Sewing Room Essentials featuring Smartneedle

Hello everyone! We're chatting about some of our favorite sewing essentials from Smartneedle today on the Jolly Jabber. These little notions are so useful and a definite must-have in your quilting arsenal!

Let's start with these Peels Spool Huggers, designed specifically to keep your threads neat and tidy. These bright colored "peels" just wrap around spools of any size to keep your threads from getting tangled. 

If you're sewing on the go and need a way to keep all of your bobbins organized, these Tulip Universal Bobbin Clamps clamp on to type L or A bobbins to keep them from tangling, plus it come with a metal chain to keep them all together.  
Stop looking for your pincushion while you're sewing! These Ring Pincushions are adorable and functional. Great for hand sewing and made of quality rubber, They come in a little cute Lady Bug or Flower version. 

Can't seem to find your coordinating spools and bobbins? Bobbini Bobbin Holder will keep your bobbins organized on top of color matching thread spools. These rubber Bobbini will fit just about any thread spools!
Last but definitely not least on our must-have list is the Essentials Sewing Caddy in the Owl and Ladybug version. These cute little critters keeps your scissors, bobbins, and pins organized, plus! it includes a suction cup on the back to stick on to your sewing machine. 
Have you tried these Smartneedle notions? Let us know in the comments section of the blog!

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