Wednesday, August 29, 2012

It's Sew Emma Spotlight: Color Me Crayons

Hi everyone! I am so excited to blog about my pattern Color Me Crayons. It is simply one of my favorites so far because it’s so incredibly easy AND it works with virtually anything. I can’t tell you how many collections we played with before deciding to make our sample with Birds & Berries, which turned out fantastically!

As the name denotes, Color Me Crayons is a blank canvas for you to play with color. Go primary, pastel, complementary, monochromatic, or just plain crazy with rainbow colors! With two easy blocks and no border, you can hone in on your fabric choices and be done in a flash! Plus, it uses our good friend the fat quarter, so just grab a bundle of your current favorite and get started. Or if you like our sample in Birds and Berries, we have kits available!

Here’s an example of Color Me Crayons, toned and mellowed out with black and gray batiks from Black Magic, due out in November.

Which direction would you take it? I’d love to see what you end up with!

Shop owners, you can find Color Me Crayons as ISE-130 at United Notions, Checker, Brewer and E. E. Schenck!


Zuzan said...

Color Me Crayons is an instant top of the chart #1 for me. Then when the fabric choice was mentioned completely bowled over.
Kimberly, you should have had a contest on guess the stripes. The Birds & Berries are a gentle lift. The black & white reminds me of whiteboard "seminars"...
When the perfect colour choice has been made - how can another be suggested? Congratulations to all involved in the pattern, the cutting, the sewing, the quilting, the fabric... I love it.

mara said...

I love the color

Susan said...

I love that! My son would like it as he likes black & Gray!

Great Work!


Heather A said...

I love it! I like it best in brights.

Jamie Lee said...

Wow that's a great pattern! I love it in Birds and Berries!

Nancy M. said...

my daughter in law loves this quilt in birds and berries. is there anyway i can figure this for a king size bed? i am a beginner quilter. thank you s much. i have the pattern already.

Fat Quarter Shop said...

@Nancy M

We are calculating the fabric requirements for a king sized quilt and will email you tomorrow!



Nancy M. said...

thank thank thank. she is going to love it.