Camille's Binding Tutorial

Thimble Blossom's Camille Roskelley has gifted us with another tutorial. For all of you who have ever been too intimidated to try binding your own quilt, Camille breaks it down in easy to follow step-by-step instructions. Click to see the pictures bigger. Enjoy! And thanks, Camille!

  1. Cut 2-1/2" strips as directed in the pattern you are following. Trim ends.

  2. Sew strips end to end lengthwise, creating one long strip.

  3. Press in half lengthwise. I like to roll my binding up so it is easier to work with.

  4. Start in the middle of one side, leaving at least 4" of binding that is not stitched down. Stitch with raw edges of binding to raw edge of quilt. Stitch binding through all layers.

  5. When you get to a corner, stop 1/4" before the corner. Backstitch. Remove quilt from under presser foot.

  6. Fold binding upward making sure quilt top and binding form straight line.

  7. Holding the fold in place, bring the binding down in line with the quilt edge.

  8. Start stitching at the top of fold and continue stitching binding.

  9. When you come back to where you started stitching, leave a 4" space and stop. Measure binding, connect ends and trim. Continue stitching binding.

  10. When binding is machine stitched on, bring folded edge around to back of quilt, miter corners, and hand stitch in place.

  11. Rejoice! No more being scared of binding! Now you can dig out all those binding-less projects and finish them in no time. Happy Binding!