Monday, February 4, 2013

2013 Designer Mystery BOM Blog Hop Kickoff

Hello everyone! Last month we told you a little bit about our 2013 Designer Mystery Block of the Month program, and today we are ready to kick off our blog hop! This year, our Designer Mystery program features a row quilt with four striking rows of basket, star, house and flower blocks. Each week during the month of February we will feature a row and the talented designers behind each block!

Today our lucky basket designers are in the spotlight and will be blogging about the BOM.

Their basket blocks are too cute, but today we want to know what would go IN each basket! Each designer told us what they would fill their dream basket with. Go see what they said, then come back here and comment on this post stating what each designer chose. Three winners will be selected to win a $50 gift certificate to our website! Winners will be announced Friday March 1st, after the blog tour closes.

Here is the schedule of the blog hop, be sure to follow along and come back each week to enter the giveaway!

2/04/13: Fig Tree Quilts, Pieces from My Heart, Laundry Basket Quilts
2/11/13: Bonnie & Camille, V & Co., Kate Spain
2/18/13: Kansas Troubles Quilters, Primitive Gatherings, Minick & Simpson
2/25/13: Bunny Hill Designs, Me & My Sister Designs, Sweetwater
3/01/13: Winners Post - Fat Quarter Shop


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Lyn said...

Joanna wants #1 (aqua bowls)
Sandy wants #2 (red featherweight)
Edyta wants #3 (spring flowers)

Kimberly said...

Joanna wants the aqua bowls;
Sandy wants the red Featherweight; and Edyta would like spring.

Sorcha girl said...

I'm so tempted to join this BOM--love the navy print with the more pastel ones.
1) Joanna loves the aqua bowls

2) Sandy would love to sew with the red Featherweight

3) Edyta wants Spring to arrive in Michigan.

Thanks for the BOM, Fat Quarter Shop!!

Jess said...

Joanna wants #1 bowls
Sandy wants #2 red featherweight
Edyta wants #3 flowers

Addibrae said...

1) Joanna
2) Sandy
3) Edyta

Mimi said...

Bowls are for Joanna
Red Featherweight for Sandy
Spring Flowers for Edyta
Thanks for this fantastic giveaway!!

maggieinthemountains said...

I could only find Sandy's on her blog--a quilt by Alexander.
I am assuming the blue bowls are for Fig Tree Quilts and the basket of beautiful flowers is for Edyta!

Deb C said...

Joanna wants the aqua bowls, Sandy wants the red sewing machine, and Edyta wants Spring (flowers)!

Emily C said...

Joanna wants the little mini bowls.
Sandy wants the Red Featherweight.
Edyta wants Spring in a Basket.

Tammy said...

Edyta wanted spring in a basket...I can identify with that...Sandys super dooper red antique sewing machine...Oh my goodness what a gift that would be be..I would just die if I ever got something like that in a basket . I really liked all the aqua items Joanna chose...The bowls especially...Boy those would look great in my kitchen. Thanks for the chance to enter. I am looking forward to seeing everyones blocks.conn_and_vans_mom(at)yahoo(dot)com

Maureen Clifford said...

Joanna would like the small aqua bowls along with other aqua and cream items. Sandy would like the red featherweight Singer and Edyta would like "Spring" in her basket. Thanks for the chance to win!

Chris said...

Sandy's basket had several things: teh red sewing machine, the Oscar De La renta dress, cute nude and red shoes, Mona Lissa's quilt. Joanna woudl like all things aqua..the bowls and things from Anthropologie. Edyta woudl love a basket of "spring" . Thanks for the chance at all those beautiful fabrics!!!

Fiona @ Poppy Makes said...

Bowls are what Joanna Fig Tree wants
Red Featherweight is for Sandy
Spring Flowers are for Edyta

SandyG said...

Joanna would like items in one of her favorite colors Aqua, from Anthropology or just the set of Aqua bowls.
Sandy would like a few hot items, red Featherweight, George Clooney, evening gown, maybe a different body for the gown, cute shoes for sewing on the hot red machine.
Edyta being from Michigan would like Spring in a basket.

Debbie P said...

Love the BOM quilt!!

- Joanna @ Fig Tree Quilts - aqua mini bowls
- Sandy @ Pieces From My Heart - Red Singer Featherweight
- Edyta @ Laundry Basket Quilts - basket of Spring Flowers

Brenda said...

