Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Back to School Giveaway!

It's that time of year again! We are sharpening our pencils and packing our back packs in preparation for the first day of school. We want to celebrate with a bit of rhyming fun and a big giveaway, because we love our customers so much!
The summer has come to an end,
and school must begin again.
Sending your little ones off is not fun,
but in school they will learn a ton!
Did you spend your summer at camp,
or decorating your home and buying a lamp?
Did you take a trip to the beach,
or learn some new skills you thought were out of your reach?
We hope you found some time to sew
and quilt those projects for someone you know.
To win this giveaway you must write some rhyming lines
all about your summer time.
We want to know, where did you go?
Who did you see, did your kids grow?
Let us know in a comment below
and you just might win some FQS dough.

Simply write a poem about your summer vacation, then leave your poem as a comment on this post for your chance to win one of five $50 gift certificates to Fat Quarter Shop! And don't forget to like us on Facebook!

Contest closes on Friday, August 23rd. Good luck!


Debi Horne said...

Well this is a first, the first one. You guys are so much fun.

It's a little scary, but here goes,

I just stayed home and saw my grands.
They were wild and noisy like musical bands.
I'm making all my grands, all ten of them, lap quilts for Christmas presents, ahem!
So I've been busy sewing away, and looking forward to winning today.

Debi Horne

andrea said...

long and hot summer
bike trip and ice cream hangouts
wish for chilly fall

Amie Trejo said...

Summer was crazy,
school is worse,
take me away
in a long black hearse.

That is the extend of my writing skills. Same level I was in third grade.

Cotton Blossom said...

The best summer ever I must admit. I live in Georgia where the rain won't quit. We stayed inside and watched movies galore while sewing and sewing and sewing some more!

Kathy @ Kwilty Pleasures said...

Summer vacation will be this fall
To visit my son, who Is 6 foot tall
Grab the sunscreen, hit the beach
So much fun..will be within reach!

Liz said...

This summer I stayed close to home.
I worked my fingers to the bone.
At work, in the garden, sometimes wearing a hat,
My kids had fun I'll give you that.

Finally my garden is bearing some "fruit,"
Some zucchini and cucumbers, it's been quite a hoot.
The most fun I've had has been quilting with friends,
And finishing UFOs, or tying up "loose ends!"

Laurel said...

It seemed like three months full of nought,
"I'll get all my lists done," I thought,
I don't know how,
I'm laughing now,
Time flew by and I didn't do squat!

miss jamee said...

the wheels on the bus go 'round and 'round, september through to june
then ten weeks of summer vacation, has me singing a different tune!
quiltin in my studio by day and by night,
thank goodness i bought me a new ottlite!

Stacy said...

The summer came, the summer has gone.

The rain and wind, was a little strong.

No sun was around, no rays to be found,

Dreary and gloom were all around.

We traveled to the beach

And saw signs for a Georgia peach,

There we found some rays

And wished we could stay.

Back to the doom and gloom,

Will this rain every go away?

Reader Owl said...

Sewing time was summer fun
Pull some weeds and travel some
Saw the kids and grandkids too
Can't believe its time for school

Karen Lynn said...

Well this is short and simple.

My kids are all grown
My grandkids are far away,
They came to visit,
I wished they could stay,
But I will see them another day.

Heidi [Grizz-n-Dove] said...

A new member of the family arrived
When Peanut was born this very past spring
She's grown so fast
We love hearing her baby laughter ring

She has a little head and is of average weight
And of top of that she is also quite lanky
Her teeth have now come
So she can be a little cranky

I squeezed in some sewing between many-a naps
Always in a rush for goodness sake
To finish my chores so I can start sewing
But hurry, she's about to awake!

Our family is 15 hours away
And that is just way to far
So we're planning on moving soon
We just have to pack up the car!

I'd love some new fabric
Please draw my name
A new house i'll have to adorn
so please don't laugh and call this poem lame :)

fenna said...

Summer's almost done
Oh, it was such fun.
We're heading back to fall
With a sewing-list so long and tall
And my list of things to do
Has been doubled by two
My kids are staying home
And that's the end of my tome.

Marianne Jeffrey said...

To teach is something I love,
The job has always fit like a glove,
But summer you see was as long as can be,
And it allowed me to delight in my craft,
My husband he says,
“what are you planning to do with all these quilts?”
what is this a pop quiz?
Is he just totally daft?
My fabric purchases give me the guilts,
but I do have some beautiful quilts… in my head,
So with many a UFO in my sewing room,
It is with significant gloom,
I climb out of bed,
And into the classroom to teach once again
But once I arrive I find it’s not really a strain,
So many adorable faces all looking at me
Ready to learn and full of such glee.

Kaltensmom said...

I do not understand why
When to school we say bye-bye
When the sun begins to shine
And the weather is so fine,
My kids only want to stay indoors
And eat more and more and more
Watching reruns on TV,
And driving their Mom CRAZY!

Angela said...

How fun!

Delivered my daughter in may
And now I'm praying for the day
When instead of sleep being a fight
I can finally sleep through the night!

:) thanks for the chance to win!! The 30 to 45 minutes of quilting I eek out of every day is the ONLY thing keeping me sane!

April Shae said...

What Summer Vacation?

For our family?
No there was not one.
We missed the beach trip,
We missed the sun,
We missed our family
No there was not one.

Our summer was busy,
Yes busy indeed,
not with vacation,
but work, school, and rain,
no there was not one.

Lotte said...

Two grown boys leaving home
redecorating the now empty rooms
will it ever be summer?

Bethany said...

It started out so great
with staying up so late
morning were so lazy
making me a little hazy
now it a fight
a yucking, loud sight
for my kids are snappy
with less nappy
and driving mama crazy

Alison Hurlburt said...

I'm not looking for any commiseration,
But I spent summer writing my dissertation.

And since I spent all summer writing, that's as much poem as I'm going to write now that I'm enjoying a staycation and some sewing!

Ashley G. said...

Our summer was filled with great times,
I'm not much of a master of rhymes,
We swam and we played,
Planned for moving away,
And starting an adventure in the fall.

peg gonzalez said...

Summer can now last all year,
Since retiring from a job held dear.
Many years of my good deeds,
Taking care of children's needs.
Lots of ways to spend my day,
Sewing, gardening, and reading the time away.

Debra Lee said...

Summer vacation where were you?
Without you I was feeling blue.
Maybe next year you'll come around,
And I can go out and paint the town,

Nupur said...

