How to Make the Jelly Roll Jam BIGGER

Some time ago, we had an idea to create a free tutorial, using the ubiquitous and much-loved strip precut... which is THE Jelly Roll. 2 1/2" strips of pure delight.

We called this quilt the Jelly Roll Jam (click here for the PDF pattern), the first of our Shortcut Quilt series, and boy did you respond to it! Like, almost 200,000 views kind of response. Gosh. That's kind of crazy. But we quilters all have a touch of the crazy, right?

Our very first Scrump-diddly-umptious Jelly Roll Jam quilt
If you haven't seen our Jelly Roll Jam video yet, it's okay, here it is!

We really love looking at YOUR Shortcut quilts too! You have done so many creative things with this little quilt (or put adorable things ON the quilt).

Milo with the Jelly Roll Jam quilt
Michele of Quilting Gallery's Jelly Roll Jam quilt
Now when I say little, I mean that this quilt finishes at a whopping 36" square, and our most common question on this baby quilt was, "How can I make it bigger? I want to make it a large lap/twin/full/queen/king size."

Soooo, we decided to put this post together to answer that for you!

Here's what you'll need for each one of these sizes, using Jelly Rolls that have 40 strips. Follow the pattern for directions on making the blocks and the block layout. Please note you will end up with extra blocks for some of these sizes. Be creative! Piece them into the back, or make a table runner!

So which size will you make? Let us know if you find this helpful! And please keep sharing your photos of your Jelly Roll Jam quilts with us!

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