Friday, April 11, 2014

Two by Two Receiving Blanket - Free Pattern and Tutorial

We are so excited to share a super-simple project with you today! As soon as we say Riley Blake's Little Ark fabric we knew we had to make something with it. This cute little receiving blanket would be perfect as a baby shower gift, or something for your little one. Folow along with our FREE pattern and tutorial video! Introducing the Two by Two Receving Blanket!

Before you begin, you will need 1/4 yard of four coordinating prints for the quilt front (we chose C3833-AQUA, C3834-AQUA, C3831-AQUA and C3830-AQUA), 7/8 yard print for the quilt back (we chose C3834-GRAY) and coordinating thread. We have kit available with all the fabric you'll need to make our Two by Two Receiving Blanket.

Use 1/4" seams throughout, unless otherwise noted. We filmed a tutorial video that walks you through the entire assembly process for this easy blanket, if you want to see it made in action!

To begin, cut each of your 1/4 yard pieces into four 7" squares and your quilt back into one 28" square.

Assemble four different 7" squares. Refer to the finished receiving blanket for fabric placement. Two by Two Row should measure 7" x 26 1/2". Make four.

Assemble the Two by Two Rows. Refer to the finished receiving blanket for fabric placement. Quilt Top should measure 26 1/2" x 26 1/2".

With right sides facing, layer the Quilt Top with the 28" Quilt Back square. Square up the Quilt Back using the Quilt Top as a guide. Pin in place as you are trimming the Quilt Back to the same size as the Quilt Top.

To add curved edges use the 3" section of the Creative Grids Non-Slip Multi-Size Curved Corner Cutter Ruler or the template provided in the downloadable free pattern. Cut each corner using a rotary cutter.

Stitch around the Receiving Blanket using a 1/4" seam. Leave an 8" opening at the bottom. Backstitch at the beginning and end. Turn the Receiving Blanket right side out. Press the opening edges under 1/4" and press closed.

Stitch around the Receiving Blanket 1/8" from the edge. Use matching thread. Backstitch at the beginning and end.

Secure the quilt top and backing together by stitching in the center seams of the quilt. Use matching thread. Backstitch at the beginning and end.

And there you have it! Your receiving blanket is complete! We love this quick and easy sewing project! Let us know if you decide to make the Two by Two Receiving Blanket, and be sure to share photos on the Fat Quarter Shop Facebook Page!

If you want to make your own Two by Two Receiving Blanket using the adorable Little Ark fabric, we have kits available!


Karen said...

Should the fabric be prewashed?

Fat Quarter Shop said...

Hi Karen, we do not recommend prewashing fabric and never do it ourselves, especially fabric precuts.

Carla said...

Thanks for the cute easy and cute pattern!