Quiltmaker Staff Challenge!

Hello everyone, it's Jocelyn here! I have to start off with, WOW! First and foremost because Quiltmaker Magazine selected my “On the Grid” block to experiment with, and secondly because they made. Such. Amazing. Quilts! Their staff went above and beyond, and each of their quilts is so unique in their Staff Challenge feature of the January/February 2014 issue. At each one, I wondered, “That’s my block? Really??” Truly creative minds at work here, folks! Just look!

In Carolyn Beam’s block, the coloring is masterfully done to create all sorts of patterns.

June Dudley has an incredible diagonal effect in her layout! Using different shades of gray lends a blended feel.

Denise Starck’s is so fun. I love how she used the tonal blacks and greens for a grungy, sophisticated design.

Diane Harris keeps your focus with a dark gray dot, but has fun splattering the rest with bright colors and prints!

Eileen Fowler has created an awesome center-out design, just by changing out the block corner fabrics! Love this one!!

Shayla Wolf used it to create blocks of color, like a mosaic. Lovely!

Mine looks pretty straightforward, but leaves a “huh?” moment when you start wondering how it came together!

Kimberly’s is a myriad of blues, like little sparkles everywhere!

Thanks again to Quiltmaker, this was so much fun!!

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