Our first summer down South
and I thought it would be HOT
But it was wet and rainy
Hot it was NOT

A puppy we got
And I quilted a lot
So summer was not for naught!

Dale S said...

Camp Mawmaw was a blast!!!
But the kids are at home at last.
We had such fun-
always on the run!!!

The kitchen was their favorite spot;
So I did not get to sew a lot.
I cooked and cleaned
and loved the time in between.

Now I return to my life of ease
where I have only myself to please.
I have lots to do and so little time
So I have to get started and stop making a rhyme!!!

Kerry D said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Donna in NW FL said...

Visit with cousins
Laughs by the dozens
Granddaughter did some sewing
Did so well I was crowing
Back to school
So my sewing room again I rule!

Not much of a poet but would love some FQS dough!

Kerry D said...

It was summer and we were Sesame Place bound.
How could we go see Abby Cadabby without being all decked out?
We made a dress, wand and hair bows,
But we weren’t done yet, we had to make a quilt no doubt.
We cut, we pieced and at last we sewed,
The binding was finished minutes before we walked out the door.

We rubbed elbows with Elmo, Cookie Monster and Count,
At last we saw Abby and she was impressed.
We posed for pictures and even traded wands.
Such a lovely vacation we all were blessed.
Before we knew it leaving day had dawned,
Vacation was over but we had our quilt and memories told by it.

Joyce said...


Summer vacation was not to be,
Have to have surgery that will be good for me,
Surgery for weight loss is what I see,
I will be ready for vacation next year - down by the sea.

Polly @ Pieces by Polly said...

There once was a family of six.
Who lived way out in the sticks.
Their summer was fun
Until it was done.
Back to school time was the right fix.

Margaret said...

What do you do with your summer?
Ride around and see the sites in a hummer.
Play in the pool and on the lake
what about sewing for heavens sake.
Go to all the fabric shops that you can
Of course we can all use a helping hand.
Having fun
Playing in the sun.
This is my time to enjoy the little things that summer makes
Riding the waves in a lake.

You can see that I am not a poet. Thanks

starjumper said...

summer this year started out cold...
it rained and it rained... man, this rain is getting old.
finally our poor city flooded!
and when the waters receded it was thoroughly mudded!
but come hell or high water the Calgary Stampede went on!
(even though there were no concerts i still think we shone!)

we escaped the city - little more than a day -
spent Canada Day in Victoria on the bay.
we packed up our house to get ready to sell
(they were building our new house even while the rain fell!)
finally as summer is winding down
the hot weather arrived and we can go out on the town!

M.W. said...

I was home all summer working and
I should have been quilting
but I needed the cash
so I could add to my stash.


Laurel said...

My home near the mountains was a B & B
Guests kept a comin' til there were 23.
Most were my family which meant lots of grands.
The 4th Children's Parade found us marching with bands.
I learned that a baked French toast breakfast
Made morning time the very happiest.
Now the house is empty but for grandpa and me
But there is next summer to look forward to at the B & B.

Michelle said...

Summer was relaxing and slow,
We didn't get to go to the beach,
Vacation just seemed a little out of reach.
But I can't wait for fall and the holidays and all,
There is always next year for a trip.

Not very good, but there is my best shot!

Crickets Corner said...

It was rainy and wet
So getting outside wasn't a sure bet.
When the rare clear day did appear
I jumped in the car and disappeared.
Over highways and byways I roamed
Discovering new things until I had to head home.

So goodbye to summer
You were kind of a bummer
And now that the weather has finally turned fair
You can almost feel fall in the air.

Rodeomomma said...

Busy summer, that's for sure!
Restful fall will be my cure.

Graduation, new grandbaby, and a wedding
Made this mom of 9 almost regretting

Summer's been full, and lots of fun,
Time together with everyone!

April S said...

Summer went by too fast
Only one "vacation", Cedar Point was a blast.
Moved into a new place
Hoping for an addition, a sweet baby's face.

That's my best :)

Sonia B said...

First comes love, then comes marriage
Then comes some babies in a baby carriage
After FOUR we thought we were done
The pregnancy test said, "Get ready for more fun."
Take an ultrasound, don't drop the pins
Oh my gosh it looks like twins!
Fam'ly was in Yellowstone when they chose to appear
7 weeks in the NICU and now they are here
Diapers, bottles, lots of boobs
No sleep or sewing, there are SIX in my brood!

Thanks for the chance.

Emily Breclaw said...

Our summer vacation was simply the best
Playing with my five kids, we're delightfully blessed
We sewed quilts and sock monkeys
And played outside till we smelled funky
Then visited friends
And crafted hair clippies until day's end
Woke up the next morning to start all over again!


Cynthia Brunz Designs said...

Fall is here
Goodbye sun
Sewing machine's serviced
Hello fun!

Glenys said...

Swimming in pools,
Looking cool.
Clothes shopping,
Sun burning,
Birds humming,
Every morning!

Bethany Martini said...

This summer flew by
Now I must go to college, oh my.
This summer I learned a new love for quilting,
But now my flowers are wilting.
Because all my time is spent quilting!
New adventures are awaiting,
And I am ready and waiting.

Tamie said...

Swim team is over
We lost our oldest Rover
But there is some good news
To cheer up our blues
A new baby is arriving TODAY
I can't wait for she and I to play and play and play.

Some new fabrics would be wonderful too.

RobotMomSews said...

Summer Summer, went so fast
Not so sure I'd call it a blast..
We moved way across town,
but we didn't make a frown.
We packed up all our crap,
and didn't look back.
The summer has been full of new found friends,
Complete with old ones from around the bend.
Kids are ready for their new school,
Which is really big and really cool.
This mama is sad and will miss her little ones,
But happy they are growing and learning a ton.
You can find me in my new sewing space,
My perfect piece of heaven, my very own space.

That's my attempt at rhyming..good thing it's not my day job. ;)

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Travel, travel
miles and miles.
A time together
to share lots of smiles.
A special date
a time to remember
When we started together
knowing it would be forever.
The years have flown by so very quickly
Not many more before we reach 50!!

Nancy said...

We're too broke to go very far,
and our kids are all grown anyway.
But hubby and I did drive to go see
our son and his wife in Oklahoma City.
They're expecting their first child,
a girl due in November.
And of course it's so fun
to sew for her!
We'll go back next month to visit again,
and bring back more stuff for the nursery.
Our lives are so dull, as if you can't tell,
this poem needs some help in versery!

