Deck-ade the Halls: Three Wise Gingerbread Men

Today we introduce the three cutest and wisest gingerbread men to ever grace a Christmas quilt! The Three Wise Gingerbread Men are the first block in our Deck-ade the Halls Quilt and they are pretty endearing.

When pondering Christmas, we all couldn't help but think of a gingerbread house. After searching for an easily pieceable gingerbread house with no luck, we settled for gingerbread men! The blocks are composed of little half square triangles, a lot of straight piecing and hourglass blocks for the bowties. We hope you enjoy making our three wise men!

The PDF pattern for block 1 can be found here, and for a closer look at how to piece the gingerbread men, watch our instructional video!

We are offering kits in Aspen Frost, but we encourage you to use ANY fabrics that strike your fancy. Dig around in your stash for a scrappy Deck-ade the Halls quilt, or use contemporary fabric to change the feel up completely! Whatever you choose, be sure to post photos to Flickr. You can find our fabric requirements right here.

Check back to our Deck-ade the Halls page in two weeks for the Star Studded pattern and instructional video. Happy piecing!

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