Hi, My (middle) Name Is...

Last week was a super busy week at the Fat Quarter Shop. So I didn’t get to read my favorite blogs until Saturday! And what do you know, Camille tagged me!

I have to list one fact about myself for each letter of my middle name.

A – Accurate – I am very precise by nature so I try to make everything in my life accurate. I go back and triple check everything – from kits we cut at the Fat Quarter Shop, to cleaning the kitchen, to checking if the door is locked!
N – Nice – I am a nice person and fun to be around.
N – Computer Nerd – I am online at all moments of the day! So I am a computer nerd.

So now I am supposed to tag one person for every letter in my name... But instead I am tagging everyone! Comment on this post with one fact (that is somehow relevant to your life) for each letter of your middle name. Those who don’t have a middle name should use the middle name they would have liked to have had.

And guess what? We will enter all your responses into a random drawing, and two lucky comments win a Jelly Roll of their choice! We will post the winners on Tuesday, September 11, so let's see those middle names!