Friday, December 16, 2016

Flashback Friday: Shirting Prints for Contrast

It's time for part two of our Flashback Friday series with Barbara Brackman! Today, she's discussing shirting prints and showing you some fabrics that we have in stock that were inspired by shirting!

Shirting Prints for Contrast

Shirting is an old name for a print design featuring small, simple figures on a light background color. Figures are set far apart to let lots of background show through so they read almost as a white or ivory. Several designers offer classic shirtings—- the perfect neutral to capture a period look: 1870-1920.
Antique log cabin block with shirtings as the neutral contrasting with darker prints. About 1880.

Woman wearing a shirtwaist dress, about 1900. Fashion demanded shirtings
for everybody so there were plenty of scraps for quilts.
Betsy's Basket Poppy Star Chains

Kindred Spirit II Cream Dancing Boxes

Butter Churn Basics Cream Petal Stitch

Cream Bushel Swirl

Bramblewood Sable on Parchment Briars
Freedom Bound Navy on Cream Wisps

We'll be back on December 31 with our next segment of Flashback Friday with Barbara Brackman!


Denniele said...

I love these posts...perfect amount of info. Thank you!

Karen said...

Good information. I love the shirtings and wish I could wear them! We have very little lovely style in our clothes now!Leggings is the go to and pretty prints are only for children. I will have to make myself a blouse with shirting print. After all, I am a quilter and my iron is my friend!

Pam McDonald said...

This is some wonderful info, thank you!

Karen in Breezy Point said...

I love shirtings and can't stop adding them to my stash!!

Kimberly Smith said...

Love the shirtings; never enough in my stash, so I'm always trolling for more everywhere I go. Thanks for the education you provide to us, Ms. Brackman.