Fig tree Quilts (Joanna)blue bowls
Pieces of my Heart(Sandy) red featherweight sewing machine
Laundry Basket Quilts (Edyta) Basket of flowers

marcella said...

Joanna goes with photo #1 - all that pretty aqua from Anthropologie
Sandy goes with photo #2 - the feather weight and lots of other extravagant things
Edyta - is photo #3 and actually has that pretty basket of spring bulbs.

Sherry said...

Joanna wants #1 the bowls and other things.
Sandy #2 a few other items and George Clooney
Edtya #3 she wants Spring.

Anonymous said...

Joanna loves those little bowls, Sandy likes the red sewing machine and Edyta - the flowers.

Thanks for the fun!!!

Mary J.B.


1 - Bowls are left for Joanna
2 - Red Featherweightfor Sandy
3 - Spring Flowers for Edyta

Thanks for a fun intro to your adorable block of the month.

Beth said...

Okay, here goes: The bowls for Joanna, the Featherweight for Sandy, and the spring bouqet for Edyta. Great choices, all.

Quel said...

These girls have great style. I'd be happy with the aqua bowls that JoAnna loved. The red featherweight that was part of Sandy's basket would be amazing. And I agree with Edyta, that after a long winter, a basket full of spring can simply be the best! :)

Julie said...

Fig Tree = Mini bowls
Pieces of my Heart=R.featherweight
Laundry Basket = spring basket

KerryQ said...

1. Joanna
2. Sandy
3. Edyta

Donna W said...

1 - Bowls are left for Joanna
2 - Red Featherweightfor Sandy
3 - Spring Flowers for Edyta

Caroline said...

How did I miss this last week? Glad I could catch up!

The gorgeous aqua bowls = Joanna

Red Featherweight = Sandy (so cool!)

Beautiful bouquet basket = Edyta

The Rx quilter said...

1= Joanna....I adores the aqua bowls too
2= Sandy
3= Edyta

Lisa in Port Hope said...

Spring for Edyta, A featherweight for Sandy, and aqua bowls for Joanna. Thanks!

Barbara Sindlinger said...

Late to the game as usual - Joanna from Fig Tree wants the lovely aqua bowls (#1), Sandy would love to see the red sewing machine in her basket (#2) (along with some pointy but cute shoes and a ODR gown) and Edyta is looking forward to some Spring (#3)

Wendy Iris said...

Fig Tree Quilts = #1 bowls
Pieces of my Heart=#2 sewing machine
Laundry Basket Quilt=#3 basket of flowers

NanaTJ said...

Edyta wants Spring in her basket.
SGervaus wants red featherweight.
Joanna needs a basket full of aqua things like bowls...etc.

Would love to win!

Sheryl said...

1 is the bowls
2 is the sewing machine and
3 is the basket of flowers

Jeanne said...

Joanna is #1
Sandy is #2
Edyta is #3

Karrie S said...

1. Fresh Figs- bowls

2. Pieces From My Heart- sewing machine

3. Laundry Basket Quilts-Flowers

Loesalexandra said...

Joanna, #1
Sandy, #2
Edyta, #3
Love the featherweight! Who wouldn't want to have one of those beauties on their desk?
Thanks for a chance to win :-)

Sewbig said...

#1 - Joanna with the blue bowls
#2 - Sandy with the red featherweight
#3 - Edyta with Spring!

Kathy said...

Joanna the Anthropologie blue bowls
Sandy the red featherweight sewing machine
Edyta the basket of flowers

B Greene said...

1 - Bowls are for Joanna
2 - Red Featherweight for Sandy
3 - Spring Flowers for Edyta

Carmen Nuland said...

1 Joanna Figueroa of Fig Tree Quilts
2 Sandy Gervais of Pieces from My Heart
3 Edyta Sitar of Laundry Basket Quilts

L Modica said...

I think Joanna wanted bowls, Sandy a Red Featherweight and Edyta beautiful Spring Flowers. we shall see

Debbie P said...

Joanna wants the small aqua bowls from Anthropologie, Sandy wants a red Featherweight and Edyta would love some spring flowers.

Vicki said...

What fun to check out the blocks. Loved the colors that Sandy used especially Snap Pop!

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