Therese Ruff said...

Two new sewing friends, We started this summer, Who knows when we'll end! Sharing hexies, laughter, and dreams, Autumn will be more beautiful with this great team!

Madeleine said...

Summer of change
Summer of stress
Summer of moving
Summer of mess


Summer of change
Summer of fun
Summer of happiness
Summer of new beginnings

Lynda said...

home again home again
been gone a month plus
so much fun with grands
quiet here.

Linda Milward said...

The summer arrived late
My flowers weren't great
So I kept inside
In my sewing took pride
The grandkids did visit
We played at the beach
Then made quilts
It was quite a treat
My eldest granddaughter
9 years of age
Said to myself, in her cutesy way
Gram i was thinking I could take triangles and sew them together in a square
I know this part doesn't rhyme, but I am so proud
A quilter she will become

Linda said...








Coffee Break Whatever said...

My summer was boring
The days were so hot.
My summer was eventless
And boring was tops
But sewing was here
and kept me engaged
Now lot of fabric projects
are completed and done!

Betty said...

A visit from my son
He is my only one

Sent him to school to get a degree
Then he moved far away from me

So proud of the man he has become
Just wish he lived closer to Mom

Mary said...

What did I do this summer?
Nothing that was a bummer!
I taught my granddaughter to sew
And helped her make some cookie dough.
And since there wasn't any fog
I played outside with my big dog.

But my flowers wilted
Because mostly I quilted!

andri. said...

Summer vacation was a total fun,
It's hot though so you need a fan ;)
Dad hunted for the snails eating his poor plants,
And me having fun eating ice cream with head full of plans.
Too bad summer is so short,
Because really, it was great! XD

MissMary said...

This summer was all about Tennessee joy:
From swimming in rivers with a 3-year-old boy
To slurping the drops from honeysuckle vines
With a 5-year-old lady who thinks they're divine.
The baby I wear in a kangaroo sling
Now crawls fast and gets into everything!
The children have all grown by leaps and bounds
This autumn I'll miss having them around.

Rebecca said...

Hot sun, time in the pool,
Taking a dip and staying cool.
Chalk on the driveway
Until the kids bike away.
Long walks to the park.
Filling out reading charts.

Head to the campground,
Family time to be found.
Bike rides, hikes, flying a kite.
Campfires, smores, saying goodnight.
Lots of memories to be had
Going home a little sad.

Back-to-school shopping begins
New clothes, find out what's 'in'.
Long supply list from the school
Notebooks designs that are cool.
Not ready for this Summer to end,
But kids can't wait to see friends again.

That was fun! We had a great Summer, not sure if I'm ready for the back-to-school routine yet. THANKS for the chance at a gift certificate!

kellsgal said...

Summer vacation was a blast
Spent with friends from the past
Our time in Alaska was the best
Even with mosquito pest
Can’t wait to do it again
Miss my friends

Thanks for the giveaway.

Tammy said...

Summer 2013 wqs q big fat bummer.
Summer arrived and with it came along Breast cancer for a ride. Oh how conveinant an entire summer of no trips, no vacations, no fun. Just the overload of labs, tests, hospitals and doctors to visit. No energy to do anything. No money to do anything as Cancer decided to spend it all fo ritself. Yes our summer was a big fat bummer. I did get a few surprise visitors and cards from freinds old and dear. . Their was not even a trip to the beach this year, But beware summer 2014 the kids and I will have a lovely time catching up for the summer tha tnevver was in 2013. Now that summer is gone I have to report I got a call yesterday that said I am now cancer free.... But the best part of the entire experience is that I spent my summer with my family and truely enjoyed each and every moment we had together. Relishing every moment and every memory. For all seasons must come to an end farewell summer and hello to fall....

Nikita said...

We did not go anywhere
just really here and there
Did a lot of local events
and spent some time with my parents

The children grew
and the adults got fatter

Filled with lazy days of BBQing, Ice cream, pies, and lots of sewing.

Jan said...

I went to NYC, in May,
That's the extent of my Vacay.

wonderlandbyalyce said...

In Texas, summer is hot,
So go outside we do not.
We stay in all day
And while the kids play,
I try to sew a lot.

Thank you for the standing ovation. :)

Johanna Lovering said...

Summer is when large sewing projects get put on hold
Finishing my quilt will have to wait until it turns cold
Small sewing projects come out to play
Like a quillow and flower fabric bowl are finished without delay
Vacationing with family fills each summer day
but I try to stop at quilt shops along the way
I look forward to the kids going back to school to learn
So that my larger quilt projects can have their turn
Fall is the time for fresh sewing ideas
Many of which will surely please.

Debi said...

Our families came from near and far
All loaded up in one BIG car
To San Antonio for 3 full days
Sea World, Six Flags, the River Walk maze
Then home again we all did go
Would I do it again, I don't think so!

It was a fun trip with my two daughters, son-in-laws and three grands and my DH's son, daughter, son-in-law and one grand...total of 13 people.

Kris said...

Summer was short and kind of a blur,
started piecing quilts and finishing some each month for sure.
Then time past even quicker with gardening, family fun and the fair.
Sewing and quilting had to take second chair.
Now fall is approaching,
outdoor work end is near.
In my mind planning quilts
for the winter months,
will soon be quite clear.

jednoiglec said...

Our summer was like a crazy hike, we've learnt what means to ride a selfish bike:)

PS. I'm international so it's really hard to figure out longer poem:)
PS. Here's the story about selfish bike: we rent a family go-cart and when we finished our ride, Mary (our daughter) told us the next day we should rent for her a...'selfish bike':D She even asked man in rental if he has selfish bikes...

jlk said...

This summer was 5 kids,
instead of just 4
And I had a hard time
getting out of the door!
But one magical week
we spent at Disneyland,
making this summer
anything but bland.
My sewing machines have sat
gathering dust,
making sewing this fall
an absolute must.
It sometimes is hard to send
the kids off to school,
but I have two left at home,
one of whom drools.
I can hear my machines
calling my name.
It's time for Mommy to
play her sewing game.

Paula said...

Visiting grandparents, siblings and more,
Eating fresh strawberries and ice-cream galore
A wedding, an I do,
I once did, have you?
Then off for some camping,
The real deal, no glamping!
Days by the seashore, days in the sea,
Splashing and swimming and paddling with me
Flying, training, driving, we did it all,
But now Summer's over and here comes the Fall.

