Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Simple Whatnots Mini Quilts Club

Simple Whatnots Miniature Quilts Club We are excited to announce the new Simple Whatnots Miniature Quilts Club featuring Vintage Farmhouse fabric by Kim Diehl beginning in July! Miniature quilts are everywhere these days and this program gives you a great excuse to sew one up each month to round out 2014. Kim Diehl, the designer extroudinare behind the Simple Whatnots Club is here to tell you about all six quilts in the program, so keep reading for a closer look at these miniature quilt patterns!

Hopscotch Quilt in the Simple Whatnots Miniature Quilt Club

This colorful little patchwork quilt is simple to stitch, and I really love the sense of movement that the rows of triangles bring. Because I'm one if those quilters who think everything is better with a little dollop of appliqué, I decided to offer this design in both a patchwork and appliqué medallion version. So, the only question is...to appliqué, or not to appliqué?

Hopscotch Quilt in the Simple Whatnots Miniature Quilt Club

"Laundry Day" 
This little quilt features traditional patchwork in a rainbow of colors, and the scaled-down block size really adds a lot of charm to the finished look. Nothing fancy, nothing formal, but I think there's a little bit of magic happening here.

Hopscotch Quilt in the Simple Whatnots Miniature Quilt Club

"Sunday Supper" 
 This sweet little quilt shows off six patchwork blocks in a simple setting, with endless possibilities for mixing and matching your prints. The red sashing strips are stitched from one of my favorite Vintage Farmhouse red prints, and I love how the black corner posts make them look almost transparent. Best of all, the small size of this quilt means it can be pieced in a snap!

Hopscotch Quilt in the Simple Whatnots Miniature Quilt Club

"Idaho Lily" 
 This small quilt combines traditional patchwork with a classic color scheme, and the finished look is truly timeless. If piecing is normally your technique of choice, this project, with just the tiniest bit of appliqué, may be the perfect way to dabble in something new...and you may discover a new favorite past time!

Hopscotch Quilt in the Simple Whatnots Miniature Quilt Club

 This little patchwork quilt shows off one of my very favorite things...checkerboard squares. To me, there are few things more homey and inviting than small-scale squares stitched from a rainbow of colors, and I love how they look like quilted confetti!

Hopscotch Quilt in the Simple Whatnots Miniature Quilt Club

 This pint-sized quilt combines easy-to-appliqué leaves with a sprinkling of tiny yo-yos, and it's a cinch to stitch with the help of Clover's extra-small yo-yo maker. The petite size of this quilt also let me indulge myself in some big-stitch hand quilting, which is a rare treat, and it's the icing on the cake!

What do you think about these sweet mini quilts? If you like them, reserve your spot in the Simple Whatnots Miniature Quilts Club today!


eileensideways said...

i love the mini quilts. they lend themselves to display beautiful piecing, rather than draped over a chair and in a bedroom few people see or stacked up waiting for good homes.

DebrafromMD said...

I love this little quilts. The BOM picture on your website shows only the pieced version of Hopscotch. Will I be able to make the appliqué version with your kit?

tlunsford said...

When I started quilting 23 years ago, mini quilts were all "the thing" around my area, so I sewed many of them! I love them for using up tiny scraps. I'm glad I saved allmof my issues of "Miniature Quilts" magazine from way back then!

Anonymous said...

I love these ! Would it be possible to subscribe to the patterns only (pdf) because of the high international shipping cost ? (I know that you have no control over that)
Best regards
Dora Dis

Quilter Kathy said...

Looks like great fun!

Mindy said...

Me thinks the Jolly Jabber is a temptress!!! Wonderful mini quilts.

quilter000 said...

I like the smaller quilts. Only because I have sewn so many of the full size ones these are more challenging for me. I will be very interested in them. thanks Kim for a great 6 months to come. can hardly wait. Patty

annieb said...

Love "Idaho Lily!!"