Stranded on the Diamond Dunn!

"It was only supposed to be a three-hour tour, a three-hour touuuur..." We've been stranded, but it isn't so bad! Moda Fabrics set us up with a scenario, if you were stranded on a mysterious island full of Moda fabric, sewing machines, cutting mats, rotary cutters, electricity and food, what notions would you need? Luckily, the Moda Island might be my dream vacation. A relaxing beach, piles of Moda fabric, rotary cutters, cutting mats and sewing machines all sound like the perfect getaway! Even if we happen to be stranded.

In order to survive on the mysterious island, I definitely need to bring my go-to, can’t live without notions. My sewing space would not be complete without Mettler Thread and a Clover White Seam Ripper! Mettler thread is my very favorite, and I will need a seam ripper for the inevitable mistakes. Additionally, I would bring the Cover Wonder Clips to make binding a cinch and a Collins Vanishing Fabric Marker to keep my piecing precise.

To make my trip a bit more enjoyable, I would bring along Jace Robertson of Duck Dynasty. His humor would keep us all giggling and I think he would have fun exploring the deserted island, although he may have to find a new animal to hunt!

What can't-live-without notions would you need to survive on the mysterious island? And head to Moda...the Cutting Table to find out what everyone else would bring!

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