Monday, April 1, 2013

Notion of the Month April 2013: Heat n Bond

It's time again for a brand new Notion of the Month! Debbie Taylor is here today to tell you a little bit about our April Notion of the Month, Lite Iron-On Adhesive Heat n Bond Fusible Web! And don't forget, the Notion of the Month is 20% off all month!

Hi, Debbie here! I use Heat n Bond frequently, as I love to appliqué! The Heat n Bond is the perfect glue to keep your appliqué pieces stuck firmly.

Heat n Bond is very easy to use and is perfect for any appliqué that you are ready to try. Make a gorgeous appliqué quilt, or use it to embellish a skirt. Simply follow the manufacturer's instructions and get stitching! We created a handy video tutorial, walking through the process of machine stitch appliqué with fusible web using both a blanket stitch and a machine stitch. If you venture into the world of appliqué for the first time or are a seasoned veteran looking to pick up a few tricks, this video is right for you.

If you have any tips, tricks, questions or comments about using Heat n Bond or machine stitch appliqué, be sure to leave a comment! And remember, the Notion of the Month is 20% off, so stock up on Lite Iron-On Adhesive Heat n Bond Fusible Web and get ready to appliqué!


Chris S said...

Thanks so much. It's so great that all you wonderful blogs don't forget about us newbies!! :)

Fat Quarter Shop said...

You're welcome! We hope you found the video to be helpful! Let us know if you want to see any particular tutorials!

AnnieK said...

Just getting into applique, tho I've been sewing for years...this video is great, thank you! Think I'll be placing another order with you in the near future! :-)

Betty said...

Have been appliqueing for awhile and this video really helps to improve on my method. Thanks so much. I liked how clearly the ladies spoke and made the directions easy to follow.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the wonderful Heat and Bond applique video! It was very informative and a wonderful first step before I cut my first piece of fabric. I feel much more sure of myself now -- thanks to your video.
Sharon S.

Karen said...

Debbie, this tutorial was fabulous. I am so grateful you demonstrated how to do the appliqué stitching at the end. The list of materials you recommend was extremely helpful as well. A big thank you to Debbie and the Fat Quarter Shop!