Friday, May 30, 2014

Edyta visits Fat Quarter Shop!

Look who came to visit Fat Quarter Shop this week! The one and only, Edyta Sitar of Laundry Basket Quilts. We had so much fun with her this week, and she had so much to share. The very first thing we did was show her our Designer Mystery Quilt, and she loved it so much that we squeezed in a impromptu photoshoot at an old barn we found. 

Love what you see? Then sign up for the 2014 Designer Mystery Block of the Month! The program runs from June 2014 to May 2015, and we always run out of spots, so don’t wait. We filmed new videos (more on that later) and we even squeezed in some projects you are going to love! She is a brilliant teacher and blew us away with how simple she made everything. Click for more on the Designer Mystery Club and watch for upcoming videos with Edyta! 


Maggey and Jim said...

Love the quilt and great photo shoot.

Brenda S said...

This quilt and fabric makes me drool but I am so afraid I'd never finish it.

SBG said...

I have done a BOM from FQS before and I couldn't wait each month to get my package!! It is one of my favorite Christmas quilts!! i have signed up for the BOM with FQS for the Edyta Sitar quilt and I am so excited! When I called FQS they were so nice and helped me with everything! I had to change my payment method and Kimberlys employees took care of it for me! I hope Brenda S changes her mind, she won't regret it !!!

Mindy said...

I am more interested in that house quilt in the background!!!! Is this a new quilt pattern that will be coming out soon????

Brenda, please change your mind about FQS BOM!!! I am currently doing the 2013 quilt and have loved every minute of it!! You can work at your own pace and you will get it done. I think I started mine around month six and caught up in no time. I am also a fairly new quilter.


mik41 said...

Yes, PLEASE, what is that quilt hanging the background?!! Stunning!!

Brenda S said...

Are the pieces for this quilt already cut or do you do the cutting yourself?

Jacqueline Cooper said...

Edyta always amazes!
Please ... What is the name of the pattern for the quilt with houses behind the photograph of Edyta with Kimberley?

Fat Quarter Shop said...

Hello everyone!
the quilt that is hanging in the background is called Blue bell.
The pattern is available at our shop:

The quilt with the houses is called Homestead and its available as a quilt kit:

Jocelynilla said...
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