Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Designer Tidbits: Jeni Baker

With budding flowers and mod designs, Nordika by Jeni Baker of In Color Order is the perfect mid-century twist on the sweet Scandinavian countryside. Jeni is here today on the Jolly Jabber to introduce you to her second collection for Art Gallery Fabrics. Enjoy!

Q: Where did you find your original inspiration for Nordika?
A: I was originally inspired by the Scandinavian countryside. Sweet floral meadows and mystical swamp lands. These places come together with a mid-century modern twist in Nordika.

Q: What was your “aha” moment in designing this collection?
A: The “aha” moment for this collection was definitely when I started incorporating my simple hand drawn flora. I've never considered myself much of an illustrator and wasn't sure how my sketches would translate onto fabric. I'm glad they became a part of the collection, they add a touch of whimsy. It was then that I knew where I wanted Nordika to go!

Q: What would be your collection's theme song?
A: I think my collection's theme song would be Disconnected by Keane. It's mysterious with a touch of darkness.

Q: How does the creative process differ when designing patterns and fabric collections?
A: For me, it's very different. The biggest difference is how I get started. When I'm designing a fabric collection, I immediately start working on the computer, drawing directly into Illustrator using a digital tablet. For pattern design, I almost always start by working with graph paper and pencil. I don't bring it into the computer until it has been drafted. I think since there is so much more math involved with pattern designing, I feel the need to do it on paper. It feels more natural.

Q: How did you develop your design aesthetic?
A: It's difficult to develop a design aesthetic without everything looking the same. It's more like you discover it. As I've been designing both fabric and patterns, I've realized what I like and don't like. I didn't really have a crystal clear picture of that until I saw what wasn't doing and what I keep coming back to. So for me, it has come about as I have had more experience designing.

Q: What is your favorite print in the collection?
A: My favorite print from the collection is Tulip Vines in Licorice. I love how bold it is with the black background. I used it to create a travel set for my vintage Singer Featherweight sewing machine!

Q: What projects do you hope to see made using Nordika?
A: I can't wait to see what everyone makes with the Whimsicöl panel! And of course I'm always excited to see how the collection will be mixed with other prints in quilts!

Q: What projects have you made or do you plan to make with Nordika?
A: I've made a little bit of everything with the collection already, but am looking most forward to re-doing my sewing room with Nordika! New curtains, a sewing machine cover, and some fun sewing accessories. I'd love to use Nordika for a very traditional quilt pattern too, like a Double Wedding Ring or Courthouse Steps.


Jenny said...

These are so gorgeous and happy!

I love this look!

This is a fabric that almost tempts me to dust off my sewing machine.

Julie said...

This fabric line makes me smile. Tulip Vine in black is my favorite too.

Judith Blinkenberg said...

This fabric is wonderful like a bag of jelly beans, all different colors incliding black. I sure love that bag!!

Billy'sgirl said...

Love the tulip vine in black! Great bag!

Diane Calvi said...

I'm in love with the black prints and the blue dress. Very beautiful colors. Keep up the good work.

kitty said...

Love the Tulip Vines and the Whimsicöll Panel! However I must say the gloomy and violent "Disconnected" by Keane would be the very last song I would "connect" this fabric line with.

Regina Diniz Outeiro said...

OMG how beautiful are all the fabric.
They are very inspiring!