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Vicky said...

Summer vacation where the oak trees sway.
Too bad I was sick – but I did get away.
Crawfish, gumbo, and etoufee ………
That Southern cure works any old day!!

Janet said...

Summer is fun
We delight in the sun
To Toronto we went
Lots of money we spent
We tried to see the tower
But the city lost power
We relaxed at the lake
And ate way too much cake
many fish were caught
And home they were brought
Happy memories made
I hope they never fade.

Jeanne said...

Camping with grandkids was such fun
I was sad when vacation was done
Made sure to hit the fabric shop
And bought some for my stash until I dropped

Pat V. said...

Weddings, reunion, boat vacation,
Flew hither and yon, across the nation.
Time now to stay home, put up my feet,
Finish some quilts, won't that be neat?

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

what we learned
did not make us stern

summer news
not to amuse

grandparents again will we be
not once or twice but THREE!!

apple blossom said...

Summer is...
bright and happy
no time to whine

Summer is....
places to go and people to see
I get so dizzy

Summer is...
enjoy it while you can

Quilting Tangent said...

First Sewing Machine

New to quilting, no guild, no fabric store, just the internet.
Have two queen size tops almost done by hand.
Now, have first sewing machine and trying to figure out best way to quilt the top on it.

AmandaK@whatthebobbin said...

Hundred degree days
Lots of splashing with kids yeah
More time for sewing puh please!

teachpany said...

The beach
was out of reach
A hurricane
made that plain.

So I quilted until I wilted

This summer
would have been a bummer
if my cousin hadn't planned
a weekend on Rhode Island.

Stephanie said...

Summer what Summer
It was a bummer
all I did was build, and work
It made me feel like such a jerk
but now the house is done
so I plan to have some fall fun!

Thank you Ill be here all week lol :)

Danielle Ketcham said...

Joined a Guild, now I have to build
12 quilts as I watch the garden flowers wilt.
Fun is the sun is such a short delight, living in Montana winter is a long plight.
So dream of quilting on the coast, with a mimosa in hand, I will toast!

Gertie Pye said...

Two young children
Six weeks' school holiday
Is it any wonder
I needed a lie down today?

But thanks to the Fat Quarter Shop
Today I got a smile
9 yards of Kona in the mail
For my lovely fabric pile!

Lisa said...

Summer vacation was having a day to quilt, so here it goes...
Little Lisa Jean
Little Lisa Jean come piece your quilt.
The fabric is on the cutting table ready to be built.
But where's the girl who looks after the fabric?
Shes sleeping under the batting oh so thick.
Will you wake her? No not I;
For if I do, she sure to cry.

Lisa Byrd said...

Tennessee the state we chose
pictures with grandparents the kids did pose

Splashing around and playing in the pool
Laughing and joking cousins acting a fool

Sweet tea in your glass and steak on the grill
Swinging on the porch is a southern thrill

Sharon H said...

I've worked in public libraries for almost twenty years. We don't get vacations in the summer -- we're too busy. It can lead to burn out. Thank goodness for my sewing machine!!

Here goes:

There once was a children's librarian,
who never used to be a contrarian.
She spread the joy of books
while giving children dirty looks
and said I want my summer's back again.

Cara said...

This summer was our first without the usual trips
We stayed at home and rested our hips
We could not complain but were full of joy
Our 15 month old girl helped us welcome our new baby boy

Fiesta said...

My summer is over and I am not happy.
The days are longer since I must be snappy.
My 8th graders are crappy since they can no longer take a nappie
But all is well for me and for them because in 192 days we start vacation all over again.

Rachelle said...

No holidays here
bundled up in all my winter gear
time for knitting
also time for stitching
looking forward to summer
cos it's so much funner!

Lisa Marie said...

Back to school has passed us by,
Our son is grown and the coop he did fly.
So hubby and I just do our own thing,
This summer it's hiking.

Sheryl said...

Summer came late it seems
Suddenly in July the grass was green
Soon enough fall colours began to grace
The trees in this northern place
Before I knew it summer and come
Just as quickly, summer had gone

Cecilia said...

Traveling here, going there
Visiting grandchildren
Attending quilt retreats where
Fun was had and work begun
Rainy days mean inside fun
Until all UFOs are done

Margaret S said...

Summer was hot
didn't get to sew,
but my stash got built up,
and I'm raring to go!!!

SarahZ said...

a haiku...

Summer vacation?
Moved halfway 'cross the nation!
I-N to M-T !!!

Karen Smith said...

Sometimes it is hard being a military wife.
Moving across the ocean, living the military life.
So, when the school year is done
We hop on a plane to enjoy the American sun.
Running with cousins, kissing Uncles and Aunts,
driving 1500 miles to visit both sets of Grandparents.
Family is what makes the summer so fun, and
it's hard to go when the summer is done.
But, school and life beckons us back,
and all too soon it's time to repack.
While living apart, there's bound to be misses,
But we'll remember this summer, and we'll blow you some kisses.

PK Sews said...

My summer vacation was so much fun
That I didn't get any housework done.
I stayed at home and babysat my granddaughter
And every night we stayed up later
than we oughter.
We went to the library and the pool and the park.
We played in the yard until after dark.
She is three already and growing up so fast
I really wish I could make this special time last.

Thanks for the fun and for this generous giveaway!

Alisa said...

I'm so glad that my summer
Was not a bummer
Five kids home from school
Isn't always cool
But as it turned out
We had fun going about
We camped at the lake
And the girls got to bake
My sister got married
And we got a little harried
All in all, a good time was had
But the kids going back to school won't be so bad.

How's that? :-)

Anonymous said...

My garden is over run with weeds
The lawn is over grown
But my sewing skills are growing with a life all of its own.
hendrick.pj@tds.net (Peggy)

Anonymous said...

I love to quilt in the summer,
it's the way that I "play".
I sew from sunrise to sunset,
and it makes me happy all day.
I know I should get my work done,
but I can't seem to take the time.
I'm busy with trying to win money,
which is what I want to do with this rhyme!!

June Ohm said...

Summer vacation went way to fast,
I gardened a little,
Watched grandkids swim,
Pieced quilts on my antique Singer,
Attended the grand opening
of a fabulous new shop,
Spent mega bucks
on a new Janome,
now my quilts can
really fly!

Patty said...

I went to work one morning in May. Just looked at the calendar and it's August today!

missourimel said...

