Basic of the Month April 2013: Stonehenge

It's time again for a new Basic of the Month! We are so excited about our April 2013 Basic of the Month, Stonehenge by Linda Ludovico and Deborah Edwards for Northcott Fabrics! And don't forget, the Basic of the Month is 20% off all month!

At first I thought Stonehenge was just a crazy silly idea, but I have come around to loving them! Stonehenge is a wonderful group of blenders that act much like batiks in a quilt. There is such a variegated range of shades to select, from smoky darks to misty pastels to summer brights. The stone textures also add to the variety, including but not limited to vivid streaks, rainbow speckles and dazzling metallics. Case in point, two of our newest patterns (Candy Ribbons and Wagon Wheel) feature two opposite but breathtaking color palettes.

I know there are a million Stonehenge prints to hunt through, but we have them sorted easily now in different categories. Northcott keeps surprising us with new and amazing colors and groups, and it’s become a group we always look forward to seeing at our sales appointments.

If you need an idea for patterns to use with Stonehenge, we have plenty!