Carrie Nelson Explains Wide Binding!

There are hundreds of different ways to bind quilts, and goodness knows we have tried lots and lots of them! But when we saw Carrie Nelson post about her vintage-inspired wide binding on the Moda Fabrics blog, we had to try just one more method - and this one rises above the rise! With the wider width, the binding is more visible and becomes another strong design element in your quilt! We were so excited to have Carrie walk us through this technique. Her number one tip: remember to cut on the bias! We can't wait to try this binding method on all of our projects.
Before we get started, let's grab some of Carrie's favorite notions to use while binding!

Now you've got everything that you need! Download our easy-to-follow chart to make sure that your sizing is correct, and watch this video to learn this technique!

See, now wasn't that easy?! Remember to cut on the bias and give yourself more binding than you think you may need, just in case!

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