Quilty Fun Videos Part 2

Hello quilters! Happy Friday! Are you ready for some Quilty Fun? We are thrilled to show off the next set of Lori Holt's YouTube videos. She is a wealth of quilty knowledge and we couldn't help but share! We hope you are ready to learn some quilting tips and tricks!

Our second set of videos, filmed in Lori Holt's dreamy sewing studio, will show the ins and outs of organizing a scrappy stash, how to use the Angler 2 to increase accuracy, how to use the Turn It All, and much much more. There is so much to learn, so let's get to it!

In this video, we dive right into the heart of Lori Holt's sewing studio. Her scrappy stash is inspiring, creative, and exceptionally organized! This video will give you plenty of tips for organizing your stash and saving your scraps!

Have you ever heard of a Quilty Back Pocket? Lori makes Quilty Back Pockets to hang her quilts for photos! Find out how she makes these Quilty Back Pockets and start making them for your quilts!

Have you ever used Riley Blake's Stickits, available in 1", 1.5" and 2"? Lori has a little tip, using them to adhere to your rulers to reduce slipping. It just barely sticks to your fabric, without leaving a residue!

Do you use the Angler 2? Lori uses the Angler 2 to ensure accuracy in her quilting. We just know you will love sewing with the Angler 2!

This tool continues to blow our minds! See how Lori uses the Turn It All to make little ties! It is simply amazing, this is a must-watch!

Ever feel like you need an extra finger when quilting? Lori uses the Clover Stiletto to help her maintain control. She will show you how!

In our final tutorial, Lori shows you how she marks her fabric using a mechanical pencil. As simple as that may seem, it helps keep her seams accurate! Pick up this tip and perfect your seams!

Thank you for inviting us into your studio, Lori! We just love sharing the quilty knowledge. Be sure to poke around our YouTube channel for even more tutorials. And don't forget pre-order your copy of Quilty Fun by Lori Holt of Bee in my Bonnet!

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