Once again summer came.
Each day pretty much the same.
Working for the man.
Squeezing in fun when I can.
Gee whiz, it is so very lame.

lfhpueblo said...

Our first vacation in a very long time,
because we actually had an extra dime.
First time ever in a travel trailer,
but not much fun to keep cooking and cleaning so I felt like a snapping alligator.
A huge nervous dog inside cooped up because outside flew zillions of mean biting flees----
kept slamming into my aching knees.
He didn't even want to go outside to take a weeee,
so having to pull that giant flea collar wearing dog out begging
Then no where to retreat when the husband began to snore,
if I'd been strong enough I'd thrown him out the door.
How can you get clean in a shower that was only a foot wide?
It felt like the wind would flip the tin can on its' side.
Granted it only lasted three days and two nights,
but without my sewing machine nothing felt right.
So the in-laws were happy because we came to spend a day or two,
and they were unhappy when our visit was through.
However, I was elated,
even though everyone else was a bit let down and deflated.
I knew that when I got home I could get into my sewing room,
get back to my fabric addiction and leave behind my gloom.
The moral of this poem is if you have to go away---
Don't forget to take something along to hand quilt to get you through those long tin can days.

needle and nest said...

Summer, dear summer
Oh where have you gone?
School's a big bummer
The days are all long.
I'll miss my sweetheart
Who's off to first grade
To get a head start
On math for quilts made.

Okay, so that last part was a stretch... but she is a budding quilter! Thanks for the chance to win!

Brandy Pettit said...

This summer being filled
with what people call "time"
has given me much
to put into rhyme.
Contemplating my future
and just how to live
a life full of happiness
with so many quilts to give.
As a beginner and
fresh out of jobs,
I taught myself sewing control
and learned all about blogs.
Now school is back in
and jobs are back too,
I must temper my quilting
and get back to being "hey you"!

brandizzle7133 at yahoo dot com

Louise Ambrosi said...

The hottest English summer we've ever had
Down came the rain, but warm sun too
our garden flourished, strawberries grew
the children glad not to be at school

We visited all our favourite haunts
Museums, gardens, picnics, barbeques,
A trip to Yorkshire to play with the cousins
Endless laughter in the paddling pool

I got to sew when they were tired from all the fun
But we all made the most of the wonderful sun
This time next week it's back to school
How I'll miss them so - but how much sewing I'll get done!

helen said...

Its winter here down under
Some rain, storms and thunder
Some sunshine would be sweet
And a chance to paddle my feet
Quilting time can be found
What ever seasons around

pcflamingo said...

A trip to the Beach was not out of reach;
Point No Point in Washington is always a ton of fun.

A quick trip to Salt Lake City
for some nose-in-the-books time
Meant this history geek was sitting pretty
with good results on one paternal line.

Lots of sewing for charity
kept my Bernina humming merrily;
If I were your contest winner
That would be better than pie for dinner!

Quilter in the Gap said...

Roses are Red
Violets are Blue
Poems hurt my head
And College bills do too!!!

I really suck at poems but there you have my heart this year as my youngest goes off to college!!!

gailss said...

With lots of plans
and many fans
thought I get my projects done.

Time passes on fast
Not even near the last
guess I will meet the setting sun.

On to the next one
hope I get it done
Life is fast but I will last!

Okay, I an not a poet but that was fun....thanks for the inspirations!

Jansie said...

My summer vacation was non existent.
Even though I was insistent. It just didn't happen, cause we were strappin.' For cash.
So, maybe next year, the financial waters will clear and we can enjoy the beach we hold dear.
Sorry for the bummer poem, but, that's what happened. lol
Thanks for the chance!!

Michele T said...

My poem is haiku:

Camping in the woods
Crackling campfire warming us
Roasting marshmallows

Tonya Reichard said...

Summer was short
Summer was sweet
Produce put away for later we eat
Fairs to attend and cows to be shown
My, I just realized how the kids and grands have grown!
Wanted to go and dip my toes, but that will not be for quilts are awaiting to longarm by me
Wish summer would start allover again
I am just now starting to get my summer tan! :O)


shawn said...

Grand kids were so busy,
They kept me in a tizzy.

Summer sure wasn't boring,
I wanted to do more snoring.

I wish I had an extra dime,
To buy myself some more time.

Thanks for the giveaway.
(smjohns63 at yahoo dot com)

Cal said...

Summer vacation, how I long for you
But first I need to see the Winter through!
You see, down under almost all is upside down
So no yellowing leaves to be found anywhere in town
Just bare branches with the smallest inkling
That Spring will indeed soon be beaming,
Followed then by the wonders of Summer
So we can finally enjoy hearing the banter
Of small children playing in the sun
As well as all the accompanying fun
That comes with summer vacation.
Meanwhile mama threads yet another bobbin
Readying the trusty sewing machine
to work on one project, or maybe... sixteen!

Eileen DiPietro said...

Summer was long and kinda slow going, plenty of beach, parks and pool
Sept 9th they're headed back to school and I will again be SEWING!!!

kathyalden said...

Spent lots of time in Cascade Idaho at our RV lot, much cooler. Nice relaxing summer.

Liz said...

The dog days of summer have finally arrived...
This summer I survived!
For you see, our old dog of 15
left this scene
and our new puppy full of mischief
has kept me from my sewing machine!
Oh my!!

Peggy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Peggy said...

As sure as the tides roll in,
Summertime begins again.

Daughter and girls come visit for a week.
They stay for three and have fun at the beach.

Huge birthday party for son's littlest one.
Everyone has tons of fun.

Shared birthday for Grandma plus one.
A new teenager is having fun.

With son and family we go to The Keys,
Relax in the sun and the ocean breeze.

The lazy days too quickly fly,
And summertime says sad goodbye.

We reside in Florida all year.
Thank goodness the beach is always near!

Laura Fedewa said...

The summer heat came on quick
and we headed to the pool in a blink
The kids wanted to go to a zoo
So we went but we found no animals that went moo
We also found a drive-in movie
That was so groovy!
Now the end is coming up fast
But man we had a blast!!


Grammi Sharon said...

Off to Shasta Lake for houseboating we go.
We had all week for our wakeboarding skills to grow.
Feasted on yummy food and read our favorite books.
Did some tubing, had water fights, and played lots of Rook.
Perhaps the best of all was all the laughter that bonded new friends.
Couldn't ask for a better summer's end.

Myself said...

