they sleep underneath it, the people will dream
Of Truffula forests so clean that they gleam.
The Lorax sits down on his stump with a smile,
And knows that his work is all done for a while.

Zoe said...

The glorious tufts of the truffula trees
Are bending so beautifully in the breeze
Please be sure to give them lots of fresh food and fresh water
So they can be sold by the cartload from the lovely Fat Quarter!

Larissa said...

I was maid of honor at the wedding of my sis.
So once they were married, and in wedded bliss,
At the reception my speech I gave.
To make myself less anxious, more brave,
I did it all in the style of Seuss.
Though I did not mention Thidwick the Moose.
I did not mention a Sneetch in my speech.
I didn't discuss a Truffula tree.
Because I was more focused you see,
On the life we'd shared, my sis and I,
And the life she'd then share with her husband, great guy.

hueisei said...

I have heard there are truffula of more than one kind.
Some come from ahead and some come from behind.
But I’ve bought a big bat. I’m all ready you see.
Now my truffula are going to have troubles with me!

Jeanne Gwin said...

OMGrief what a challenge

My journeys take me wide and far
I walk don't you know I have no car
I go up, down, straight, round-a-round
I follow a trail of odd little marks
I knew not where it lead
Knew not what they meant
It drew me forward and pushed me ahead
To a place with a tree that stood so bent
A magical place with a Truffula Tree
Full of fruits of reds, greens, yellows and orange
That lit up the place like a brand new morn
A place Lorax homes, don't call them gnomes
"A Lorax I am-A Lorax I be
I wish you were here, I wish you could see
Fabric winding in - Fabric winding out
While the Lorax give out with a mighty shout
We make fabric for those that come to see
The bundle is yours he smiles at me
Truffula Forest is where Seuss fabric is made
The Fat Quarter Bundle is to be yours I say
Says the Lorax in his silly voice so gay
A Lorax he is A Lorax he be

There are some great verse here. I love them all!!!

sandyandcosmo said...

You can huffala,
You can puffala,
But you'll never see a Truffala
Except on this new fabric line.
So buy it!
And quilt it!
And make something out of it
So people will say
How divine!

Aimee said...

Oh the colors you will see
hanging 'round the truffula trees.
Lots of blues
in wonderful hues.
The greens and reds,
fabulous for my son's bed.
There's even white and orange
with lorax dancing the torange.
The fabric would be perfect to me,
Oh the colors I wish to see.

dortha said...

I read your blog the other day and saw the kit you plan to give away.

Truffula was a new word to me and its beautiful pattern my eyes could see.

I love new words like bar-ba-loots, truffula trees and fruit.

Make believe and pretend; the use of words has no end.

Dr Seuss and Mother Goose knew how to put new words to use.

Quilters use cloth in much that way; stitched together with something to say.

Sewn together in a story line that tells how one has used their time.

Quilts have color, tint, and hue, just like words we never knew.

Scraps of color and words that rhyme, they both reflect our space and time.

Thanks for the chance and the opportunity to read some of the wonderful poems.

Debra said...

I saw a Truffela the other day.
I aked him to come out and play.
He said my bedtime is very near,
but visit me tomorrow dear!

CinderEllie said...

I was told there were trees of Truffula
Sounds like a lot of fluffula
Never you mind
There are trees of this kind
And I would love a bundle-uffula!

Cinderelliecreations at Yahoo dot com

Sarina said...

Truffula tree, truffula tree,
You have a truffula tree?
And for free?! Oh bless me!
I'll water it,
I'll iron it,
I'll pet it so soft,
Truffula tree, truffula tree,
Please come live with me!

Aileen said...

Too funny. So many creative poems.

Truffula tree, truffula tree.
Oh my just what kind of tree might you be?
Please let me see a truffula tree.
This has really piqued my curiosity!

arobimom at gmail dot com