Monday, November 14, 2016

Aurifil Thread Weight Comparison

With so many thread weights on the market, it's tough to tell which one is perfect for a project! We're here to help you distinguish between those tricky little spools with some description and up-close stitch comparisons.

Print out this sheet and keep it in your crafting room for the next time you're at a fork in the road when it comes to selecting thread!
Now that you've got the basics down - let's get to stitching! Here's an up close view at how each weight looks on a basic white:

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Rochelle aka Bella Quilts said...

Thank you for a great threaducation. I've often wondered what they would look like and how best to use the different weights. This will help enormously.

Quilts By Laurel said...

What about size 28? :)

Lindy said...

I'm really happy that you decided to do a post over Aurifil thread because recently I have a issues with it shreading while hand quilting. I was really surprised that this happened. I used a 50wt. Now I know I have more chooses of weight to quilt with.

Michele said...

I'm surprised not to see 28-wt thread in your article about Aurifil. It's the weight I prefer to use for hand piecing.