Summer vacation was great but to long
It is so hot while I'm writing this song
And I have to admit, but please don;t think I'm a fool, but I think it is time for my kids to go back to school

Many thanks for this great giveaway!

Scrapatches said...

The summer of 2013
Fulfilled a mother's dream

Seeing my beautiful grown-up girl in white
Walking down the aisle with her dad in the sunshine so bright

By the stone cross overlooking the mountain, sheltered by the pines
The bride and groom declared their love and their vows for all times.

Surrounded in Love, Blessed by the Light
We danced into the summer night

DeborahGun said...

There are some seriously good poets amongst your readers. I unfortunately am not one of them!

Off to the beach,
Just within reach,
Fun in the waves,
wearing our shades
Family time
Oh I wish I could make words rhyme :-)

Jenn4653 said...

Summers are for swimming and fishing,
But all I could do is sit by wishing,
Because all the sunny days were gone,
And so I stitched here all alone.
But lots of quilts were done in a flash,
And now it's time to rebuild my stash!

Linda Fleming said...

Oh what fun to read your ditties,
Some so sad and some real pretty!
My summer here's just drifting along...
No time to hear a summer song!
Some extra work brings some cash
- I dream of adding to my stash.
I plan my quilt up on the wall
and find a name for it after all...
I read the blogs and have some fun
I leave a comment on every one!
At last my number comes up lucky-
Not once but twice, would you believe it?

Marguerite said...

My summertime started out rough
But I am strong and I am tough
The flight was good, but the wait was long
Thank goodness I didn't wear a thong!
We got to Iowa late in the day
So upon arrival, we could not play.
Not much to do there, but I did find
all the quilt shops I had in mind.
Where ever I travel, I like to see
if there are quilt shops waiting for me.
I went to about 5 during my stay
and that was fun, I got to play.
Enjoying fabric, every one
That's what I call having fun.

Karen in Breezy Point said...

I'm not a poet
And boy, do I know it!
My summer was busy,
Left me in a tizzy!
Weeding, weddings, all the rest-
Crazy,fun summers are the best!!

Mom2RyandSis said...

For big Summer break fun, you need to get out in the sun!!! The whole Summer I was playing a fool, now Summer is over we have to go back to school, and that's not cool, out of chances to go to the pool.

Thanks for the chance to win! :)

Anonymous said...

Ann T said

summer was the very best
pool time and beach time passed the test
Grandchildren created all the fun
I am sorry summer is done!
Tops for Meg and shirts for Matt
All summer long on my sewing machine sat!
Need to start sewing so they will look cool
Guess what...my Grandkids rule!!!!!!!

Please pick this nana!

Lamse said...

We welcomed our first puppy,
Cleaning up poo is yucky.
I tended him from the couch,
No sewing made me a grouch.
He gives me a smile,
And we forget all our trials.
Finn is loved.

KatieQ said...

The summer is ending very soon.
My son will be married this Saturday noon.
We picked up my daughter so we can all be merry
Our route home took us on the Cross Sound Ferry
We'll dance and we'll sing
And have lots of fun
The summer will end with a new life for my son.

Cathy said...

Vacation plans were made
Destination was the beach
Accommodations chosen
Sun and sand within our reach

Frolicking in the waves
Was what we had in mind
Strolling in the sand
Trying to unwind

Then came the unexpected
Yet very happy news
Something monumental
A surprise that came in twos

We gave up sun and sand
Vacation plans were changed a bit
Replaced by something better
A summer we would not forget

And so our days were spent at home
Our time was filled with fun
We couldn’t be much happier
Vacation days with new twin grandsons!

sandy said...

This year our summer was without a pain
As there was not a drop of rain
I had such fun with the Grand
as we played in the sand
The beach is where we went to play
And then came home to watch the farmer cut hay.
I had not one ounce of guilt
as nary a quilt was built.

Hey, that was really fun.

Mary Ann R said...

Left the beaches of Florida behind
For Utah and mountains to climb
Zions and Bryce National Parks
Bear Lake, waterskiing, family picnics in parks
Back home in Florida where tourists long to be
But Utah and mountains are favorites for me

Sandy said...

I went to quilt with friends I know
I nearly went to Mexico
I sewed and sewed and ate also
I tried to quilt in the moon's bright glow.
I battled when machines won't go.
Retreats are great when you want to sew
But three in a month is a real no-go.

Naomi Stewart said...

summer Haiku:

Summer slow to come
Hiking, camping, kayaking
not enough time for fun

Lori Erickson said...

This summer was not a bummer!
It was swimming, and laughing;
Playing and splashing.
This summer was fire-flies
And sweet smelling cherry pies;
It was musical crickets,
and Popsicle lick its!
It was time my babies
(who no longer are babies),
And smiles shared with the love of my life.
This summer was full of memories,
Bumps, bruises, and shimmeries.
Now we'll move on to Fall,
With school and football,
And dream of our toes in the sand.

Anonymous said...

Laura S
“This summer
Oh what an odd one
More rain than sun,
But still, we managed to have fun
From campouts with s’mores,
To boat rides on the lake,
This is what I remember about my summer break.”

Monica said...

I cannot believe a whole summer has passed!
It seems it flew by compared to the last.
We had some great times at home and away
San Diego in June was quite a nice stay.
We started our very first garden and found
The squash and cucumbers soon covered the ground.
I squeezed in some mom time and sewed up a skirt
My girls played real hard, only once or twice hurt.
My husband stayed busy working away
At least when he traveled we got to go play.
With all the hot weather we loved getting wet
Since my girls aren't of school age it's not over yet.
We'll still play outside and make trips to the zoo
We'll still find some silly and fun things to do.
Now all that I need for a final summer treat
Is some FQS dough to sew up something sweet!

Thanks for the fun challenge!
silverize at hotmail

CraftyGal said...

Summer's no break for us
Daddy works like a dog
But once Fall's here
We get to relax in our own little fog!

nhlady said...

I worked hard through the summer
In a temporary position
I was thrilled to be working
In such great conditions.

I'm happy to report
that I was hired permanently today
I'll have many more summers
To frolic and play!

Thanks for the giveaway!!

Suzie H said...

Summer went by way too quickly
And now my kids are oh so sickly
Their tummies hurt, but I'm no fool
They just don't want to go to school
Through those front they must go
To learn the things they need to know
Now mommy get's a little break
to finally sew, for goodness sake!

Beth said...

