2015 Summer Book Club: Modern Rainbow by Rebecca Bryan

Welcome back to our Summer Book club. Today, we're chatting about all things rainbow with Rebecca Bryan of Bryan House Quilts. Her new book, Modern Rainbow is filled with imaginative quilts that will take your concept of color to the next level.

Watch Rebecca's video to learn more about her book and read on for her exclusive interview with us. 

Q: What is your favorite project from the book?
A: My favorite project from the book is probably Wavelength. It's just fun to play with the colors - to create the look of water color transparency with the fabric. The technique is fun too. It's an improv technique so it's creatively engaging to make it. 

Rainbow Remix is also really fun to make too. It's also improvisational and if you aren't confident working with color, I think it's a great pattern to help you get more familiar with color. 

Q: Did you learn anything while creating this book?
A: Namely I learned Adobe Illustrator, which is how I dew up my sketches for my proposal and the illustrations. While I've always loved things in rainbow order, I learned how complex putting things in color order can be. It seems simple, but when you put colors together for a spectrum, each color has to match the others. Also, a little change in tone or saturation can alter the emotions of the whole spectrum. The rainbow is also really fun and challenging to work with in that it is so standard, it can be cliche almost. It's beautiful as is, but it's fun and challenging to create new takes on the rainbow through visually interesting patterns. Quilts are a great way to explore new patterns in the trusty rainbow color scheme. 

Q: What are you working on right now?
A: Right now, I am finalizing a pattern called the BFF quilt that I will be releasing in August. And I just started working on a new book with Stash. So I'll be keeping busy!

We love the endless possibilities of this book and our quilty staff, Daniar decided to create the Scattered quilt using some Modern Background Paper by Zen Chic, a few low volume fabrics and L's Modern Basics charm packs. What do you think?

Now for our 2015 BIG BOOK GIVEAWAY! We are giving away a stash of our favorite books and some surprise prizes to one lucky winner. Here is how to enter...
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