Introducing... the Scrappy Project Planner & Accessories from Bee in my Bonnet!

Hi friends!  We have hot news from the Bee in my Bonnet studio.  If you follow us on Instagram, you know that Kimberly's been in SLC with her #bff Lori Holt, they're up to something, and that something is the Scrappy Project Planner!  And while I'm sure you enjoyed the teasers from their photoshoot, today we get to give you a taste of the fruits of their labor.
But first, let's talk about this super duper planner!  If you're mantra is "life = quilting = life", this beauty is meant for you.  Over 200 pages to help you schedule, plan and organize as well as sketch, dream and create!

There are five sections to keep you on track and motivated:

There are also all the extra fine details to love, like the spiral binding, the fun tabs, and juicy tidbits from Miss Lori.

Now, onto the quilty eye candy... we know it's the reason you've made it this far into the post!

These sweet six quilts are perfect examples of why scrappiness is happiness! 

Checkerboard is nothin' but fun nine-patches in a game of hide-and-seek!

 Fat Quarter Flirt - we love quilts that look effortlessly and creatively cut-up!

Happy Trails is a playground for print and color!

Organically grown and garden-fresh, these Patchwork Tulips are our new favorite flower.

Scrap-Apple is Lori's take on the classic Pineapple block - sew juicy!!

And the Shortcut Star - sparkles for days!

They also got into Lori's sweet studio for demonstrations and to get you visuals of her creative space...

Are you still with me?  Hang out a few more minutes to read about all her other new goodies!
Hello, look who we're talking about, of course there's more!!  We couldn't stop with just the planner.  Lori designed a whole set of goodies to play along!

Forreals, organization has never been sew cute.  We've also smushed all these fun goodies together into the Scrappy Project Planner Accessory Pack, which you can get for $5 off the total retail value!  (Note: it doesn't include the sticker book, but you get one free with your purchase of the planner, yay!)

Starting with her Planner Pens - a set of 24 rainbow assortment of extra fine tip pens to jot, scribble, sketch and shade away...

...then a set of adorable Sew Cute vintage machine bookmarks to hold your place in the planner...
...oh, and over 5,000 reminder stickers in the Bee Creative Sticker Book to add flair to your schedule.

 Speaking of flair, Lori's trademark gingham is now captured on these fun rolls of Gingham Washi Tape.  Jazz up your notes, photos, sketches, cutting mats, scissors... the sky is the limit!
Just to round things up, she has also designed this helpful "Today is the day!" Notepad to add some more details to your day.

So, on a scale of 1 to "pee in my pants", how excited are you for the Scrappy Project Planner and its fun friends??  Let us know what you think, and be sure to reserve your set of goodies today!

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