I planned to spend the summer at the pool
It always rained, the angels drooled
The grandchildren always had a cold
The deer ate the garden, there were so bold
So Nana stayed inside and sewed
Almost ready for Christmas, truth be told!

Allison said...

My garden is soggy,
The flowers lie flat.
The lawn is so boggy,
My footsteps go splat.

Not much could be done
In the yard that was wet.
So we made our own fun,
My grandchildren and pets.

We snuggled and read
And watched movies galore
Until time for bed,
And a little bit more.

Though we had no big plans
Or big trips east or west,
Our time was just grand
And this summer was best!

Anonymous said...

I had a staycation this summer
but it wasn't a bummer.
I bought fabric galore
but just wanted more.
I shopped and compared
and cut and prepared.
Sewed a couple of quilt tops
then decided I had to stop.
I needed more fabric.
What a surprise!
Now I'm writing a poem
to win fabric as a prize!


Olivia said...

Summer was too short
Now my baby starts kindergarten
Sewing Christmas stockings in July
Sure made the time fly by
Now with homework to be done
Papers to grade
The quilting will sadly fade.

Joan H. said...

School bells ring and mothers smile,
The kids are gone for a little while.
Drag out your fabric,your machine
needs oil.
It's time to quilt and let your nerves uncoil!

jreyno00 said...

Christmas stockings are
sewn on sweltering nights to
avoid future panic

Linda Hughes said...

Summer came by and went so fast, for me this summer was a blast!

Was blind and now I am able to see, the stars, moon and the sun shine on me

Long warm days and cool nights, spent creating and sewing like a bird that has just taken flight

Soon will be fall and the crisp chilly nights and buying quilting fabrics from The Fat Quarter Shop sounds just right!

Lavonna ZWB said...

My days, spent looking for a job - a never-ending search
Being laid off back in June has left me in a lurch
Summer, you were never here for me to just enjoy
For I was always stuck inside, computer for a toy.

judy in idaho said...

...Summer Vaca...Watch Out! the Grandkids have come to Stay :)
Driving me Crazy to Sew up a Storm,
for that next one about to be Born!
What with their help and fabric Galore we dug in and Each made a Block and then S`Mores...
Now they have gone and all is quiet
But Can't wait Til next year for the same Big Riot!

Sarah N said...

"Summer vacation" was a misnomer
Daddy was gone so Mom was a goner!
Lots of playdough, Legos and beach,
But relaxing definitely wasn't in reach.
A little good travel, though camp left us itching.
One thing that didn't happen? Time for Mom's stitching!
So excited for school to restart - Dad's back for back up; Mom can sew art!

patti said...

This summer we decided to put in a pool
In a effort to keep all the kiddies cool!
It was such a shame,
all it did was rain,
now it's time to go back to school!

Deb said...

Spring led to Summer
Summer will lead to Fall.
The daily chores are all the same here
There's no difference at all.

October will finally bring vacation
The coolness that I love
Pumpkins, leaves, and mountains
And I'll thank the Lord above.

Carmen N said...

Cool weather
First toddler fish
Relaxing by the water
Time to go home

Pinspot said...

Four sisters,
Fort builders,
movie watchers,
pool swimmers.

Play pretend,
Barbies, Legos,
Messy playroom
Smiling faces.

Up late,
Bug bitten,
Star gazing,
S'more fingers.

Cross country
By air and car,
cousins waited,
Glad reunions.

Four sisters,
Backpacks ready,
Momma cries,
Both sad and happy.

Joy said...

Summer was here and my kids have now grown
Ben headed out west, “wild mountains” to roam.
With 80 great friends, all working in sync
They made Estes park, look like a jewel in a wink!

The daughter I love, has grown up much too fast
She travels and texts me at each place that is passed.
She flew out to Boston, ate lobsters on the Cape
And savored the break from her job and red tape.

I held down the fort. I continued to cook
I picked blueberries for freezing. I made pie by the book
Fresh peaches for jams, and blackberries for eating
Judged fair projects for kids, in 4H that were competing.

So schools back in session, a new season begins
I find myself restless and my mind starts to spin
My pfaff’s put away and no fabric that’s new
It’s time for a project, oh what should I do?

So I dust the machine, and have it tuned up just tight
As I view the new fabrics and find one just right.
An order is placed and I’m happy through and through
Oh, thank you Fat Quarters for all that you do!

Alyce @ Blossom Heart Quilts said...


Ice cream

The noise, the fun, the memories

Qltr89 said...

Here goes:

Summer started with a family get-together
Together my hubby and I planned for the looming call-in jury duty
Jury duty was a breeze, good thing
The thing is not much quilting happened those days.

One day I found myself free to quilt again, yayy!
Quilts were flying out of my house to my sister and to Germany
Where a baby was born who is now enjoying her quilt.

Did I say I was ill almost all summer?
All summer, just about, it lasted.
Doc said it could take longer
Not longer did it take though
Because I'm better now
So much better that a quilt is flying off my machine to my wall!

Whitney M said...

Fun fun!

Stayed at home
But not all alone,
Spent the day with the baby
While thinking maybe,
I could sew,
But he decided no,
Just sit and snuggle,
So I decided to juggle,
The baby and the fabric and complete three quilt tops

Cassie Altenbernd said...

My husband built me a charming room
So I could quilt till every flowers' a bloom
The gardens burst with many rosies,
Geraniums, Lavender and pink posies
The children would play, golf and swing,
While I dreamed of quilting many a pretty thing.

Jenn said...

Summer was filled with parties galore
We were even able to see the seashore
Alas school must start
Which is good for my heart
For my sewing machine thought me a bore.

Jenn said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jenn said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Quilter Kathy said...

What a fun idea
So many wonderful writers and poets!!
Here is my attempt...

My summer was bad
No vacation in sight
Sewing "Deck-ade the Halls" blocks
was the only highlight!

Anonymous said...

Summertime 2013

Hi Ho, Hi Ho,
Off to Myrtle Beach
We did go.

We celebrated our 40th!
Ate out &
Read books.

Then home to
Fresh veggies
Plums & tomatoes

Cutting the grass
And pulling weeds
What a workout Indeed!

Rain and more rain
Will it ever stop?
Let's build an ark!

School buses are now running
Fall is welcome here!
Parents are cheering.

Now it the time
For serious sewing
Let the fun begin!

Mary Ellen Hood

Sarah_L_N said...

English Summer Haiku

Playing in the sea
Blowing bubbles on the grass
Lots of toddler fun

Sunny, hot and bright
Also rainy, cold and wet
Summer in england :)


Mom C said...

What can I say, this summer was fun
Can't believe that it's over, can't believe it is done.
We cruised in Alaska, we camped in the hills,
We got family together, we shared many meals.
We had sewing classes, grandkids sewed up a storm,
So busy together, laughter was always the norm.
And then there's the longarm I bought with such glee,
and have loaded and quilted every moment that's free.
It's been a whirlwind, it went by so fast
But the memories are joyful, and memories will last.
Hope your summer was wonderful too.

Catricana said...

Is hot. Hot. Hot. Hot.
Sweat and humidity and salt.
Hide inside.

Park? No thanks.
Beach? I'd prefer my own oven.

If it hasnt got ac it hasnt got nothin.

Linda V said...

As the summer is ending, we have a trip that is pending.
Will we go far away? Or at home will we stay?
Thanks for the giveaway

Josie McRazie said...

The summer was short and quilting days few
I loved being pool side but boy how it flew!
We camped and we swam and made s'mores and pies
We stayed up late and looked up at the skies
My kids are now older and one has moved out
The others will soon follow of that I have no doubt
We had a great time and that story is true
The fall starts another story that is new
I love changing seasons don't ask me why
But here is one reason and no I won't lie
Each day is a blessing and brings something else
for our hearts to put up on our memory shelf!

Jennifer said...

Summer vacation?
Surely, you jest
All I can think is
I need a rest.

Cindy Williams said...

Here is my poem.....

My summer in Hickory of 2013
Was really rather kind of keen.
I went online to the FatQuarterShop
And spent lots of money until I dropped.

I got the quilt kit "Just the Ticket"
Made it for some friends that just got "hitched"
They loved the gesture - so I told them
"It was my pleasure!"

I sewed and sewed, then sewed some more
For I have two more grandchildren (on the way) that need to keep warm!
One in Chicago, the other in Raleigh
My husband and I just keep saying "oh my!"

Enough about me and mine
Let's pray for the ones that aren't so fine.
The flooding and fire all around our great nation
We need to show love, that's the foundation.

Sewing quilts for those in need
Is truly forever a great deed.
Something to hold on to that shows you care
Can you make ten, I just dare!

Billy'sgirl said...

Yes, the summer was HOT
Some brief relief I sought
Oh the fabrics I bought
Choosing zig-zag or dot
Quilting just hits the spot
Unless decked on a yacht!

Crystal said...

Back to school, as if I got a break,
My summer semester was no piece of cake.
Sociology haunted me per week three days each,
when all I dreamed about way laying on the beach.
With every party and bon fire missed,
I found myself pondering social conflict with my hands in fists.
But with those three credit passed this girl jumped ahead,
And come this spring I will don a gown, and a cap on my head.

Nita said...

Summer North of 60
...when fragrant leaves emerge from slumber;
meadows green and squirrels noisy,
ice gone from the lake,
dock returned to the water,
the shrieks of children in the campground
as they jump in;
lazy Saturdays and daylight that lasts

scottylover said...

In June north to Chicago I flew
to meet with old friends not new
We went to a quilt show and saw
beautiful quilts that left me in awe.
We talked, sewed and shopped
until we had to stop
Because back home I had to go.

Sandy A

jenni said...

To the beach we did go,
with two beautiful grandsons in tow!
A family reunion with joyful tears,
it has been 11 long years!
In the Dessert is our great big lake,
thank goodness we didn't see snake!
A wedding in Utah couldn't be missed,
How lucky we are to be so blessed!

Susan Stanton said...

I've been stitching by day and stitching by night,
because soon I'll be off on my two week flight,
to Washington State to have a vacation,
because all summer I've been on a staycation!

Barb in Mi said...

Here it goes:

Montana was our destination,
The nature & wildlife a fascination!
Hiking and rafting - oh what fun,
And it certainly was too fast done.
But Glacier Park - don't you fear,
we'll be back within a year!

Thanks so much!

Craftygnomewife said...

This summer was no vacation,
Work caused much consternation.
There were movies and fun,
But now that they're done,
I'll finally have time for sewing!

Becky S. said...

Here in Colorado it's been a hot, dry summer.
I had no vacation this year-that was a bummer.

I stayed cool in the A/C and sewed UFO's.
First I pieced blocks--then sewed into rows.

I now have some quilt tops that need long arm quilting.
It is still so hot, the garden is wilting.

One morning as I watched Kathi Lee and Hoda
I thought about making a new quilt with some Moda.

Maybe something designed by Bonnie and Camille.
Those prints in Scrumptious sure have appeal.

Thanks for the chance to win some Fat quarter Shop cash.
I would LOVE to add some great stuff to my stash!!!

Catherine said...

This summer, I promised serious family time.

I'll tell you about it in the following rhyme:

We bought a bike trailer, then rode for 12 miles.

Even though there were wipeouts, we came home with smiles.

We visited Holland (in Michigan) where there was so much to do!

We bought tulips, ate ice cream, and tried on wooden shoes.

Then we put up a tent & made a firepit in the backyard.

I got maybe two hours of shuteye - - camping with kids is hard!!!

This week, we visited the carnival at the county fair...

And dealt with crazy humidity - - check out Mom's hair! ;)

This weekend, we'll build castles on the beach.

And I'll sneak time to write lesson plans - - it's almost time to teach!

Hope you all had a wonderful summer!

Ann said...

There once was a couple of Yanks
Who needed a very long break.
They went to the UK,
ate fish and chips along the way,
Then returned home with great thanks.

Luisa Abrahamson said...

This summer was fast
Can't believe it's over
many memories will last
and we will feel much closer

My family faraway I could not see
a baby niece in my arms I could not hold
but my prayers and my love will surely meet
through the invisible bridge that never gets old.

Claudia said...

We traveled and traveled and traveled some,
Visiting grandkids and siblings, hugs and giggles galore.

The summer flew by
but fall is my favorite.
I look forward to cool days and chats with my neighbor.

Beverly Letsche said...

Tomatoes and cucumbers aplenty
beets and carrots galore
freezing, canning pickling.
Long days of August
filled with gardening and heat.
Longing for sweet September,
cool mornings, cup of tea,
sunrises watched from the deck,
trees transforming from
summer green to
russets, oranges, yellows.
The richest of pallets,
Inspiration for this
Autumn's quilt.

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